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Breaking: Barack Obama is a socialist, Ronald Reagan is the Devil

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    Wall Street must LOVE Socialism, because it is doing great under our new President, who has been declared a socialist by people who think capitalism is what happens when the bank overcharges you for no reason on overdraft fees.

     So, if the wingnuts can say anything about this President and need no facts to prove so, barring any admission that Barack Obama IS a socialist, admits that he does think he is the Messiah after all or somebody finds Sean Hannity’s crystal ball that gives him supernatural powers of clairvoyance, Ronald Reagan logically MUST be the devil.

    Proof? You dare ask for Proof? Well who needs proof when you have a wild imagination and a blackboard to spell it out on, and thus I can prove that Barack Obama wants to kill all the smurfs, is, in fact a sekrit communist muslim, and Ronald Reagan is the devil.

    All below the fold.

Just call him a N!&&ER and get it over with, Republicans. We ALL KNOW that’s what you mean

Crossposted at Daily Kos

Diarist’s note: I apologize for the N-bomb. I am a white male and take offense to that term as well, but as we are all ADULTS (unlike the GOP and the far right base) we should be able to discuss all matters as adults, and that means discussing any and all matters within reason.

    I imagine that every young African American who is denied the opportunity to see and hear the first African American President in America’s long, proud and sad history on the first day of the school year will undoubtably guess sooner or later; “Is it because he is black? And if so, do they feel the same way about me?”

     And my answer to that hypothetical question is Yes. It is because he is black.

     President Barack Obama, who won the Presidency in a free and fair election by the American people despite claims to the contrary, has been called a Secret Muslim, a terrorist, a Kenyan, a socialist, a Nazi, a fascist, an Authoritarian, a despot, a dictator, a liar, a crook, a crony, a cheat, a racist and a reverse racist, he has been called everything but the one word that we know is behind all of the others and is on the tip of his most rabid opponenets tongues; A N—–.

    “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country, unless the President is Black!”

    I paraphrase, of course, the late and great President John F. Kennedy, who died at the hands of an assassins bullet after being demonized by the far right and it’s John Birch Society conspiracy theory cranks.

    Of course, if these words were spoken then by an African American President, well, that would have never happened. African Americans were barely citizens, barely had the right to vote or sit in a white man’s restaurant, let alone run for or win the Presidency, but one could imagine that if an African American President at the time had said the same quote as JFK, it would be followed by the Republican addendum, unless the President is Black!”.

    In only 7 months, 7 Damned Months we have seen the following blatant acts of racism and race baiting by the Republican party, and not once, NOT ONCE, has a single adult among them stood up and said ENOUGH OF THIS, I WILL NOT ALLOW IT.

    Not once.

more evidence of the obvious below the fold.