CHANGE: Do We Make it or Take it?

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Okay. Okay. Let’s get this straight. Pelosi strips the House bill of a committee-passed amendment by Kucinich to allow individual States to create their own single-payer (Medicare) health care programs. Yet the House bill allows States’ to op-out  of the ‘public option’. So local governments are prohibited from creating options to the public option and can instead opt out of the public option thereby sentencing the people of the States to the slavery of insurance companies.


The CBO projects only six million citizens participating nationally in the current proposed ‘public option’ by the year 2017. It appears the ‘public option’ presented to us by the LEADERSHIP of the nation is so watered-down and ineffectual, it is no longer an option for the public.

So, the ‘reform’ in health care we get is private insurance companies, in collusion with Big Pharma and others of the Medical Industrial Complex, running the whole shebang with a federal mandate each and every American Citizen is responsible to provide for his/her own health care through purchase of a health plan from a private insurer.

This is the State of our Politics. The Public overwhelmingly wants a ‘single-payer’ program, a la Medicare, and our political representatives give us the opposite. The Will of the People is ignored, shunted and disrespected by the politicians we elect to represent us. What does this say about the state of our politics. Doesn’t it say we are living a sham? A fraud? That for all the rhetoric about liberty and justice and yippeeiay America, we are indeed an Orwellian construct of soft totalitarianism?

So, the new health care reform package contains a designed-to-fail Public Option which disallows the great majority of the public from choosing the option. In addition everyone is required to pay for their own health care from a private insurance company and the insurance premiums must be maintained at all times or you will be subject to punishment by the State to enforce the rights of insurance company profits.

It’s not the game is rigged. We don’t even get to play. We only get to pay.

The American People have been paying through the nose for generations and what do we have to show for it? Dilapidated infrastructure, corrupt political system, a debauched monetary policy and an emerging police-state.

You want to know where terrorism comes from and why the Department of Homeland Security is on the look-out for domestic terrorists? It comes from a disenfranchised people.

And We the People should certainly take responsibility for our disenfranchisement. Eternal diligence is the price of liberty and we let our guard down. But with responsibility comes the duty to make things right. We are entering one of those times when a people must choose between liberty and tyranny. The signs are everywhere. The ice of the apologists is very thin.

One of the biggest hindrances to our successful resistance to authoritarianism which disallows the Will of the People is the populace is not united and does not see a common grievance to coalesce against. The Right Wing wants to fight against the government with talking points provided by Corporations and the Left targets Big Brother Corporatism with the rhetoric of Jefferson and Paine. The Right has been taught Government = Socialism and Socialism = Communism and Communism = Satan. And while the Right has been trained for generations now to despise their own government as tax and wasters, now we have women and ‘minorities’ in the seat of Power. The Right, most of which believe Obama is an alien Manchurian Candidate, sees the Obama Government commit trillions to socialist programs like buying banks and auto manufacturers and giving trillions to Wall Street. The right sees Obama soft on communism, terrorism and race relations. The Right is White and proud of it.

The highest inalienable right to the Right is the right to Private Property. This is otherwise known as the right to inequality. After the revolution, the winning aristocracy, using the labor of the common man through the rhetoric of egalitarian universal justice, didn’t want the spirit of democracy to go too far, so they preserved their position of wealth and land holdings with the enshrinement of Private Property. The Law protects the rich from the common man.

The Left wants Community. Right away, the battle lines are drawn between the rights of the Individual versus the needs of the People.

The enemy of the Right is the People. The Left is the People.

So how can the People ever unite against the true impediment to our disenfranchisement if we do not agree as to the impediment? How can a people, splintered into a thousand pieces of refracted opinion, hope to resist the Money Power with a monopoly upon common wisdom and the means to enforce it to the point of death if necessary to protect the concept of Money as King.

And, you see, this is the impediment. The thing which seeks to divide and conquer. The idea, made famous by the Great Red Shield himselfGive me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws.

Money as King. We rebelled against the authority by fiat of the Crown and we replaced it with a Republic with representative democracy which in turn was rebelled against through concerted effort over a period of time and replaced with the Kingship of Private International Bankers to issue our currency and control its value through supply. The very thing which was Jefferson’s worst nightmare.

[The] Bank of the United States… is one of the most deadly hostility existing, against the principles and form of our Constitution… An institution like this, penetrating by its branches every part of the Union, acting by command and in phalanx, may, in a critical moment, upset the government. I deem no government safe which is under the vassalage of any self-constituted authorities, or any other authority than that of the nation, or its regular functionaries. What an obstruction could not this bank of the United States, with all its branch banks, be in time of war! It might dictate to us the peace we should accept, or withdraw its aids. Ought we then to give further growth to an institution so powerful, so hostile?

–Thomas Jefferson to Albert Gallatin, 1803. ME 10:437

The Bankers finally won with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The income tax, illegal because labor is not to be taxed according to the Constitution, came into existence about the same time so the Government could pay the bankers back with interest for all the money they loan to us because some corrupted politicians – golly can you believe it? – gave away the People’s Power to control their own country. The control of the money supply is the control of the nation.

And now we owe these banking dynasties trillions of dollars, our country is at perpetual war for corporate hegemony and the Political Class laughs in our face as they please the true masters of the State and sell us into debt slavery to protection rackets and Ponzi schemes.

