The Matrix, Free Will and Evolution

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Some of us feel like Neo at the end of the first one when the bullets are coming fast and furious and to Neo it seems so comically slow motion. But to those still in the Matrix it all seems so real.


It’s real to lose your house. Or your job. It’s real to lose your retirement savings. It’s real to have no health care insurance. It’s real to fear the everyday dangers of the modern world. It’s real to fear.

I had a sailing instructor once who liked to say as class was running close quarter tacks up and down a marina’s fairway amongst million dollar yachts, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

Lots of bad things can happen in a situation like that without careful attention and skilled execution, but seldom was the answer to his question, “We might die.”

You might lose every earthly possession you have in the coming years, but you won’t die. At the end of the day things don’t matter. What matters is who you are. Hence the admonition to Know Thyself.

The United States of America took a wrong turn somewhere along the way to glory. She failed her promise as we failed her. We were warned. We can’t deny it. We were warned and still we let it get away. “A Republic gentlemen, if you can keep it.” After we won our Freedom from The Bank of England and the East India Company we built a new nation while they plotted their revenge. Our early history is the history of The People against Domestic and Foreign Banks. Banks of the United States One and Two and lastly, our final defeat; the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The International Central Banks had finally won for good. And we have been at war and preparing for war ever since. And becoming more and more enslaved to them through our ‘debt.’

And now, all these years later, it is like those bullets coming at Neo when he finally sees the light. The Wealth of The Greatest Nation in the History of the World has been zapped by the Banksters. We are engaged in perpetual wars of conquests to fuel our now bankrupt ‘consumer society’. But it’s not machines which are the enemy in our Matrix, but the Commoditization of Everything. Privatization of the Public Interest. The Megaphone of Money. The Purchase of Lies. Belief is a commodity. And polls are the measurement of marketing success.

Before 911, 911 was unimaginable.

What is coming is unimaginable. But imagine this: remember a few years ago when Brazil or Argentina or someplace was threatening to default on World Bank and IMF loans to the tune of tens of billions and that was like the end of the world? Well imagine the United States defaulting on tens of trillions. Imagine a run on the dollar. Imagine paying five hundred dollars for a loaf of bread because a buck ain’t worth what a penny used to. There are no jobs because there is no economy. 90% of our economy is meant to serve the consumer society. All the consumers are in hock and spending is on lock-down. Our exports are chiefly financial services and weapons systems. The dollar has already devalued by a third or more the last ten years, precisely due to the amount of dollars in circulation to service the debt of our ‘war economy.’ After the Shysters extorted us for trillions to refloat the grand illusion of a strong economy one last time, after all the smoke and mirrors which can be mustered, imagine it’s 2013 and you’re paying a thousand bucks for Big Mac and Fries; what then?

I am a product of the Propaganda Age. I was raised to believe in the ideals of America. I was taught our history and the Constitution. I was a Scout. And when the Civil Rights movement happened I was all for it because anyone could see the injustice. Humans are humans and anyone who separates them based upon race or religion is an asshole. When girls wanted ‘equality’ right at the time it was my generation’s turn to dominate them, I said, “Great. I’m all for it.” And I was. Girls are just as cool as me. And now it’s time for the final struggle of the GLBT community as they play Elephant Man in a Victorian society of rigid certainty where image is everything. And I am with them because I know the truth of truths – a human by any other name…

These are the ideals of the Propaganda Age I have been taught. I have been taught the ideals of America in the face of all the corruption, greed and hypocrisy which imbue the institutions built upon these ideals. We have lost the Republic. We have lost our liberty. We have lost our power. I see the gap between the ideal and the real.

And, we have lost our birthright and heritage of enlightenment and progress, not because our ideals are wrong, but because men do not have the character to live up to them. Even Adam could not refrain from the forbidden fruit. And how sweet it was. It opened his eyes to the truth of his captivity. It shattered the illusion of paradise. And they ran like hell.

