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Shit Town Chronicles: Apples and Oranges


It was a fight broke out over apples and oranges which led to the law of One for One. The old saying went “Don’t mix apples and oranges,” as though they were two different things. But really isn’t fruit; apples, oranges, bananas and pears, just fruit?

Anyway Bill and Tom came to blows because Bill looked down on oranges and thought Johnny Appleseed was a “Saint and Prophet.” And all Tom had to defend oranges was Anita Bryant. Bill wanted five oranges for three apples. So Tom socked him one and broke three fingers. This is the time when before this time everyone did their fighting vicariously through Hollywood or video games. When you sock someone in the real world, it hurts.

Anyway this brought up the notion of value. In the New World of Shit Town, we struggle with the very quintessence of civilization. Why is gold more valuable than strawberries?

Shit Town


When they tried to name the place, some wanted to call it Dawn City or New America or New Phoenix (like mythical bird rising from the ashes.) But the more folks thought about it and realized our circumstances and understood the reason we were huddled here in this remote area protecting ourselves from the elements and marauding bands of sadistic skinheads, was because the world had gone to shit, well, the name might not be what some Madison Avenue type would have called it, but the naming was easy.

Shit Town.

Warning Shot


The Oil Age is over. Running on the fumes of empty. It is a ghost empire. The Age of Ponzi-scheme fractional banking is over. The house of cards has collapsed. The emperor not only has no clothes, but he has no skin, bones or blood. He was always a mirage.

Civilization as we have known it in our lifetimes – the move toward centralization, globalization, authoritarianism – is at an end.

Believe it or not.

Super Hero Fail


Well, it looks like the National Enquirer who brought us the live burial of John Edwards has finally got the goods on Barack Obama. It’s not enough Obama is an African Nationalist, Muslim Communist and Political Promise Breaker. Not enough he is a shiny-happy war criminal and smooth talking flim-flam man. Not enough Obama swings both ways while he lectures black daddies to take care of their birthing and babies.

President Obama is a philanderer. Our Tiger Woods President.

The Fallen Dreams of Escape


The classic Ambrose Bierce short story, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge has a man being hung and miraculously the rope breaks and he escapes and has an adventure only to find in the end the rope didn’t break and his escape was a dying dream of desperation. In the end the man hangs from a stiff rope, dead of a broken neck.

Barack Obama is our dying dream of the desperate.

Slouching Toward Dystopia


In America one in nine are on Food Stamps. Around the world one in seven are Starving to Death.

Writing on the Wall


Forget about rising toward some political rebellion, a fight for our lives for a modicum of popular power. Forget it. Forget about “fighting” for your inalienable rights to live in health, in freedom and in pursuit of your better angels. Forget it. Forget about fighting for peace to stop all the illegal, irresponsible and immoral wars of Western hegemony. Forget about fighting for truth and justice for the Banksters who Ponzi-schemed the world to bankruptcy and blackmailed the world to fork over the people’s dough for a perpetual debt which can’t be repaid – the people now forever enthralled to its creditors – International Bankers . Forget about demanding justice for the torturers, rapists and murderers of America’s rabidly racist, religiously bigoted and downright evil mercenary armies who do the dirty work for just another in a long line of evil empires.