97 Senators lead by Special Interests and the GOP, not progress

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 The Jurassic Senate of the GOPosaurs and DINOsaurs is a fucking disgrace. Don’t blame Obama, blame these craven, weak kneed traitors to their nation.

   I only discount Ted Kennedy and Al Franken for obvious reasons, as well as Bernie Sanders, who votes more like I would than any other Senator. If you think your senator should get a pass here give me a good reason why,.

   The rest of the Senate can go fuck itself.

   That’s right. The Senate has sold out to the banks, the insurance companies, the special interests, anybody with a dollar gets their time.

    40 GOPosauars who say “No No!” , 55 DINOsaurs who say “Not Now!”, Arlen Specter trying to remember which side he is on today and whatever the hell Joe Lieberman is skittering across the wall.

   The Conservative status quo sets the tone in Washington and in the MSM. The GOP sets the obstruction agenda, plain and simple, and I hope you are with me when I say I have had enough.

(P.S. – thank you Buhdy for putting this on the FP, when I saw the words

the Senate can go fuck itself.

I had to laugh.)


I say traitors because the Senators (both right, left and especially center) I speak of owe favors to special interests who are pulling the string behind every compromise, third way, special trigger and tea party we have seen of late.

    No more compromise with racist, elitist, secessionist assholes who hope we fail.


   Every Conservative idea has failed, from Friedmanite economics to Just Say NO! To everything. When we compromise with the GOP all we get back is FAIL and stoopid. And do we get votes back for it? Feh!

   How do we call getting a half assed watered down agenda Progress?

   I hope Obama sends any BS fake reform bills back to the Legislature. I hope Obama uses the BIG Stick.

   At this point, I’d say the biggest threat to progress are not the GOPosaurs, it is the sell out DINOsaurs in the majority.

   It is like Harry Reid is running the Washington Generals offense, and we are supposed to not notice when the GOPosaurs showboat while the Democants in the Senate miss almost on purpose.

   Well, they ain’t almost missing on purpose. The Democrats in the Senate ARE missing on purpose, because the Special Interests that fucking own them say so, and if Mr. Taylor says Senator Smith is out of line, he sure as hell better step back in line if he knows what’s good for him.

   Don’t get your hopes up with this crowd. Mr Smith didn’t go to Washington in 2008, Mr Baucus did, and Mr Reid, and Mr Bayh and Mr Nelson and Mr McConnell and well you know the rest.

   If ever there was a Mr. Smith, it would be Al Franken, and see what is happening to him. I wish he’d do a tv blitz a la that Dick Cheney.

   Yes, a lot of this is Harry Reid’s fault. If he was half the Senate Majority Leader as Trent Lott or Bill Frist we would still need three or four more Harry Reid’s to make a whole Harry Reid. What’s worse, who would replace Harry “Punt on First Down” Reid? Evan Bayh? Chuck Schumer? Some other ConservaDem, sellout or worse, a Republican?

   When I saw members of our freshman Senate class this year go ConservaDem I had my doubts, but after compromise and compromise, I think the bets are in. The status quo on all fronts have backed up their bet against change by donating as much as they can against whatever you got. Health Care, War Crimes, EFCA, Executive powers, gay rights, banks, whatever, Wall St owens the joint, the special interests run the place and stop blaming Obama because he doesn’t run the Senate!

   Cheney did.

   I say we should make an example of a few of these Senate DINOsaurs. Isn’t that a good way to getter to BETTER, now that we have MORE?

   Cause right now, the last thing we need is more assholes like these guys.


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  1. Now, how about we decide which of these Elephants in Blue Clothing should go first.

    If it were up to me I would primary the whole lot of em, it would move the Senate left, and they could use that for a change.

  2. From his campaign slogan: “Give ’em Hell Harry”

        with a feather duster, not a gavel…


    …”Harry ‘Punt on First Down’ Reid…”

    I have definitely had much more than enough.

    • Inky99 on June 16, 2009 at 05:27

    After studying this pretty intensely the last eight years it’s the only conclusion I can come to.

    Trying to change the old parties just ain’t gonna work, anymore than the people of Iran can change Ahmanadjead (or however you spell his name).

    We need a new “reform” party that everybody can get behind, and NOT take “no” for an answer.  

    Anything else is literally a waste of time.  The Trojan Horse that is Obama should be the last straw.

    But I don’t expect Americans to do jack.   They’ll keep going with the same old same old until the country turns into Zimbabwe.

  3. what the ?@$#^%!? was that 90-6 vote against funding the closing of Guantanamo? The Senate will fund any crazy right-wing scheme but couldn’t “find” the dough to close Guantanamo.

    And there were so-called Progressives in that group of 90, including Bernie and Russ Feingold (who’s considered by some to be a real lefty! Why???). My two Senators, Merkley and Wyden both voted the wrong way, with Merkley being the more disappointing. I already knew Wyden was a @$%^&ing @$^%&$&%er, famous for the way he forgot to strongly endorse Democrats in Oregon, especially when they’d run against Gordon Smith.

    Believe me, you won’t like Franken either.

  4. Who decides if we get it? That group of American Ayatollas, the U.S. Senate. Toll free ayatolla line: 1-800-826-3688.

  5. Except that Obama is one of them.

    Obama is no progressive, he is a silver-tongued establishmentarian, with no bedrock principles, except to defend the establishment at all costs.

    Obama voted for retroactive immunity,Obama chose Geithner and Summers, Obama is blocking the release of the torture photos, Obama is resisting investigation and prosecution of war crimes, Obama is claiming executive secrecy powers beyond any claimed by ANY previous president.

    He is one of them.  Blame falls on those who deserve itr.

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