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About those foreclosure snobs, “It couldn’t happen,

oh no, it couldn’t happen to ME,” snobs.

The “It’s all those stupid borrowers fault!” arrogant snobs.

The “I have no problem with them being put on the street if they’re not paying,” snobs.

Here’s a few questions I have for them, red-hot off the griddle of my righteous indignation about the foreclosure fandango:

Dear Mr Snob,

Haven’t you heard interviews with some of these people? Did you listen up when you had the chance?

Vote Neo-Con NOW! A Trifecta of Rantage

Crossposted from the Irreverent Ranting Halls of The Wild Wild Left

Wow. Some days I have nothing. Today I have at least two, maybe three things I want to write about. I will try & spin them into this one. If that doesn’t work, you will never read these lines. Heh. I’ll have to edit them out.

First let me lead in with something excellent. I WORSHIP this man. I even can forgive him for doing those Aruba commercials, he is so good. Besides Aruba is dreamy. His analysis of the two party system is PRICELESS.

That brings me to RANT ONE:

All the pretty little pundits are calling odds on the 2010 midterms. Will we {gasp) keep the majority of seats, or will we (moan, gnash of teeth) lose seats broadly like we did in 1994?

I say: FUCK IT! Lets all vote for the craziest wing-nut motherfuckers out there, every goddamned rapture sucking corporate vampire there is. Let them impeach Obama and crown Palin Queen.

Lets knock the legs out from under David for once and for all and see how Goliath does unfettered. Lets see how they like their Giant Champion when he stomps through town smashing their 401k’s and how much “individual responsibility” they take when he eliminates Social Security and Medicare. Lets see how the Cheney’s of the Country like it when their daughters like Mary have their children stripped from their “lesbianic” homes and go to jail for child endangerment, and their other daughters are forced to bear rapists’ seeds.

Let them inherit the economy, the wars, the fucktitude. Lets just stock up on potable water and canned goods and ammo and let them burn it down. All hail martial law and door to door searches!

Every taboo is meant to be broken, so think of it as dirty pleasure:


I’m just warming up. On to the Health Care Question.

New Rule: Only 1 Clusterf#$k per idiot. Re: Greenspan

     It seems that Mr. Greenspan has reared his head again to give us more of his unsound economic advice. You’d think one ginormous worldwide financial disaster would be enough for this guy, but Alan Greespan, like an animal trainer after a wild mauling, insists on trying to help even after the white tiger has clawed your face off.

    So I am going to take a page out of Bill Maher’s book and put down a New Rule.

    There will only be 1 Clusterfuck alloted per idiot expert from now on. After that, should you attempt to give us more advice, we get to move you into a box underneath the Queensboro Bridge, and then launch that box into deep space.

    Take the New York Times for instance. Now that we might go to war with a country with four letters in it’s name that starts with I they have “advice” to give us. Good thing for me, between the New York Times’s advice on I country wars and Greenspans expertise, I can wipe my ass with the place I live now.

    America, land of the Double Whopper with WTF sauce. Pass the scotch.

    More ranting below the fold

F$%k Obama if he doesn’t FIGHT for The People

    I posted these posts as comments in a diary over at Orange because I am researching something ugly and I am mad as hell.

Anyone who can share some insight or optimism I am missing today or talk me down is welcome and encouraged to do so, and anyonne who wants to howl along with me is welcome all the same.

(((Deep Breath)))


Obama promised change, he should have promised

not to fuck things up any worse.

We expected change, as in BIG CHANGE, not just working around the edges.

So if Dems just hold the ground and the GOP takes us back a step we will never get anywhere. Obama needs to challenge the moneyed powers if he wants change to happen. Without that, NOTHING changes, or at least not enough to change things fundamentally.

He promised a lot, so I expect a lot.

Fact is, ~~~, WE’RE informed, the electorate isnt

and people read into vague promises what they want to.

Obama could do nothing and still be better than Bush, and as the GOP goes Batshit, it gives Dems cover to suck ass and still seem better by comparison.

Meanwhile I see this pattern where the GOP/Conservatives (R+D) wreck shit and Dems just hold the ground or move things around on the edges.

Look at the Public Option! Are we to believe Obama when it is gone, HCR is signed without it, and he says “Oh Well, I wanted it, but . .  .”

So we get Iraq when NO ONE wants it, and we can’t get a PO when MOST of us want it?

And then I read about the C Street Family and their Free Market Corporatism wrapped in Jeebus and I’m supposed to believe that Dems and Repukes are in it on both sides but the middle class ISN’T being fed to thee machine?

