Our National Emergency is Our Befuddlement

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Most of us are befuddled. Our minds have been confused and muddled from the truth. We are perplexed. Not all of us of course. Many humans see quite clearly, with laser intensity, the crimes against humanity perpetrated on a global scale for the benefit of a small, powerful elite.


But most are befuddled. Quite purposely so. Not dumbed-down but befuddled. The words our ‘leaders’ use mean one thing, while our eyes see them do the opposite. They say we fight for freedom and revenge but those we liberate fight to free themselves from us and our enemies are ubiquitous yet invisible so we kill all non-compliant Muslims and let our God sort out their worthiness.

We are told to spend as much money as we can to jump-start a brain-dead economy. We are told to increase our debt and our savings as we earn less and owe more. We are told the banks are safe, the dollar is safe and we are safe from collapse. But our banks default on their Ponzi Schemes by the day, their good assets folded up into larger, bailed out banks, while bad debts are pawned off on the people for the good of ‘the economy.’ Our dollar is in freefall, by design, worth a third less than a few short years ago and the bottom is still sought after. A dangerous game indeed, as China, India, Japan and others see their dollar reserves and investments go south. Prudent investors would trim their dollar investments and ask for a global currency (or basket) to de-peg the world’s cash from the tyranny of the petrol dollar.

America could lose WWIII without a shot being fired.

American Poverty, like global poverty, rises exponentially. America has morphed from the Masters of the Universe to Circus Juggler Clowns of Debt in a twinkle of a banker’s eye. No one asks where all the money went. No one questions the efficacy of the business of banking; the right of private banks to oversee the monetary supply and policies of The Public. Our ‘freedom’ is completely illusory as we awake to find ourselves wage-slaves and debt-serfs to our National Company Town. Corporations are like Cops; they look out for each other and consider you a clerk or a crook.

We’re told our ‘public option’ will be outsourced to a private insurance company as the people clearly want a health care option run by the public. Most of us want single-payer, Medicare for All, but it is not even an option as the Public has been usurped by the Private. Corporate Profit is superior to the Common Wealth. This singular fact is all the proof anyone should need of our country’s betrayal to itself.

We are told in addition to bailing out the banks, the auto industry, insurance companies and wasting a trillion on an economic stimulus which was tantamount to a backroom blowjob, we must spend the rest of our money on wars of necessity against enemies known, unknown and unknowable on battlefields which span the globe. Our enemies, which our leaders say are legion, must be pacified for our national security. We must be allowed the energy pipeline routes of our choice, manipulate markets by force and take what is ours by the rights of manifest destiny from the unclean, unwashed and undeserving beggars who clog our progress and impede our right to conquer in the name of ‘freedom’ and ‘security.’

At home we are told the worst is over and happy days are here again, except we know it isn’t true. The Banks have been very naughty. In a truly free society, folks would be literally strung from lampposts and thrown off of Corporate Headquarter hi-rises. In the real world people don’t like to be ripped off and lied to. But in America, we are told a few bad apples, which are known, unknown and unknowable, ruined it for everyone. And while the search is on for the bad apples who brought the world to the brink of economic disaster, and because it was bad apples and not the system itself to blame, all we have to do is make the previous system whole again, forget about reform and simply police for bad apples.

Corporations Don’t Kill People; Bad Management Does. The System works just fine, it’s people who stink up the works.          

At home, ignorant hate is built into a new religion of survival. The Empire of the White Man is in tatters. The mythological superiority of the white man lies in ruins. Civil War is fomented between the white man and all his enemies – liberals, artists, women, people of color and people of diverse lifestyles not prone to the missionary position of unquestioning tradition and obedience to authority.

We are told we are at war and we have many simultaneous emergencies to solve. We are in crisis in all areas of our lives from the air we breathe, our water and food supplies, to global bank fraud, endless wars for corporate profit and the eventual genocide of billions unable to secure food, water, shelter and safety in a war lord world where people are fodder for others to achieve and maintain wealth and power.

We are told to remain calm as our leaders run around with their heads exploding as they try to soothe the savage beast of the masses while protecting the profits of their masters. Mom and Pops go the way of the Dodo, while Big Business crushes the human soul and destroys the planet.

