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CHANGE: Do We Make it or Take it?


Okay. Okay. Let’s get this straight. Pelosi strips the House bill of a committee-passed amendment by Kucinich to allow individual States to create their own single-payer (Medicare) health care programs. Yet the House bill allows States’ to op-out  of the ‘public option’. So local governments are prohibited from creating options to the public option and can instead opt out of the public option thereby sentencing the people of the States to the slavery of insurance companies.

Our National Emergency is Our Befuddlement


Most of us are befuddled. Our minds have been confused and muddled from the truth. We are perplexed. Not all of us of course. Many humans see quite clearly, with laser intensity, the crimes against humanity perpetrated on a global scale for the benefit of a small, powerful elite.

NPI-Negative Productivity Initiative

The Illuminati boards are already discussing ways the US depression will best serve the interests of the 300 globalist parasites at the very top of the food chain.  Not seen nor heard of are the lesser know negative productivity factors of Sarbanes Oxley and it’s ugly global cousin “anti public corruption compliance”.  In the wake of Enron in the US and Siemens in Euorpe clueless clods in “government” made “reforms”.  What they really did is make negative productivity and collosal waste.  Remember with parasites running things it’s not about making good for mankind, it’s about CONTROL of mankind.