Change would be drastic, change would be meaningful, by not attacking the GOP for their glaring faults and only settling for changiness Obama is signaling that he is just another politician, and if so, he IS NOT bringing Change We Can Believe In.

If HCR is a bailout for Insurance CEO’s it will prove to me that the whole system is bought off to the last man, other than a few Progressives in Congress. If Obama considers change not being as bad as Bush you or I could have done that!

Worse, if Bush/Cheney DO go scot free, it will prove to me that there ARE two sets of rules, one for Politicians, the Wealthy and the Celebrities and another for everyone else.

That means there is no rule of law, there is NO JUSTICE, just the Pirate Code, Steal what you can while you can and if you get caught have a good alibi. People worried about fascism under Bush, why did we think it was going to go away or stop now that someone with promises WE like is in charge?

Promises mean jack shit. I want RESULTS

if change = 5-10% and NOT 50-100% it ain’t exactly change, is it?

Further, I fucking mean it when I say if they feed me a Sh!t sandwich on HCR I’ll burn the fucking tent down. If they force me to play nice with the fuckers who have been robbing us we don’t NEED Dems in charge, the Republicans could have done the same fucking thing.

You know who has the majority in Congress? The CONSERVATIVES! 15ConservaDems + 40 Wingnuts = Conservative Senate

Look at the House, the only reason it isn’t as bad as the Senate is because the Bush Dogs aren’t as big of a thorn as the ConservaDems in the Senate are.

It’s like they hedged a bet that if the Dems DO win big, there’s still a way to fuck it up and slow things down.

And when you look at the WH it seems to me that the Beckerheads have it half right! Obama has power, but so does Rajm, Geithner, Summers, etc, and that dilutes what Obama does, or goes against it. Hell, Hillary, LaHood and Salazaar are all C STREETERS! That means they LIKE free market Corporatist fascism. Obama spoke to the National Prayer Breakfast in feb 09, and the NPR is a front for the family. I’m not saying Obama is a C Streeeter, but he knows who they are and he isn’t quite throwing them out in the street if you know what I mean.

So what Change did he bring, other than the two teams are now defending different goal posts? Seems like a lot of the shit is still very much the same.

Class War! You didn’t think we were Winning, Did you?

hell, we’re worse off than EVER, just proles, not even outer party members!

Rant over

Man, I need to smoke a joint . . . .

Hey GOP — Time to Get-a-Clue-is-stan!


Who’s There?


Chuck WHO?

Chuck Doesnt-have-any-Guts Grassley!

Grassley: “go work for the federal government” for affordable insurance


Great Advice Mr. Grassley! … Yes, ALL of America — Should go work for the Govt, because that way we’ll all get Good Insurance, finally?

Say Chuck, Do you know what they call it, in Countries where EVERYONE works for the Govt?

They call it   Socialism!

Stopping mandates w/o public option will be our first victory

This appears to be the delicate stage of negotiations for a health care bill.  As War On Error has shown so thoroughly today, the House bill as stands is a pure giveaway, because the “public option” it offers is only available to the self-employed, and then only by 2013, by which time the insurers will have (maybe) a bit firmer control of the Federal government than they do today.

We should understand, then, that we will have to be in this for the sake of building a historic bloc, a larger social movement with a political aim.  If we can do that, we can say that it’s not over when Congress decides to vote, and we will not have to wait another sixteen years to get what we want.  Voting down all sellout bills will, in this light, be our first victory as a historic-bloc-in-formation.  It is still early in the game — it is not “now or never.”

(Crossposted at Orange)

Just call him a N!&&ER and get it over with, Republicans. We ALL KNOW that’s what you mean

Crossposted at Daily Kos

Diarist’s note: I apologize for the N-bomb. I am a white male and take offense to that term as well, but as we are all ADULTS (unlike the GOP and the far right base) we should be able to discuss all matters as adults, and that means discussing any and all matters within reason.

    I imagine that every young African American who is denied the opportunity to see and hear the first African American President in America’s long, proud and sad history on the first day of the school year will undoubtably guess sooner or later; “Is it because he is black? And if so, do they feel the same way about me?”

     And my answer to that hypothetical question is Yes. It is because he is black.

     President Barack Obama, who won the Presidency in a free and fair election by the American people despite claims to the contrary, has been called a Secret Muslim, a terrorist, a Kenyan, a socialist, a Nazi, a fascist, an Authoritarian, a despot, a dictator, a liar, a crook, a crony, a cheat, a racist and a reverse racist, he has been called everything but the one word that we know is behind all of the others and is on the tip of his most rabid opponenets tongues; A N—–.

    “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country, unless the President is Black!”

