Slouching Toward Dystopia

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In America one in nine are on Food Stamps. Around the world one in seven are Starving to Death.


We’ve built a society which does not take care of its own, but each citizen must fend for himself.

How did we develop our society in such a way people must enter into battle with sociopathic run corporations to do the will of the People? It’s like arguing with your toaster to make toast. WTF? Why are insurance companies, a completely contrived and unnecessary business model, allowed to govern the people? Indeed, the People have become the enemy of the Corporation precisely because Society, the power of the public, is antithetical to corporate, private interest. People are the enemy of personal profit because the more which is shared, the less there is to hoard.

The anti-Human corporate funded rhetoric we have endured the last few generations – “government is bad while benevolent corporations provide jobs” – has left government corrupted by and impotent against the money power. Corporate Power has merged with non-representative Politicians to force compliance to a corporate (hierarchical/paternalistic) world and The People are to be Tasered, micro-waved and sound-beamed into compliance to this New World Corporate Order.

People actually believe ‘the business of America is business’ without reflection of this heretical, distinctly un-American idea. It’s We the People, not In Business We Trust. Indeed, it was un-fair business practices which led to the American Revolution.

A Corporation is an organizing principle and not an organism. Corporations and the services or products they sell should follow the Hippocratic Oath – Do No Harm. A public who wants ‘society’ to manage and control its health care system should never face opposition from corporate lobbyists. The Public good ALWAYS outweighs Private gain. Unless one lives in a feudal state. Shall we admit our reduced role to consumer serfs, dependent upon easy credit and low monthly payments to survive in a debt-eat-debt world and forget our pretense at citizenry in a free society? Shall we find our strength in understanding we have been defeated without knowing there was a war going on?

Why do we, the public, have to fight for crumbs from the public trough? Why do we see the public trough, the great pork barrel in the sky, siphoned off to corporate robber barons and usurious bastards for the sake of ‘our economy’? In six days of creating god never mentioned ‘markets.’ So why is ‘the market’ more sacred than Creation?

We are in engulfed in endless Chessboard wars against the Russians and Chinese for oil rights and we call it National Security. We rally around the flag in the cause of Pipelines and we call it Liberation; spreading democracy. All our vassals hold sham elections. We prop up tyrants in the name of freedom. We enslave others by force while we are enslaved through Pavlovian-trained desire to keep up with the Jones’s. If Orwell were alive today he’d choke on a chicken bone and die a horrible death.      

It’s unpatriotic not to support our illegal and immoral wars. Unless you at least pay lip service to “support our troops” you are un-American. Never mind our troops are following criminal orders to invade and occupy sovereign nations in what are naked wars of aggression; the greatest crime against humanity envisioned by the Geneva Conventions.

The People are against these wars, against these financial bailouts of corporate criminal conspiracies, against the smoke-filled, backroom deals which Obama promised would be on C-Span which have stripped reform from health care and turned it into a totalitarian gulag. The People are against The Fed. Against Insurance companies dictating the People’s business. Against Banksters rubbing shit in our face and threatening collapse if we don’t pay ransom to the fiends who’ve hi-jacked civilization. People are against a World Government which treats people as nothing but grains of sand on a Club Med beach.

The People are against the Corporate World Order. Against Profit as the Prime Directive in a flesh and blood world where billions suffer at the expense of vainglorious sociopaths engaged in global games of domination and deceit.

The question is when ‘they’ have the armies and police and mercenaries and media and politicians and pitchfork armies of the ignorant, what can the People do?

Some friends say we can’t do anything. Collapse is inevitable. The fact we connect so many dots and place so many pieces in the jigsaw puzzle – so many factors falling into place at the same time – only ‘deniers’ can’t see the overwhelming evidence of more shoes to drop and as each drops and as each attempt to ‘fix’ fails, we slink ever closer to the reality of our Grimm dystopian fairy tale.

Some say it’s not denial as much as eternal optimism. An underlying American belief in the Happy Ending. All we have to do is wait it out and this too shall pass. Things will stabilize. Jobs will come back. Retirement savings will be restored. Banks will learn their lesson and become better citizens. Wars will end and peace will come because that’s what a happy ending means. The Curse of Magical Thinking.

So these two ideas: Collapse is inevitable based upon the fundamentals (economic, social, psychological) and People aren’t trying to prevent collapse because they don’t really believe it’s going to happen – everything will work out. These two ideas joining together make it hard to argue something can still be done to thwart disaster. And we should make no mistake, if the US has a societal collapse it will be very ugly, cruel and inhuman. Way too many ignorant, racist, religious haters with guns and motive to catch a lucky break on that front. At that point, you’re either part of the Cult of the Apocalypse or you’re a spawn of Satan. Collapse means lunatics running the asylum. This means you’ve got to run and find/create sanctuary in new forms of community or you fight against the Night of the Living Dead.

Have you ever thought about it? Collapse. Not Hollywood Escape from New York but real Run for Your Lives with the clothes on your back and the food in your knapsack.

Civilization is a veneer over our more natural barbarism. Haven’t the Teaparty/Birther/Deathers shown us that? Civility only works when everyone agrees. The Zombie Army of the New World Order has no compunction to go berserk and rampage. They just need their talking-point marching orders from bobble-headed propagandists under the spell of fame and fortune to wreak havoc against infidels and communists.

There are more signs and omens on the way: More fundamentals of fraud to appear as the masquerade of recovery succumbs to the realities of the market place and Empire contracts with a magnetic pole-shift snap of societal upheaval which will make Katrina look like Carnival.

This is the trend. The current situation is not cyclical. It is the end of an unsustainable road.

Will our worst fears be realized; pray not. But to think things will realign and adjust like the magical unseen hand of the holy marketplace and we’re headed to a future combination the 1950s/1990s is to drink from the river denial.

People are not united. And they are being kept from union by those who benefit from a disorganized and disagreeable population. Sociopaths in boardrooms, hearing rooms, war rooms and TV Studios who cannot feel their humanity is all humanity. Their fullness of being is everyone’s birthright. One for All.

So, timing is everything. Read the tea-leaves. Listen to what is blowing in the wind. Feel the Story.

And when the time comes and you know then you’ll see what peace really is as you begin to run for the hills like your life depended upon it. Because you’ll know this is what you were meant to do. You are the generation of which legends are made because the challenges are so great; the stakes are so high.

There is a new world order coming, but it is not the one they think.

Humans are not meant to live in an ant colony and we won’t.



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    • gottlieb on October 19, 2009 at 4:16 pm
    • Diane G on October 19, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    the shit has hit the fan.

  1. And I’ve only read about half of it so far.  


    • RUKind on October 20, 2009 at 7:37 am

    They lie in wait.

    I can see one way out and one way only: non-violent, non-participation.  Massive non-participation. No non-survival purchasing. No non-survival participation.

    Put a hiccup like that in their money flow and they’ll pay attention. No flow, no profits; no profits, no oxygen. It’ll be the people’s version of waterboarding the billionaires.

    And if there’s no public option, then we charter buses by the thousands to show them our displeasure first hand.

    Shut the city down. Shut K St. down. Shut Wall St down. Shut Greenwich, CT down. Find their homes. Shut their neighborhoods down.

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