But the Lord works in Ironic ways. Our greatest gift, free will, is also our greatest weakness. How many men does it take before two free wills make irreconcilable differences? And when those two free-wills are men of renown, nations go to war. It is that simple.

Here is a secret which you won’t believe: Man’s last evolutionary step is to subsume his free will to a collective Wisdom.

All matter is interconnected. There is no space between you and me. All of us emanate from the same creation.

The irony is America’s ideal of an Independent John Wayne Marlboro Man out of the Old West with a six shooter and his trusty horse. Hence the Red Scare of assimilation into the communist collective. Hence the panic against invading hordes. Hence the scare against Big Brother invading our thoughts.

Surrender is Victory. Why not surrender in Afghanistan? Why not repudiate our centennial history of inglorious empire? Why not apologize to the rest of the Americas for our imperious imprudence? Why not surrender American sovereignty of the world, close down hundreds of military installations and rebuild a new United States which can strive toward some universal civilizing human ideals in an honest and open way?

Because some men will always disagree. And they will always get other men to join them. Some men will always be disagreeable precisely because they can. There will never be peace because some will always want war. There can never be unity because some are built to divide. Hence a successful human society cannot be run on free will, but common wisdom. Each one must defer to the many when it comes to decisions which affect the many. And this many is not the majority of votes, but a collective unconsciousness of wisdom which has recognized itself. Positively Jungian.

Not to say we’re close to that. Oh no. We have a ways to go before Nirvana. We have to not genocide ourselves first in the name of this word or that. Guns don’t kill. Ideas and free will do.

We have a ways to go because so many in our society today have drunk the Kool Aid of Independence and defend Freedom to the death like the zombie slave army they are. Zombies with guns waiting for orders from their Big Brother Patriot Masters to destroy society in order to save it; to rally round the flag of fascism; to enforce the borders of ideological purity; to smash free thought so as to establish a rigid orthodoxy of freedom – the freedom to obey.  

We have a ways to go before we make the jump to the possible. The possibility we are not as dumb as we appear; we are not ruled by the least common denominator amongst us; we are not doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again at the moment of our evolutionary ascendance to common wisdom.

Time is moving very fast for those still plugged in. The information overload, Future Shock, is overwhelming. The litany of human misery grows and intensifies each day, each hour. But, for those of us who made the break, time is slowed way down as we witness the proverbial slow motion train wreck. We are surrounded by planned chaos. Wars, depression, famine, disease, human depravity and social meltdown portend a mess of suffering, destruction and epic loss.

There came a time when Neo stopped running from Agent Smith and he turned and fought. At first, Smith had the upper hand, but by and by Neo cleaned his clock. The time had come to fulfill his destiny.

And the time has come to fill ours as the generation who restored the Constitution and the rule of Law to a nation which lost its soul to the whim of blind, greedy and foul men.

Once we begin to fight is the time the tide will begin to turn. Fight against the Banksters and Politicians and Militaries. Fight against the apologists for Empire and purveyors of war crimes. Fight against any power which diminishes your value as a human being.

The alternative is disaster.



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    • gottlieb on October 16, 2009 at 15:43
  1. It is unsustainable.

  2. Yes, yes, yes. Couldn’t agree more. Your clarion call is loud and clear to me. Still too many plugged in though. How do we unplug them?

  3. and I agree wholeheartedly with…

    Once we begin to fight is the time the tide will begin to turn. Fight against the Banksters and Politicians and Militaries. Fight against the apologists for Empire and purveyors of war crimes. Fight against any power which diminishes your value as a human being.

    The alternative is disaster.

  4. wow.