In a political world of hypocrisy, deceit and corruption; a world where our leaders lecture us to be good, while taking graft so corporations can be bad, the people have no where to place their trust. We cannot believe what we are told, but we can’t discover the truth, except through intuition, because the truth is a secret, protected by a praetorian guard of compliant media, bribed politicians and on-the-payroll experts.

And the truth is this: If we knew the truth there would be bloody revolution tomorrow.

So they muddle the truth. They hide it. They lie. They tell us we have been at war for eight years with no end in sight because we’re chasing bad guys. They tell us the only way to make the global economy work is through fractional reserve banking; making money out of thin air and charging interest for it. Never mind it was the banks and their lobbyists which wore away and changed the rules of banking put into place during the Depression, so as not to repeat it, and so as not to allow the Banks, with the power of the gods to create money and debt, to run rampant with greed and ruin society.

The truth is the People have no power in the current system, bought by corporations and aligned with fanatical, paranoid ideologies. People, individual flesh and blood people, do not enter the equation of governance, except as to what is the least to be shared with us to stave off resistance.

So, our politicians chuck and jive and dither and fight and double-talk for crumbs left over from the greed orgy of the money power. Politicians are consummate magicians. Hocus Pocus, sleight-of-hand, rabbit-out-of-the-hat, look over there, while fat cats shove hookers and cash into their back pockets.

The Talking Class muddle and fog instead of enlighten and elucidate. They filter truth into meaningless sound bites of cheerleaders’ rah-rah. Americans have not been dumbed-down, we have been befuddled and been lied to. Information has been hidden, facts obscured and history re-written to support the policy of imperial greed.

It is no wonder we don’t know what to think and who to believe. We want to believe and trust and it is a great disappointment we can’t.

So we stand at the precipice of momentous events. We stand at the brink of a new age. Which way we move as a people will determine the course of world history.

The problem is we are not a people. Some of us want to hate and fight. Some want to love and hope. The vast majority, however, is stuck in the quagmire of not-knowing. How can one make an informed decision if the information is propaganda meant to manipulate instead of enlighten? How can our rational minds guide our behavior when the rational mind is pumped full of irrational fear by those whose only allegiance is to divide and conquer?

There is no Jesus or other Pied Piper to come and lead us out of our dark fog of timid uncertainty.

We will never have the information, the truth required for wise choices. We have to rely upon faith. Not faith in god, but faith in the fact we are not stupid and we know the difference between empty, vacuous words and the do-nothing practice of our political class. We see the difference between rhetoric and reality. We feel in our bones that members of our own species are traitors to our survival and in service to some monstrous human power which hates humanity.

We do have a national emergency but it is not flu or war or economic disaster. Our emergency is our own powerlessness to face down the Aristocracy of Entitlement which is the master of the pyramid scheme which strangles the life-force from human aspiration.

It is not we are powerless, but because we don’t know what to believe and who to trust, we don’t know how to harness and direct demotic power to achieve the People’s agenda.

The Deer has a choice to make: to move or not to move.

We have the same choice. And clearly, it is our move.



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    • gottlieb on October 28, 2009 at 16:09
  1. thank you……….

  2. Do you think they are ever going to notice total, God, how do I even describe it, globo-corpo-super-micromanaged-marxist Nazism New World Order world.  I think I’d rather just get the shot.

    Not to mention the unsustainable waste built into it, hell institutionally embedded in it with specific mind diverting cues to prevent creative independent thought patterns?  How is that going to survive and thrive.

    • Diane G on October 28, 2009 at 21:35

    without a shot being fired.

    We Americans will lose WWIII without a shot being fired as well.

    The US will win, you see. The US is now who they became when they won the civil war against us. They are a whole different Country than we the Americans, the untouchable class.

    We just inhabit some of the same terrain, and they let us, cuz you know somebody has to suck the scum off the fish tank, and even sharks let little fishes clean their teeth.

    It started with anti-trust laws being eroded, and grew with corporate personhood. You have aptly described the last chapter of our civil war.

    No shots (yet) fired, but certainly far from bloodless.

    I can almost feel the dot on my forehead, the tattoo, the star pin, the mark of the beast they have given us.

    Of course, this deer knows the terrain better than they do.

    This deer knows that they cease to exist without our herd.

    The only way to win, Professor Falkin, is not to play.  

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