It is NOT a Center-Right Country!

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It is NOT a Center-Right Country!

We may have a Center-Right Media.

We may have a Center-Right Punditry-ville.

But our Country, and the majority of the American People in our “Two America’s” are NOW decidedly a deeper shade of Blue!

Larger Map

Source: NYTimes

Tide of the Country has shifted Dramatically!

All the Pundits in Punditville, seem perfectly happy to repeat this canard, about “America being a Center-Right Country”

Pundits (and Party faithful) repeat their talking points:

NewsOK — July 19, 2009

Rep. Tom Cole:

“The real issue here is not demographics, but values,” he said.

“And I think the country is a center-right country, not a right-wing country. … It’s institutionally and intuitively conservative.”…

Jeb Bush: The Future of the Republican Party

Esquire -July 8, 2009

Jeb Bush:  I don’t think all is lost. The country is a center-right country. The problem has been that conservatives in positions of responsibility, particularly in the Congress, lost their way. And in general conservatism has gotten a little nostalgic and less focused on the here and now, and on the future.…

The Center-Right Nation Exits Stage Left

By Tod Lindberg, Washington Post – Nov 16, 2008

Thus Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review, in Outlook last week: The United States “is indeed, as conservatives have been insisting in recent days, a center-right country.”

On election night, former Bush guru Karl Rove opined on Fox News, “Barack Obama understands this is a center-right country, and he smartly and wisely ran a campaign that emphasized it.”…

But here’s a News Flash for you GOP Dumb-Asses, just repeating something again and again, without a shred of evidence, does NOT MAKE it TRUE!!

“Some People Say”, you can “Frame your Debate” on the Media, to exclude opposing points of view, Simply by asserting something as Fact — But even so, such Fiat Filtering, does NOT MAKE your Repetition TRUE!!

Repeating that “Center-Right” Talking Point, may let you exclude Progressive Polls, and Progressive Views, that show the the Country has changed — but you ignore them at your peril, Spinners!  

Because The People shall be Heard and in the Next Election too!  Get ready, old dudes:






















The Progressive Majority: Why a Conservative America Is a Myth…


The Progressive MajorityThe Summary Report Pdf:

http://cloudfront.mediamatters… (pdf)



Tide of the Country has shifted

The Majority of the American People want Change! … like yesterday!

Real Change, Compassionate Change, Future-oriented thoughtful Change.

That’s what we Voted for!

America has moved on, GOP Punditry Dudes! … You guys should too. Don’t let Change pass you by. Or the Screen Door hit you in your Dumb Asses!

And one other thing Michael Steele, the only “failed experiment” around here, is the GOP-Experiment, that America just lived through for the LAST 8 Years!

How well did the “Neo-W Experiment”, turn out for you America???

Are you and yours better off than you were 8 years ago?

Could THAT “failed experiment” BE, the reason that American is NOW a Mostly BLUE Country? — just look at the facts, and get used to idea.

really Large Map

Source: NYTimes

It is NOT a “Center-Right” Country!

NOT ANY MORE! … Get used to it.


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    • jamess on July 22, 2009 at 03:41

    Tips for “deconstructing” one outrageous GOP Frame.

  1. is on the map, it is usually ends up being center right.  In terms of world politics, we are a center right, if not a far right nation.  I’m just a Euro-centric nobody, but that is my opinion.  I can see my little county in Northwestern NJ shaded light blue, but I can tell you…there is not a god damn thing progressive or leftist about the place where I live.

  2. Thank you for the graphs and the maps.  I am sharing it with everyone I know.

  3. to do is deconstruct the perceptions of the Democratic party, the political fictions that lets all the pols they justify their outrageous legislation, and their ‘compromises’. Who are they compromising with? Not their constituents as they so love to say. Ron Wydon is a case in point. A Blue Dog who bills himself moderate, for years he hid behind Gordon Smith and now continues to vote as though we are all here in Oregon right wingers. He runs unopposed, and the DCCC throws money at him to make it an impossibility for serious progressive contenders.    

  4. Unfortunately, this is a situation where constant repetition can make something true. If the punditry keeps repeating the line that this is a center-right country, the people in the middle might take the bait. If people think that they are in the minority by being center-left, then the instinct may be to get a little more conservative and actually swing center right (think 1994).

    Charts like this do help to convince the people in the middle (especially in those “red” states) that they are not alone.

    For this reason, we need to keep yelling louder and support progressive policies that actually work. This country will probably not be hard left anytime soon, but we need to keep working for/fighting for liberal policies that work and convince the center that our policies are better for the country than those of the right wing.

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