Slouching Toward Renaissance

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Rebellion and Revolution are so yesterday. No sense to rebel and revolt today. Those strategies of yesteryear are doomed to fail in the present day. Power is greater and people are as dumb as ever. Trust in Big Daddy. Bear hugs and poontang. Shiny and happy. Better safe than sorry. Where is democracy in the modern age? Politicians do the opposite of what voters want. People clamor for change because things aren’t so hot right now. Politicians sell change like celebrities sell soap. They don’t even use the stuff. It’s all show biz. Kabuki-square-dance-mambo-tap. Ignore the footwork but enjoy the big smile.  

Rebellion and Revolution fail today because State Power, which, contrary to propaganda, is not demotic, public power, but private, corporate/military power, has gone quantum. Exponential. People get focus groups, free-speech zones, opinion polls and Tupperware parties. Think G.I. Joe versus Mr. Whipple.

The only way out of our indentured servitude of consumer debt and ambivalent obedience is not through revolution, but renaissance. Revival. Reboot. Re-imagine. The freedom to dream and create.


We are at the pinnacle of human civilization and in the middle of a New Dark Age. Orwellian. Dystopian. Deja vu and WTF all over again.

A surveillance society of orthodoxy snoops for clues of heresy while Homeland Inspector Clouseaus stumble over truth like drunken teens in a slasher film. The guilty are legion but none look alike so all are suspect in the eyes of the law. Show your I.D. and keep your head down. Conformity; a cozy womb. Happiness a warm cage. Dark Age zealots and couch-potato Huns stumble toward Zion to witness the Advent and shoot all the saints in the name of the Savior. The wink of an eye. The curl of a lip. A knife to the ribs. Assassins for Jesus. Deny don’t regret.  

Most of humanity is kept in chains fighting for scraps. Scrambling for fumes of sugar and fat. Too weak to fight and too tired to care. The Michigan Militia versus Blackwater scabs. Righteous Indignation on TV screens while tails between legs are just out of frame. Quotes from the Bible, the Preamble and Ron Paul but frothing mouths mimic Pavlov’s bell. Everyone is angry and no one’s to blame so bring on the scapegoats to wipe the slate clean.

They say through every black hole is a whole other universe. Imagine. We use only ten percent of our mind and they still try to dumb us down. Imagine we turn on more of ourselves and operate at a fuller capacity. The reason renaissance replaces dark age is because lights go on. Imagine a world of justice and happiness. The peace which comes from understanding. Humanity is not hotly divided prides and prejudices but one big happy family. Dysfunctional at the moment, surely, we’re having a Ground Hog’s Day eternity of family Thanksgivings. We can’t stand each other, sure, but it’s only because we’ve forgotten the truth. We’ve been separated by the sterile system and funneled into jobs, roles and milieu. But, we’re family. All of us. Through thick and thin.

Many of our fellow disgruntled, dazed and confused citizens are being incited to suicide by super-serious talking-point barkers and bread and circus slapstick clowns. Keep your eye on the prize while your pocket is fleeced. Loud mouth pecker-woods bray Tom Paine and blame the economy on Stalin and Marx. Patriots whine about Government and how Jesus Saves! Get the guns and prepare The Way – A Blast from the Past! Costume drama on steroids and nostalgia. Beware: the nuttery of a few is collective punishment for the rest. A few rotten apples endanger us all so all of us apples must bend over and cough. Take off the shoe. Pee in the cup. Keep your head down and remember The Towers. Lock-step Luddites think aliens live in the White House and demons perch on doorsteps disguised as census takers: black helicopter pastiche; FEMA camps by train tracks and Soylent Green for chow.  A full-scale white-trash-couch-potato-Tea-Party-Patriot-arcade-game-of-action-and-romance. Revolution II and we’re fighting for Freedom. Red Dawn and the Alamo rolled into one. Take Back Our Country!!! As the greenback swirls down a sinkhole economy and the Banksters fly Virgin to the moon. That’s the reality of Left Behind. Oligarchy in escape pods as the sheep look up.

Imagine the beauty of knowing a unified humanity who want the same thing. Mutual respect. Golden Rules. Live and Let Live. Please pass the peas. Thank you.

An understanding of a Universal Human, protected by Humanity. Reject the bigot, remove the veil, unlock the chain and throw away the key of our prejudice and embrace the genius of creation. Imagine a renaissance in religion. Honor the message and not worship the messenger. God, like Art, left to the eye of the beholder. Free to pursue the wonder of Creation.

We are a species of animal with the power to dream, create, choose and judge. God was made in Our image.

Isn’t a human an animal who has the power to choose thought and behavior unlocked from the animal instinct of fight or flight? And what about the organism we reside; the planet we call Earth. Terra. Gaia. Home. Does she want death and destruction or dancing and joy? Does she want her creation at each others throat or wrapped in a hug? Volcanoes, earthquakes, super-storms and tidal waves. Coincidence, synchronicity or the luck of the draw… We talk about the entitlement of empire, but perhaps our human-entitlement to the planet, Nature under our dominion, is more than our share.

