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Keep wondering when a certain group gets their wish and that name ceases to exist!

I wasn’t going to post the below as a diary I used some of on a couple of my sites concerning the Veterans issues.

But there’s one report with video that speaks volumes especially if you expand your mind, related to another recent report, I mention that a couple of times below as well.

Most of the links are concerning Veterans, the news that doesn’t get reported much except in local reports and certainly not on one cable network that wraps itself in the flag and only uses these reports, if ever, for their own false representation of who they are.

Sen. Murray leads charge to help unemployed veterans

Unemployment among young veterans is much higher than the national jobless rate. Washington Sen. Patty Murray proposes education, training and help shifting military skills to civilian jobs.

WITH unemployment among young military veterans soaring, Sen. Patty Murray is stepping forward with promising legislation to help a group that has proudly served its country.

The Washington Democrat offers timely support for young veterans struggling to find civilian jobs, including directing the Small Business Administration to help veterans start their own businesses and translate their military skills into compelling resumes for the workplace.

The senior member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee also rightly wants to incorporate job-training programs, online classes and apprenticeships into the GI Bill. Good move. The massive program launched to support returning World War II veterans could use an update to address the needs of today’s veterans. –>–>–>

One wonders, at least this one, why there isn’t any reports, they were scarce before, on the National Guard Soldiers who are still being called to national service and duty in the theaters as to the jobs they lost, and were supposed to  be saved until they return but aren’t in this economy or for other reasons, or the ones who’s businesses have collapsed because of serving their country!

For the Battle-Scarred, Comfort at Leash’s End

The dogs learn to fetch, turn lights on and off and even dial 911.

Just weeks after Chris Goehner, 25, an Iraq war veteran, got a dog, he was able to cut in half the dose of anxiety and sleep medications he took for post-traumatic stress disorder. The night terrors and suicidal thoughts that kept him awake for days on end ceased.

Aaron Ellis, 29, another Iraq veteran with the stress disorder, scrapped his medications entirely soon after getting a dog – and set foot in a grocery store for the first time in three years. –>–>–>

Veterans group pushes Congress to give unemployed vets a hand

A veterans advocacy organization is raising the alarm about staggering unemployment rates among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and is pressing Congress for help.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America estimates that unemployment rate of new veterans is 14.7 percent, much higher than the overall 9.7 percent announced Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. –>–>–>

Dogs may help ease veterans’ pain

The federal government is spending several million dollars to study whether scientific research supports anecdotal reports that service dogs might speed veterans’ recovery from the psychological wounds of wars. Under a bill written by Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., veterans with PTSD will get service dogs as part of a pilot program run by the Department of Veterans Affairs. –>–>–>

If only the country, and for that matter the world communities, had paid attention during the last some four decades, all they needed do was listen to learn, we would have been greatly advanced not only as to Combat PTSD in the Soldier and those Occupied but also understanding the trauma and results of that develops same in individuals in the greater civilian ranks!

Valley veterans welcome improved VA services but continue hospital push

>> To contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs health care system in the Rio Grande Valley, call (956) 430-9304 or write to or visit the VA Texas Valley Coastal Bend Health Care System office at 2701 S. 77 Sunshine Strip, Harlingen, Texas 78550.

HARLINGEN – Veterans who have been calling for a full-service veterans hospital in the Rio Grande Valley say they will never stop pushing toward their goal.

But leaders of veterans groups say health care services in the region already are greatly improved.

Ray Molano, commander of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 856, said his group and others in the Valley Veterans Alliance plan to keep pressure on federal officials to build a full-service veterans hospital.

“We’re still pushing to get a hospital,” Molano said. “We have the Winter Texans coming down for five or six months a year or even becoming permanent residents.” –>–>–>

I covered this ongoing need for and years of lobbying for in a couple of early posts you can find Here and Here, why, well it’s been a decades long fight for by our brother ‘Nam Vets and the other conflict veterans in that area of the country, as in some others, and has now been joined and led by the new generation veterans of the two occupations still ongoing, coming into the tenth year of. The need now has only grown!

And here’s a need of sacrifice by the communities, and country, for the sacrifice the soldier and their families give but isn’t returned by way too many in a society.

Local doctor has a plan to help the VA treat America’s vets — for free

The Veterans Administration more than has its hands full when it comes to caring for aging and injured veterans. Even under the best of circumstances, they have millions of patients to care for each year.

But a Houston-area doctor has a plan – he wants the rest of the medical community to step in and do their part. John Thompson is one of those veterans. He makes monthly visits to Dr. Todd Hatch for neck, back and foot pain.

That pain started on the other side of the world, when Thompson spent a year with the Army in Iraq.

Hatch set up the Wounded Warriors Volunteer Association Web site, in the hopes that it will be a place where soldiers can find doctors from every specialty who are willing to provide at least some of their services free of charge. –>–>–>

As a side and using this Doctors efforts, and professional qualities and community outreach, expand your mind into other businesses and professions, or media and those you watch and listen to, or any of the contacts in your daily life and even what you yourself offer individually and as a community.

Would you rather give your care and business to the doctor above, or any others of other professions and businesses, or this one being discussed:

Now, who would you think had the Intelligence, or even the mentality of that intelligence, you seek to give you the care you really need, once again expand your mind into the others!

Rachel expands, extremely well, on a number of issues, the other night, that if you think as I do can be readily expanded even further and relate to the just above.

Here’s hoping down the road she’ll change her mind as to her future, we could use plenty more like this in our employ as representatives of us!

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  1. Over these last decades, before the failed policies of two more wars of choice, the care for PTSD came mostly from the few in the civilian population, most coming from the Anti-War movement then, who were in those professions and recognized what was happening to friends and family who were returning vets, and quickly grasped this has alway been as to trauma experienced especially in wars. The biggest help came from Veterans who went into the professions or just became knowledgeable available advocates, most were wounded vets on disability and wanted to help. The VA started picking up on counseling mostly from after arrests like for DUI’s or Domestic problems etc. and started realizing many of the vets they were placing in their psych wards were normal but suffering from the recently named PTSD.  

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