For those of us for whom Obama was the last chance to change a rotten system, it was clear early where he was headed. His staff appointments were filled with corporate and political hacks opposed to change at all costs. His economic advisers are Bankers. His foreign policy adviser is the Military Industrial Complex. We have seen the results on health care where the President said he staked his Presidency on Health Care Reform then refused to lead the conversation and advocate honest change and open choice in a truly ‘free market’ system of health care provision.

He staked his Presidency on no health care reform. And he won. And we lost. So, for as much charm, charisma and public speaking ability the man has – he is not the One. He is not one of us.

So we end up where we always end up because nothing ever changes. We the People have to suspend our disbelief that our country could fall so far, so fast and do something quickly to avert a complete catastrophe. It is hard to believe. The United States of America means so much in our minds. What an honor to be born a citizen in a country bountiful and free. We are so prideful of our revolutionary heritage based upon principles as opposed to ideology. A country where one advances through merit and not birthright. Where the human is extolled in favor of commerce. Where people, as part of a community, decide what’s what and not the diktat of Authority.    

It is hard to believe we are not the myth. Our exceptionalism is based upon the truth of the myth. But the truth is different. The truth is the sovereignty of the People has been usurped and we live under the Money Power.

Health Care is a microcosm of the larger debate. We don’t get what we want because we do not have the power to decide. It’s as simple as that. The longer they can get Americans to believe the myth, the longer they resist change.

But the time is coming when enough see the blatant hypocrisy for what is is. The great bastion of liberty and eternal prosperity is nothing but an imperial monster motored by avaricious bloodsuckers.

Change is coming. The status quo is unsustainable.

The decision we have is: Do we make change? Or do we take the change dictated to us.




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    • gottlieb on November 2, 2009 at 2:24 pm
    • Diane G on November 2, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    Its beyond good.

    You hit the binary thinking as well as anyone ever has. The health care system is only a symptom of that greater disease, a disease crafted in think tanks by the few. The question is always what is government to you (collective but individual you’s) and how that changes by who is governing…. and what that idea  (for me at least) will become. The what is, right now, you’ve described to a T.

    Hmmm, now you have me thinking about how to break the dualistic thinking the neo-cons have with their government.

    I see my next essay on the horizon perhaps.

  1. you made me cry, and now my right eye is twitching.

    What an honor to be born a citizen in a country bountiful and free.


  2. Not until the entire system collapses at least.  Far too many people are still mired in the lower illusions created by the entertainment world and don’t even notice the impending doom.

    I think of the left/right paradigms as a focus group from which corporate draws themes to pit one against the other as diversions, distractions and divisions thus preventing any opposition to their enslavement efforts.  In short it works as a means to keep them on top of the food chain.

    Hey, in only a very short media blitz we have generated and entire generation of germophobic hypocondriacs clamoring for a toxic vaccine.  How evil is that.

    I would have to hope for the extra-terrestrial disclosure project, an earth change which exposes big Al Gore for the fraud he is or some other earth shattering change event to get people’s noses out of this People Magazine mode of simpleton living.  Certainly change is not coming from “our” government.

  3. of Mayer Amschel Rothschild is spot on. It was he who devised the concept in the late 1700’s of funding both sides of conflicts (major wars) through huge monetary loans, indebting those nations to his banks, and also loans for reparations afterwards, and then reaping the profits to influence political affairs–rinse and repeat.(source: The Rise of the House of Rothschild 1928). That concept has been deployed many times since. It’s history, if you just care to look.

    Another great essay, gottlieb.  

  4. The points are spot on.  The writing is very good.  The tone is perfect.  

    Although our society wasn’t perfect, most of us grew up in the world you depict, a world of hope, ideals and moving to correct things that weren’t right.  That was then.  It’s no longer so.

    And we do need to resist.  Until we think of something better, we should all operate in non-compliance with the system, finding ways to “Just say no!”

    I’m mailing this to as many people as I can, especialy those who are still fence sitters, hoping to nudge them in the better direction.  

  5. as I’ve been in a slump lately, or fired up.  Reminds me of an old saying, “These truths are self evident”.  Which they have become to you, me and many of our citizens.  It’s depressing because we know the truth but can’t seem to do anything about it.  It fires me up because I know the truth.  I wander to many blogs, lefties, progressives, libertarian, independent, democratic, and in all except Daily Kos and DU, the truth is widely accepted.  Even when reading comments on CNN or Yahoo news about political issues, you can see large numbers of people who know and accept these things as the truth.  There are ALOT of people out there like us and even more who would be if given the chance.  People need leaders.  Obama, as you said, was evidently our last chance within the current one/two party system.  WE have to make change, but who is going to lead?    

  6. describe so well. Democracy requires the will of the people to be respected; if it is not, there is danger to its foundations. There seems to be broken links in the “chain” of command; the people to their representatives to their laws.

    In fact this whole “chain” seems that it is being pulled by other forces. The greatest asset to a country is not money, as Churchill noted, “Healthy Citizens are the greatest asset any country can have”.

    Excellent Essay!

    I’m watching very pessimistically as the excitement and enthusisam of our recent presidential/congressional elections 2008 are drying up and withering. It needs a quick injection or I fear it will die.

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