Imagine an Age of Wisdom. A Time to Know. Beyond the Age of Belief. Beyond the politics of manners to the appreciation of Creation. When gratitude runs our hearts in thanks for the joy of life and humility runs our brains because we know we know so little. Society as celebration.  

Imagine a million years of perfection. Beyond what you dream. Heaven on Earth. Good Will toward All.

The Age of Happy Endings.

Or the final desolation.

You choose.


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    • gottlieb on April 19, 2010 at 15:11
  1. Society as celebration.

    Another side of many sided coin.

    • Edger on April 19, 2010 at 15:52

  2. I know which I choose… yet I have little faith these days in 100th monkeys or enlightenment. When even an empath like me cannot bear to be open enough to use the enlightened part; what hope have I for the sheeple to awaken?

    Only a hateful God could have devised my life, pressure upon tragedy; fear added daily; this week even my son’s life being dangled before my eyes in a reminder that it could be worse, and that I should appreciate the cesspool in which we all swim.

    If I could dream it into being, I would. I’ve tried. I failed.

    And the suffering on Gaia continues…

    Nothing will stop it short the taking out of those top echelons, and reminding even the McMansion – 3 house – polo crew that NO ONE deserves that much while others hunger. Those? They will be even harder to change than the elites. The elites at least know they arre demons in disguise; but the semi-privileged fancy themselves angels of sorts, doing the good work of teaching english and consumerism along with carnal capitalism to the world. I cannot imagine them ever taking less; and they are legion compared to the elites; yet few against the billions starving in slums beyond their view.

    Even those as us will have to have much less, before we find a way to make it enough for the all.

    There must be blood and sacrifice before the glory of peace shall endure.  

    Beautiful essay, indeed. I wish it comes to pass… sadly, I think destruction must fertilize the ground before it grows anew.

  3. there still must be that rebellion and revolution.  However, it may well be that some sort of “renaissance” is a necessary precondition  to recovering the power of rebellion, of revolution.  And yet Iceland is not a backward state, and a rebellion of sorts, against much the same ruling powers,  succeeded there.  Reason thunders in its crater for all of us, it finally erupted in Iceland.  As we outside the elite are are ever further damned to a marginal existence, as more and more of us are forced into privation, such eruptions become more frequent.  The very success of our exploiters becomes the likeliest cause of their own undoing.

    • banger on April 20, 2010 at 15:45

    I like style more than content these days. I don’t believe there are any answers to the dilemmas we face. I don’t believe there is any real hope or reason for despair. Things are just the way they are and we can shape our lives within the matrix of that fact.

    Politically the oligarchy rules. Unless you are prepared to wage a highly sophisticated rebellion involving organizing cells of fanatically committed warriors (and I mean warriors on the level of expert martial artists who have developed serious yogic powers) you can forget fighting the power. The billionaires and their gangs have it in hand. Democracy as it was imagined in our mythology is gone and it will not return because, for whatever reason, most people want to be told what to do and what to think and welcome authoritarian rule whether it is by corporations of government.

    Any one of us if we do something to offend someone of power can be killed–I don’t even mean the government either–because of accidental connections I know people can be and are killed by professional assassins–this is not just the stuff of movies–it is real.

    Our task is to create a cultural change that will move people including the oligarchs into a new consciousness. To complain about them is useless. To fight them is to just weaken our lives and our ability to love. I feel we should say yes to everything. Accept our situation, live in the moment fully and then, through magic (I do believe in magic) transformation will occur in ways that will surprise us and we cannot and should not expect.

    No expectations = no disappointment and all the negativity that surrounds it. We don’t have much time–life can be sweet.  

  4. Of all the things we can do, if we choose to change our lives in order to create new experiences for ourselves, we must learn to evolve, to transcend, to know, to be mindful, to wake up.

    First we begin by entering into the cocoon of consciousness, the place where mind & spirit reside, bathed in the light of awareness, where the womb of oneness births us anew, guided by the flame of truth & the bliss of love.

    An eternal sunrise awakes us, when we walk across the bridge of enlightenment, then, we will find ourselves transformed, awakened within, finally, from darkness we will see light, from ignorance we will find wisdom.

    One thing can make that happen.

    One simple, one incredible, one life changing thing.

    Become curious. Develop curiosity.

    We live in a wondrous universe.

    Let the curiosity within take us to unimagined heights.

    Curiosity is the ticket of exploration.

    Curiosity is the question seeking answers.

    Curiosity will open all the doors.

    Become curious. Develop curiosity.

    How do we develop curiosity?

    Aren’t we curious?

  5. can only involve the activation of our DNA upon crossing into the center of the galactic plane in 2012 allowing all of us access to the 4th dimension of space time.

    OK, so we all get wiped out.

  6. Paul, who I generally don’t bring up in  conversations for a variety of reasons, did issue a world class admonition: Be ye not conformed to the aeon, but be transformed by the renewal of thy mind.

    Yet here we are, in a society of mass conformity, with  the spontaneity of joy and compassion buried beneath a shit pile of psychobabble and fear. We are the epitome of Indoctrination Nation.

    It’s great to be free of those “mind forged manacles”, but the culture makes it near impossible, as its tools have become omnipresent and stiffling.

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