    I paraphrase, of course, the late and great President John F. Kennedy, who died at the hands of an assassins bullet after being demonized by the far right and it’s John Birch Society conspiracy theory cranks.

    Of course, if these words were spoken then by an African American President, well, that would have never happened. African Americans were barely citizens, barely had the right to vote or sit in a white man’s restaurant, let alone run for or win the Presidency, but one could imagine that if an African American President at the time had said the same quote as JFK, it would be followed by the Republican addendum, unless the President is Black!”.

    In only 7 months, 7 Damned Months we have seen the following blatant acts of racism and race baiting by the Republican party, and not once, NOT ONCE, has a single adult among them stood up and said ENOUGH OF THIS, I WILL NOT ALLOW IT.

    Not once.

more evidence of the obvious below the fold.

Rant: No, A Beer Won’t Fix Anything.

In advance, I ask your pardon for a rant I am unable or unwilling to suppress.  Today’s White House Beer Summit On Race Relations And Police Practices has enraged me.  Police Sergeant Crowley of the Cambridge PD didn’t deserve an invitation for beer at the White House, he needed an appointment for a deposition in a federal civil rights case in which he and his superiors were the named defendants.  But according to the Trad MediaTM, all of Crowly’s vengefulness, his making an illegal arrest, his making a stupid, unjustifiable illegal arrest, his serving up a racist/classist illegal arrest of a person in his own home is now behind us.  We’re past all of the ugliness of his conduct.  It has now been chilled (unless you have to live with brutality and oppression on a daily basis) with some beer.  And pretzels.  This I hasten to point out might solve Police Sgt. Crowley’s immediate problem, including departmental discipline and federal civil rights action for damages, but it doesn’t solve my problem.  Or the country’s.  And I don’t think it solves Prof. Gates’s problem.  It certainly doesn’t solve the US’s police problem. Not one bit.

It is NOT a Center-Right Country!

also posted on dkos

It is NOT a Center-Right Country!

We may have a Center-Right Media.

We may have a Center-Right Punditry-ville.

But our Country, and the majority of the American People in our “Two America’s” are NOW decidedly a deeper shade of Blue!

Larger Map

Source: NYTimes

Tide of the Country has shifted Dramatically!

Idiot’s guide to the Power of a Majority in the US Senate

Crossposted at http://www.dailykos.com/story/…

Chapter #1

Dear members of the Senate Democratic Caucus, below you will find helpful definitions and other useful tools as you assemble your ability to effective use the tools of a majority party in the US Senate.

Step 1. What is a Majority Party?

   No need to fret little Harry. It’s just this simple.

Majority and minority parties

The “Majority party” is the political party which either has a majority of seats or can form a coalition or caucus with a majority of seats; if two or more parties are tied, the Vice President’s affiliation determines which party is the majority party. The next-largest party is known as the minority party.


Until Texas or Alaska secedes, there are 50 States and 100 Senators in The US Senate. That’s two for every state!

Politicians Stuck on Stupid

And I’m losing my ability to care about them.

Politics is stuck on stupid.  Stupid representatives like Michelle Bachmann continually make headlines like some sort of comic relief.  She is not a serious politician to me.  Sanford wants to take on biblical proportions as a character.  Baucus wants to fight the good fight for corporate lobbyists and healthcare and before that he was the friend of corporate globalists.  Same thing to me.  He’s not for the everyday people.  Specter wants to keep his cushy senate job so he changes parties (both are essentially the same) , as does Cantor and Boehner and Graham. The Alaskan governor wants to stay in the spotlight.  People are really talking like she has a chance.  At the presidency in the future.  Just plain stupid.  

97 Senators lead by Special Interests and the GOP, not progress

 The Jurassic Senate of the GOPosaurs and DINOsaurs is a fucking disgrace. Don’t blame Obama, blame these craven, weak kneed traitors to their nation.

   I only discount Ted Kennedy and Al Franken for obvious reasons, as well as Bernie Sanders, who votes more like I would than any other Senator. If you think your senator should get a pass here give me a good reason why,.

   The rest of the Senate can go fuck itself.

   That’s right. The Senate has sold out to the banks, the insurance companies, the special interests, anybody with a dollar gets their time.

    40 GOPosauars who say “No No!” , 55 DINOsaurs who say “Not Now!”, Arlen Specter trying to remember which side he is on today and whatever the hell Joe Lieberman is skittering across the wall.

   The Conservative status quo sets the tone in Washington and in the MSM. The GOP sets the obstruction agenda, plain and simple, and I hope you are with me when I say I have had enough.

(P.S. – thank you Buhdy for putting this on the FP, when I saw the words

the Senate can go fuck itself.

I had to laugh.)


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