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Have a friend that contacted me and in that e-mail she told me about a brainstorming meeting taking place just before this weekend and into, April 1-3 of the Millennial Veterans. One of the couples sons, an Afghanistan and Iraq war Veteran, he served in both theaters, is attending this gathering. This group of Millennials sounds an awful lot like what happened as to us boomer’s especially those of us after our service in the military and especially Vietnam. Matter of fact the whole movement, the Millennials, of this generational group are getting much more involved in many issues that seemed to have skipped over the couple of generations just previous to them at least for most in those generations. I’ve been watching them for a few years now. They’ve not only taken up the issues we oldsters worried about and lobbied to change, in government and in society, they’ve been expanding on them not only to fit these times but like the technology they’ve expanded the issues forward, and now some of them have not only served in War but have done so in Two occupations of choice and in more then one tour of duty.

I hadn’t known that some of our younger brothers and sisters had formed a Millennial Veterans group and have joined with others in a coalition of groups especially with the other veterans groups forming new VSO’s and other advocacy and activist organizations to lobby for the needs today, the needs especially not taken care of by the country that send them into Wars and Occupations.

Here’s some info, given and found, on the Millennials and the Millennial Veterans gathering and brainstorming.

Beyond The Welcome Home

If you are a veteran between the ages of 18-34, we want you to join us in Los Angeles, CA.

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Democracy 2.0

On July 4, 2007, launched Democracy 2.0 to call attention to the ways that our democratic process and institutions are properly serving – and failing to serve – the interests of young Americans. Based on a sincere belief that America’s youth are a major source of untapped political power, energy, and innovative ideas, Democracy 2.0 is designed to address the civic participation needs and interests of the Millennial Generation (born between 1976 and 1996). The ultimate goal: –>–>–>

Millennial Veteran Leadership Summit info

Out of the 2 million men and women who have served our country in Iraq and Afghanistan, almost 1.26 million of them are Millennials just like you and me.

And just like you and me, these young men and women are concerned about their families and their friends. They are concerned about their future and they are searching for meaningful opportunities to continue their service when they return to their campuses and their communities.

That’s why, this April 1 – 3, is proud to announce our Democracy 2.0 Awards Summit: Beyond the Welcome Home. During this time 100 Millennial veterans will meet to discuss and develop ideas that they believe will improve the way democracy works in their communities and in our country. –>–>–>

Military Veterans Organization at UCLA

Democracy 2.0 – Next Generation Democracy

Wikis, Web 2.0, etc I think have the potential to fundamentally transform the way we are governed and radically reshape political philosophy. Not since the days of Locke, Hobbes, Rousseau etc do we have the opportunity and the tools to address the many short comings of democratic society, especially the domination of special interests and lobbyists.

As Churchill once commented “democracy is the worst form of government, but it is better than any other type of government we have ever tried.” Democracy 2.0 represents an opportunity to redress the many short comings of the worst possible government we have – democracy as we know it today. –>–>–>

Here’s hoping this new generation movement, especially this generations combat veterans of two occupations of choice, not only continues to expand on the issues much needed in this country but carries what they do farther and into the generations behind them. Look around and even just listen, this country has lost it’s way and the rest of the world has noticed and watches as well.

Maybe this time, especially as to these veterans, the country will listen and do what they should have been doing through the previous decades but didn’t! The veterans groups, especially, forming from these two wars are and have already been organized as proactive veterans groups, far more advanced then the long established major VSO’s who have been always reactive especially in their reactions to the needs of the veterans they’re supposed to be fighting for, reason the leaderships have always tilted towards the ideology of spend less and do little in advocacy but be active in marketing themselves for members and funds.

These new veterans groups are much more like the many Vietnam veterans groups of proactive advocates and activist but much smaller then the nationally known and long time veterans groups. The new generation has already expanded further than we have especially because of this technology which has also helped us in our battles for what the country not only owes those who serve but are obligated to sacrifice as they demand we and the families of have always been asked to do.

Us older vets will help this new generation in any way we can and hopefully already have. I do know, sadly, we have finally gotten the attention of not only this society but world wide as to the unseen mental damage that occurs from War, not only as to soldiers but those invaded and occupied, Post Traumatic Stress, which also finally is being understood, researched and discussed as to the trauma’s of civilians who live through and live after suffering or misdiagnosed silently! Now we need the Country to pony up to research and help in what they’ve long ignored and many denied!


  1. That the so called National VSO Groups were so active on their marketing of themselves in their communities etc. but the leaderships leaned so far right that they could only muster a reactive, especially as to what we other vets that didn’t join them were doing, instead of what they were supposed to be doing, Proactive! One of the reasons the fight to get the issues of PTSD etc. into the fabric of this society, many of them, especially early on with the WWII leaderships denied it even existed. Their on the wain rapidly and these new Generation Veterans are quickly expanding and carrying the torch of being Very Proactive and they really have a great friend in Shinseki and those he’s brought into the VA as well as Finally this Administration and frankly Congress, neither of which the previous did squat as they Waged Two Occupations!!!!!!!!  

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