Johnathan Amord

In my usual cryptic incoherent style I have presented yet another article about which nobody has a clue nor even cares.  Why.  Well the vast majority thinks not as I do in the live and let live category.  That freedom of choice thing once a US Constitutional certainty now gives way to “Oh my God, you didn’t get your seasonal flu shot?”  “What is wrong with you.”

A modern day Saint.…

Tyranny for certain.…

Johnathan does an excellent job fighting against/researching and illustrating fraudulent big pharma practices and how government “regulatory” agencies, or rather Big pharma’s bitch is made to enforce the profit margins of these multi-nationals who are and have already exported most of this industry outside of the continental US.  Well, OK I have extrapolated that last comment myself but I can reference that long lost industry electronics.

Simple Googles for this.

Foxconn+suicide nets

big pharma litigation

and of course codex alimentarius

Are Purelle dispensers less used today that in the height of the mandatory swine flue shot era?  Are there stats on this?  Do people still pay attention to those workplace posters admonishing “Clean hands SAVE LIVES” or have these things somehow been relegated to that bullshit which corporate promotes and turns into a sour deal, sort of like that dire need of purchasing burial insurance for your three year old.  That prospect of never again having neither conventional nor alternative medical security in this post 911 security obscessed world.

On a more personal note.  Can I buy the horse farm.  Should I buy the horse farm and is the rest of my family willing and able to lend a hand in doing so.  Even my very psychic self and the spirit guides are silent.  Not a good sign.  It is a leap of faith to prosperity or bankruptcy for all involved.