Todays Youth and Health Concerns

This is going to be rather short, was going to wait and place in an open thread but thinking it really needs a stand alone and frankly many more separate posts and discussions or ability to add reports from around the country.

This isn’t a new dangerous problem it’s been growing for the last couple of decades and especially in the recent past one, especially the health problems.

U.S. Youth Likely To Face Greater Health Issues

March 16, 2010

Despite public health messages about exercise and eating healthfully, many children are acquiring what used to be considered “adult diseases,” like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Americans are not only getting fatter, but they’re still smoking and they’re not exercising enough. Every few years the federal government releases the findings of its survey of health behaviors among U.S. adults. This year’s report covers 2005 to 2007 – and it’s not really good news.

“Stubborn” is how Charlotte Schoenborn describes the health habits of U.S. adults. Schoenborn is a statistician with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which oversees and analyzes the collection of information on U.S. health behaviors.

Things will only be getting worse in these economic times and the fact that people still don’t get the fact that it isn’t the small amount in taxes they pay that reap so much that they use but the way those monies are spent, especially in good times. This is just one example among the whole country facing problems, and there’s alot of wealth here, especially new money as well as old, who got huge tax cuts in the previous decade.

CMS, county face massive cuts

Mar. 17, 2010 Mecklenburg County will cut $20 million from its departments, schools and other agencies before July, and officials warned Tuesday that more than 500 county workers could lose their jobs in 2010-11 as leaders deal with an even bigger budget shortfall for next year.

The mid-year cuts include $6.3 million from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, about $1.3 million from the Department of Social Services and about $2 million each from the parks and libraries. –>–>–>

Now those cuts to the schools are being reported to mostly to the middle schools and probably will include elimination of all sports activity and probably related school and after school activities of similar, that means that kids will be loosing, at a time in their growth, one of the most important ways to have fun as well as really important means of exercise they’ve had especially in these times where kids aren’t as active physically as before once at home. What will be taken out as to parks is anyones guess but I would bet similar programs. This not only hurts children as to physical fitness but also their ability to have an active fresh mind for what happens to the body happens to all the body parts. And this is going on across the country, everywhere!

Added word, it will cost, out of pocket, much more then with use of combined monies from taxes paid towards the whole community for what was!


    • jimstaro on March 17, 2010 at 13:29

    Are on top of already big cuts from the past year plus, as I’m sure the same also has happened in many many communities across the country!

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