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Externalities, Momentum, and the Cost of Inaction

Healthy Economies are based on Minimizing Costs, while Maximizing the Social Benefits.   Or at least they should be.

Yet our Corporate-driven Economic system, far too often focuses on Discounting the Costs, while Maximizing their Profits.   Profits for the enlightened owners, NOT for Society at large. Both the long-term and local Costs, generally get swept under the rug, in such a competitive landscape.

And that is a recipe for long-term Planetary Disaster.

Every economic transaction is some sort of trade-off between Cost vs Benefits.   Problems arise however, when most of those Costs (to the Planet and to Society) remain Hidden, just below the surface — completely “External” to any quick-hit P&L calculations and Statements.

The accurate Pricing of such “External” factors — both short-term and long-term — is KEY to whether or not, WE leave the world a better place than we found it.

“Externalities” have a way of creeping up on you, and “extracting payment”, sometimes when you least expect it.  

Slouching Toward Renaissance


Rebellion and Revolution are so yesterday. No sense to rebel and revolt today. Those strategies of yesteryear are doomed to fail in the present day. Power is greater and people are as dumb as ever. Trust in Big Daddy. Bear hugs and poontang. Shiny and happy. Better safe than sorry. Where is democracy in the modern age? Politicians do the opposite of what voters want. People clamor for change because things aren’t so hot right now. Politicians sell change like celebrities sell soap. They don’t even use the stuff. It’s all show biz. Kabuki-square-dance-mambo-tap. Ignore the footwork but enjoy the big smile.  

Rebellion and Revolution fail today because State Power, which, contrary to propaganda, is not demotic, public power, but private, corporate/military power, has gone quantum. Exponential. People get focus groups, free-speech zones, opinion polls and Tupperware parties. Think G.I. Joe versus Mr. Whipple.

The only way out of our indentured servitude of consumer debt and ambivalent obedience is not through revolution, but renaissance. Revival. Reboot. Re-imagine. The freedom to dream and create.

Who Will The ‘teabbagers’ Defend?

On this Sunday morning, 3.18.10, oughta be interesting, maybe I should visit the “Tea Party Patriot” site again,

Cost of Wars Felt Decades Later

And this is only a very small fraction of those cost in monetary terms for any War but especially Wars of Choice, billions are just plain blown up in the occupations, billions are just lost, and more!

The Meaningful Real Costs in Lives Loss or Changed Forever can not be Calculated!

And out of these two occupations we’ve given the small band of criminals exactly what they wanted, raised the hatreds towards us and created the long term possibility, already started, of continued blowback, our legacy to the coming generations!

The Once “United States”

Keep wondering when a certain group gets their wish and that name ceases to exist!

I wasn’t going to post the below as a diary I used some of on a couple of my sites concerning the Veterans issues.

But there’s one report with video that speaks volumes especially if you expand your mind, related to another recent report, I mention that a couple of times below as well.

Most of the links are concerning Veterans, the news that doesn’t get reported much except in local reports and certainly not on one cable network that wraps itself in the flag and only uses these reports, if ever, for their own false representation of who they are.

Millennial Veterans

Have a friend that contacted me and in that e-mail she told me about a brainstorming meeting taking place just before this weekend and into, April 1-3 of the Millennial Veterans. One of the couples sons, an Afghanistan and Iraq war Veteran, he served in both theaters, is attending this gathering. This group of Millennials sounds an awful lot like what happened as to us boomer’s especially those of us after our service in the military and especially Vietnam. Matter of fact the whole movement, the Millennials, of this generational group are getting much more involved in many issues that seemed to have skipped over the couple of generations just previous to them at least for most in those generations. I’ve been watching them for a few years now. They’ve not only taken up the issues we oldsters worried about and lobbied to change, in government and in society, they’ve been expanding on them not only to fit these times but like the technology they’ve expanded the issues forward, and now some of them have not only served in War but have done so in Two occupations of choice and in more then one tour of duty.

Todays Youth and Health Concerns

This is going to be rather short, was going to wait and place in an open thread but thinking it really needs a stand alone and frankly many more separate posts and discussions or ability to add reports from around the country.

This isn’t a new dangerous problem it’s been growing for the last couple of decades and especially in the recent past one, especially the health problems.

Snowy TGIF: What is Your Favorite Classic Rock Song?

Crossposted at Daily Kos

The Who — an important band from the 1960’s ‘British Invasion’ — is scheduled to perform during the half-time show at this Sunday’s Super Bowl between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts.  

Anyone who is a classic rock and music aficionado has to wonder: what accounts for the popularity of such rock groups formed almost fifty years ago?

Andy Singer, Politicalcartoons.com, Buy this cartoon

CHANGE: Do We Make it or Take it?


Okay. Okay. Let’s get this straight. Pelosi strips the House bill of a committee-passed amendment by Kucinich to allow individual States to create their own single-payer (Medicare) health care programs. Yet the House bill allows States’ to op-out  of the ‘public option’. So local governments are prohibited from creating options to the public option and can instead opt out of the public option thereby sentencing the people of the States to the slavery of insurance companies.

Our National Emergency is Our Befuddlement


Most of us are befuddled. Our minds have been confused and muddled from the truth. We are perplexed. Not all of us of course. Many humans see quite clearly, with laser intensity, the crimes against humanity perpetrated on a global scale for the benefit of a small, powerful elite.

Slouching Toward Dystopia


In America one in nine are on Food Stamps. Around the world one in seven are Starving to Death.

The Matrix, Free Will and Evolution


Some of us feel like Neo at the end of the first one when the bullets are coming fast and furious and to Neo it seems so comically slow motion. But to those still in the Matrix it all seems so real.

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