Vote Neo-Con NOW! A Trifecta of Rantage

Crossposted from the Irreverent Ranting Halls of The Wild Wild Left

Wow. Some days I have nothing. Today I have at least two, maybe three things I want to write about. I will try & spin them into this one. If that doesn’t work, you will never read these lines. Heh. I’ll have to edit them out.

First let me lead in with something excellent. I WORSHIP this man. I even can forgive him for doing those Aruba commercials, he is so good. Besides Aruba is dreamy. His analysis of the two party system is PRICELESS.

That brings me to RANT ONE:

All the pretty little pundits are calling odds on the 2010 midterms. Will we {gasp) keep the majority of seats, or will we (moan, gnash of teeth) lose seats broadly like we did in 1994?

I say: FUCK IT! Lets all vote for the craziest wing-nut motherfuckers out there, every goddamned rapture sucking corporate vampire there is. Let them impeach Obama and crown Palin Queen.

Lets knock the legs out from under David for once and for all and see how Goliath does unfettered. Lets see how they like their Giant Champion when he stomps through town smashing their 401k’s and how much “individual responsibility” they take when he eliminates Social Security and Medicare. Lets see how the Cheney’s of the Country like it when their daughters like Mary have their children stripped from their “lesbianic” homes and go to jail for child endangerment, and their other daughters are forced to bear rapists’ seeds.

Let them inherit the economy, the wars, the fucktitude. Lets just stock up on potable water and canned goods and ammo and let them burn it down. All hail martial law and door to door searches!

Every taboo is meant to be broken, so think of it as dirty pleasure:


I’m just warming up. On to the Health Care Question.

Next up, is the full show Special Comment by KO on health care last night. He did wonderfully, but could have easily made it shorter and been as effective. Still, if you missed it and can find the time, its worth the listen. It is actually about a half hour long without commercials. It is totally worth it. Yes, we have gone back 166 years to Dicken’s Tiny Tim.

Keith consolidates and crunches the numbers in way I have yet to see all in one place.

Shall we DIE quietly and quickly as they wish us to?

We lose more lives to no insurance or insurance denials a year than we have lost in any war ever. Think about that.

Perhaps it is time to go all John Q. Perhaps it is time for physicians themselves to just refuse to be in bed with insurance, walk away and create their own private neighborhood practices. Perhaps it is time to take it back by any means necessary.

Barring that, maybe its time for the sick to surround Health Care Corporations and the families of the dead to pile the bodies at their doors.

Fuck it. LET INSURANCE COMPANIES WIN. As more people cannot afford it, as more employers drop employee policies, as more people die, the premiums on the wealthiest will go up. There will be no other way to feed their gutter lust for ever increasing profits.

As God as my witness, should my son die, I will take his body to the home of my cunt sister, who protested against health care reform and rub her face in his rotting corpse. She will OWN it, as she feels the need to own everything else in the world. And dare she speak, dare she say it is MY fault for “not getting a better job,” I will choke the very life out of her with his entrails.

Wheeeeeeew. Ok. I wouldn’t actually DO that to my son, but it sure as fuck would cross my mind in my rage if he died. However, I might send a card rubbed liberally in whatever infectious disease killed him. Overnight it to be sure.

Let help them TEAR THIS FUCKER DOWN, ala REPUBLICAN style.

Lets see how the narrow eyed motherfuckers LIKE fighting for their freedom fries out of dumpsters in the United Slumland of America. Lets see how many “Soldier of Fortune” motherfuckers like it when Blackwater is picking them off as the beg for food outside of Gated Castles.

Lets shove their White Christian Capitalist Nation they so beg for right up their idiot asses. Let them eat cake with their toothless grins, out of cankerous lips as they lie in the gutter they made.



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    • Diane G on October 8, 2009 at 16:09

    Lets give them what they think they want. Lets give our whole-hearted support to the Industries fucking us most.

    Then I’m going to Aruba to rock Lewis’ world. Heh.

    KO transcript here

    • Joy B. on October 8, 2009 at 17:03

    But let me just point out another statistic in the health care debate that nobody really wants to deal with…

    Yeah, it is estimated that 44,000 people die every year because they have no insurance, thus no real access to health care – “Your money or your life.” But another (low) estimated 195,000 people die every year because they DO have insurance and real access to health care. Because health care in this country is so damned lousy. Take your pick, take your chances.

  1. I like that one.  Makes me think, let’s see.  What would be different?  Hmmm.  Iraq, no.  Afghanistan, no.  Health Care Reform, no.  State secrets, no.  Indefinite detention, no.  Torture prosecutions, no. Bank bailouts, no. I better go do some research, there has got to be something.  

    • Diane G on October 8, 2009 at 17:48

    for my the general DD audience, but sometimes you just got to let it blow, ya know?

    Meh, they can’t all make the rec list 🙂

  2. 30% kill off 2009

    100% 2010

    Swine vaccine bioweapon program

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