    • Edger on October 16, 2009 at 17:42

    Well I’m ridin’ along

    Singin’ the same ol’ cowboy song

    That’s been sung a hundred times before

    Ain’t got nothin’ but my name

    And I’m the only man I know to blame

    But I’m livin’ I’m happy and I’m free

    Just listen to the wind blow

    Let it blow let it blow

    Sand over my trail

    I got my saddle on the ground

    And that ol’ moon he can still be found

    Hidin’ in the desert sky

    I like simple things in life

    Like a prairie breeze

    A good stout horse between my knees

    Just bein’ alone just bein’ me

    And when I die let me die

    Withe a dream in my mind

    A smile on my face and no trouble behind

    And no cross on my grave

    To show my restin’ place

  5. Free will is not the cause of the troubles you have enumerated, it is education and cultural mores taught, consciously and sub-consciously, to our children from their birth which has produced a zeitgeist that approves of the violence, approves of the dominance, and command, of one being over another being, that approves of prejudice and discrimination.

    Our society suffers many of its’ ills precisely because of the lack of free will being exercised by its’ citizens. It is those who have succumbed to an authority’s manipulative misuse of knowledge who have abrogated their free will and assumed the mantle of yes men to the said authority. The perceived knowledge of the priest, the perceived knowledge of the politician, the perceived knowledge of the bigots speaking in a loud voice, the perceived knowledge of the bully forcing a POV on some one’s psyche (Stockholm syndrome), these all become the basis of belief systems that promote greed, discrimination, cruelty and violence.

    Carl Gustaf Jung is rolling over in his grave to have his name, reputation, and life’s work ascribed to promote an authoritarian society such as you describe. The point of view that you proclaim Jung adheres to is actually Freud’s POV. Freud, from whom Jung broke while still a student, was very much into a controlling society dictating to the individual.

    To quote Jung, from the foreword to the Wilhelm – Baynes translation of “The I Ching”, 3rd edition:


    The heavy-handed pedagogic approach that attempts to fit irrational phenomena  (i.e. free will) into a preconceived rational pattern ( your “collective unconsciousness of wisdom which has recognized itself”) is anathema to me.

    The italics are my interpretation as pertains to their relevancy in this conversation.

    Education, and learning are not, or at least should not be viewed in the Pavlovian reward/punishment model of training. A child takes time to learn to read. The child will learn faster if rewarded, with a cookie for instance, for spending more time on memorizing the words and grammar, while in the same vein being punished for lack of attention. This was proven back in the 80s and early 90s with all the super kids getting fast tracked through their preschools. That practice of reward and punishment was abandoned later when it was found that the kids went into a sort of a fugue and their learning curve went flat until the other kids had caught up, and in some cases surpassed them. They didn’t have a real knowledge of what the had “learned”, they were, in a way, standing under the true meaning of the subjects, they had an understanding only, not the knowledge.

    Yes, humanity has made some horrendous mistakes in its’ growth, but to remove free will from the picture is not the answer. Humanity will respond to those mistakes by learning, not by being stuffed into some preconceived notion of what is right.

  6. …I never did understand what was so important about having the “freedom” to choose between 59 different brands of toothpaste.

    There is so much which can be consigned to common wisdom. This, then, frees up all kinds of time and resources to explore and enjoy the real freedoms, the freedoms which really matter–the freedoms of love and caring for each other, of rest, relaxation, liesure, of learning, and exploring science, the laws of nature, the intellect and arts.

    Thanks gott.  this diary is excellent.

  7. duality exists in everything. If you choose common good your using your free will. Neo used his free will once he was unplugged which was a painful experience because among other things reality once unplugged was so ugly one of the reasons it was so hideous was it’s lack of free will. In order for humans to make the evolutionary leap you speak about we need free will without it we just replace one set of zombies for another we lose our ability to even see what is the common good.

    Individualism vs collectivism is not either or, but rather like everything else part of a whole. The forbidden fruit was knowledge, a knowledge which undermines the premise of authoritarian deities which are concoctions that are made by humans for power and control. I always liked the serpent, and blaming Eve was a dead give away as far as the level of enlightenment of the fabricators of this myth. Right up there with Freud.

    Your essay is right regarding where we are. The remedy you are suggesting is the antithesis of enlightenment, swapping out one matrix for another. As for your calls for to fight for our values as human beings I am with you, however with out ideals or free will we have no value. Otherwise great rant. I loved the movie just seem to have read it different. The sequels sucked.                    

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