Pizza Boy

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Pizza Boy started with me one year ago at what I now call the dream death factory, that place I formerly blogged about here as the paint drying factory.

It is a story about the military industrial complex, the minions of Satan in the business world and the falsehoods of the political world regarding the manufactured concept of the diverse workplace.

Pizza Boy is a nice enough kid.  He and I crossed paths last October when we started working at one of THE former Premier top defense contracting firms just north of Boston Mass.  I landed there after 20 years of directly related experience mostly because unemployment was running out after a forced early retirement.  The problem with John (Pizza Boy).  Well, I think his generation, the current twenty somethings may have been subjected to one to many immunizations at one time,an educational system gone bad, too much TV and or exposure to way too many chemical substances added to the MSDS list since the 1950s.  John can not in bizspeak “multi-task” but John came from and was hired under a temp agency at a lower hourly rate than I was.  It was one of the former supervisor’s mistakes.

Now this Premier defense company has according to my current knowledge at least three temp agencies on speed dial.  Hiring temps saves on the cost of benefits don’t you know.  Ok, so when I learned the John made the grade to permanent full time employee over me I ceased covering his ass using my extensive skill set accumulated of the span to twenty years in diverse high tech manufacturing.  So to cover his lower hourly rate Barbara works overtime to make up for parts shortages because the accountant assholes failed to pay the vendor for required parts.  Yeah, I had to go out, meditate three weeks ago at a required corporate ethics meeting.

So no corporate Assholian America does not want older people like me.  They do not want experience, knowledge, egalitarian excellence and especially that lifetime acquired set of values which is now trashed.  I have personally witnessed management escorting an 80 year old out the door only to later hire three people to take her place.

I feel sorry for my co-workers who when this company does export their jobs to the far east will be left with nothing as most are twenty year veterans with skills set equivalent to building old fashioned glass radio tubes.  Yes, the technology of this premier defense contractor is that old, 1950, well perhaps some of it has been updated to the 1970s.

Twice now in the very same month parts did not show up because they did not pay the vendor and management runs around in meetings discussing the meaningless prospects of statistical spreadsheets based upon 20 lots samples generated by multi-thousand dollar software programs.  It is literally beyond the insane asylum when the pride and joy of ISO 9000 certification needs to assemble the parts with the jigs upside down because the parts are just enough out of spec to not work like they are supposed to.  What, invert the jig instead of ordering new in spec parts, time is money you know.

Oh, and who by the way who knew enough to hit the safety switch preventing your half million dollar machine from becoming a 27 foot cannon.  Something the site supervisor thanked me for yet now sought fit to reward incompetence with full time benefits.

During the past year I have generated ideas about increased productivity, product improvements.  I have NOT communicated these things toward management.  Do I want to support a system based upon evil things? Would they reinvest in the business?  No, they can just barely keep toilet paper in the restrooms.

Company ethics?  Some time ago UBS published it’s now infamous “dress code”.  It was a manifesto preaching “corporate excellence” or rather corporate fascism.   That balance of yes, sure “we” are such a benevolent ethical company with full benefits but you have multiple temp companies on speed dial.  Places who can only recruit the down and destitute who will accept lower wages.

In short I went from making things at 5000 per hour down to lots of 50 a week.  I have 20 years of diverse experience yet corporate has seen fit to make permanent Pizza Boy over me.   Hmmm, did they Google my name and see my signature on the A&E for 911 truth page.

Gotta go feed the horses.


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