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The Hype of September


I actually question the relevance of 911 truth now.  So many things American are so dead now.  “We” can’t heal as a nation due to this singular excuse for the cancer which followed it.  Do corporations who operate in 169 countries want us to be “a nation”.

I have a list of temps my formerly “great” defense contracting company “uses” to avoid paying benefits to.  There is some obscure secret formula which decides who among the “temps” makes it to actual real employment/ownership by this company who has had a hand in major government projects.  I can state positively that I have never worked at a place which is profanes in all areas of humanity the very spirit America was founded upon.

I see Deadeye Dick is in the lamestream news now.  The walking undead.  My time is better spent feeding the raccoons marshmellows on the back deck.  The cat is curious and wants to open the screen door so I have to get up and shut the glass slider.

It was a perfect weather post hurricane day.  Summer wanes and I should be looking forward to apple picking, fall foliage horse rides and haunted Halloween hayrides.  An ad on a top alt news site features claims of advanced age enhancing new enzymes allowing 100 years of active life.  No thanks I say to myself.  Huge feelings of empty blackness and I don’t even know why.  Hope it’s nothing big in relation to my spirit world.