Politicians Stuck on Stupid

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And I’m losing my ability to care about them.

Politics is stuck on stupid.  Stupid representatives like Michelle Bachmann continually make headlines like some sort of comic relief.  She is not a serious politician to me.  Sanford wants to take on biblical proportions as a character.  Baucus wants to fight the good fight for corporate lobbyists and healthcare and before that he was the friend of corporate globalists.  Same thing to me.  He’s not for the everyday people.  Specter wants to keep his cushy senate job so he changes parties (both are essentially the same) , as does Cantor and Boehner and Graham. The Alaskan governor wants to stay in the spotlight.  People are really talking like she has a chance.  At the presidency in the future.  Just plain stupid.  

Pundits and commentators, Rush, Bill, Scarborough, Beck, even Matthews, and that racist who has carte blanche, on MSNBC, I can’t think of his name right now, oh Buchannan and many others.   They think they have an open line to our minds.  My mind.  I’m tired of you all right now.  Maybe tomorrow, I will feel different about something you say.

But the world and especially my country, is in turmoil and an absolute mess.  And they all want me to care about them.  Their careers.  Their words.  Their view.  I might be being too hard on Matthews for lumping him in with those other ilkies.  I don’t know.   Sometimes he’s ambiguous.  

To me, healthcare is a given.  The HMO industry must go.  Single payer or some other government named option is clear.  The people say so.  But no?  There are questions and arguments from our leaders against?  They are against the people.  In favor of the corporatists.  Corporatists, who want to keep their throne.

TARP.  The single most hated thing by me since the presidential transition.  A piece of crap legislature that made us all pay for the sins of money and finance.   I am in awe of their power.  I am in awe of their ‘grace.’  We printed billions of dollars and gave them billions of dollars in the name of us, even though we didn’t agree.  What did it get us?  Politicians and Wallstreet don’t care about me.  And now they’re turning profits and not a damn thing has changed but gotten worse?  How are they turning profits.  I wish I had their ‘magical’ purse.

I think I’m going to rely on the people of everyday.  One by one, we’ll all make our way.  In spite of politicians.  Without politicians.  Because we are who matters in the end.

And president Obama, I don’t even know where to begin.  He said all the right things.  I was all in.  And now it seems he can’t do or get us anything.  What have we gotten?  Where is a bit of everyman’s relief?  These fucking politics are all about protecting the politicians and the legalized thiefs.


  1. Ya gotta do what you do best.

  2. only antidote is community. Be it virtual or real life. Feeling more and more like who needs them? Do we really need to be plugged into a matrix that has no product other then fear to offer? Maybe we should look elsewhere amongst our selves for progress. Redefining our society on another level, one that doesn’t call health something only your HMO and the drug pushers can sell you. The federal government is too big to fall but it cannot exist if you don’t accept it’s reality or depend on it for the things you really need. Relief is like you say in the people of everyday.    

  3. The lie is different at different levels.

    The Masons

    The Nazis

    The Magicians


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