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Given the Rusty treatment: Banned from FDL

Cross-posted from progressive-independence.org.

Earlier today I posted a diary at FDL in what was a continuation of an argument on morality in politics.  A few minutes ago I responded to a comment in another thread only to find that the comment in question was hidden pending moderator approval, a sure sign that I’ve been banned.  And just as was done to Rusty1776, my entire account has been designated as spam and my entries hidden from view.

That this happened is not even remotely surprising.  The right-wing gatekeepers who run FDL do not like talk of morality in politics, as it has the effect of exposing them for the amoral, power-driven shills for the corporate-owned Democrat Party they truly are.  What else can you expect from a blog run by ex-Daily Kos goons?  The difference between the two web sites is that at least Kos lets you know up front that his is a site of, by, and for only Democrats and that anti-Democrat discussion – as well as challenges to the party and its hacks – will not be tolerated.

Lest you think I’m angry about this, I’m not.  What the trolls assume is that there is nowhere else to go.  They’re deluding themselves if they think this.  Just check out the column of links to the left of this entry for proof.  I’m just letting you know what happened in case anyone has any questions about why I was removed from FDL, and that in light of their being exposed as a right-wing blog that silences dissent from the party line, I’ve taken the liberty of removing the link I had in the left-hand column.  If you want to read stuff from FireDogLake, I’m happy to invite people to cross-post from there.  I simply do not feel that the site is worthy of being promoted on a blog that is of, by, and for the left.

Before you start calling Clinton and Obama hypocrites…

Consider the following.


At an international conference on democracy and human rights in Krakow, Poland, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton railed against governments intolerant of human rights:

“But we must be wary of the steel vise in which governments around the world are slowly crushing civil society and the human spirit,” she said. Social activists, Clinton said, are being harassed, censored, cut off from funding, arrested, prosecuted or killed.

President Obama unequivocally echoed her righteous sentiments in a public statement:

President Barack Obama, in a statement released in Washington, said the United States is particularly concerned about “the spread of restrictions on civil society, the growing use of law to curb rather than enhance freedom and widespread corruption that is undermining the faith of citizens in their governments.”

Then Dave Lindorff reels off around twenty reasons why they are such flagrant freaking hypocrites that their pants should be effectively on fire, while Glenn Greenwald has the temerity to call the US a police state in cahoots with British Petroleum.

Normally, I’d gladly join in the outrage at the blatant hypocrisy, but an alternative hypothesis has been creeping around in the back of my mind lately.  

Why I am quitting you, Democrats

You are officially the party of the status quo, now.  It’s time to start recognizing that, and acting like it.  And if you want change, then, well, make change.  Don’t whine about it endlessly, especially if you supported corporatist laws with lies and caveats to begin with.  And if you don’t want change, stop pretending you do.

The moment of President Obama’s election, the Democratic Party became the Party In Power.  It ill becomes the Democrats, and their apologists, and supporters, to complain about the very things they helped do and pass, or are, even now, helping do or pass.  For example, don’t try to sell me on how bad Wall Street has become, if out the back door, you are shoveling money at them as if there’s no tomorrow.

Don’t like the Tea Partiers?  Good.  I don’t either.  So stop talking about them as if they are all powerful bullies, terrorizing you.  You’re the government now.  Grow the fuck up and crush them when and if they become actual domestic terrorists.  You supported the means by which to do so.  People as supposedly far left as Alan Grayson voted to pass an extension on the Patriot Act .. do you really want me to believe they’re so dangerous and you can do nothing?  Oh, but you sure can do a lot about actual liberals who do anything but protest like baby kittens.

Let me remind you of a few things, Democrats.  It was your conservative corporatist wing that joined with the Republicans and refused to do anything about insane gun laws that have turned the entire 50 state union into some mockery of the Wild Wild West.  Yet now, Democrats talk about Tea Partiers having meetings with guns .. this is your fault.

The Amazing About-Face of Orrin Hatch — Mr Entitlements

Back in August, barely 2 months ago, Senator Hatch (R-UT), displayed a graciousness and a spirit of bipartisanship, rarely seen among the Party of NO.

Senator Orrin Hatch on Ted Kennedy’s Life

The Situation Room — Aug 26, 2009

BLITZER: […] the issue that was the most important to him, health care for the American people, you were — you’re a member of the Finance Committee. […] And since this was so important to your good friend, Senator Kennedy, I’ll ask you directly, Senator Hatch — are you willing to get back into those negotiations with the Democrats right now in memory — in honor of Senator Kennedy?

You know how important health care reform was for your friend.


Hey GOP — Time to Get-a-Clue-is-stan!


Who’s There?


Chuck WHO?

Chuck Doesnt-have-any-Guts Grassley!

Grassley: “go work for the federal government” for affordable insurance


Great Advice Mr. Grassley! … Yes, ALL of America — Should go work for the Govt, because that way we’ll all get Good Insurance, finally?

Say Chuck, Do you know what they call it, in Countries where EVERYONE works for the Govt?

They call it   Socialism!

Choice is Good — If you’re a Senator!

Senators can afford to wait for Health Care reform — after all they ALREADY HAVE Health Insurance for their Families!

Trigger? — No Problem!

2013? — Who Cares!

Public Option only for the Few — No Worries …  ( — For Them! )

Montana Senators have a wide Menu of Health Care Options, so What’s the Rush?

Health — 2009 Plan Information for Montana

Nationwide Fee-for-Service Open to All

APWU Health Plan (APWU)

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan – Standard Option

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan – Basic Option

GEHA Benefit Plan (GEHA)

GEHA High Deductible Health Plan

Mail Handlers Benefit Plan

Mail Handlers Benefit Plan (HDHP)

Mail Handlers Benefit Plan Value



State Specific HMO, HDHP and CDHP Plans

Aetna HealthFund (CDHP/HDHP) – South, Southeast & Western MT

New West Health Services – Most of Montana

No shortage of Insurance Optionsin Montana!

John McCain Orders lunch at the Olive Garden.

John McCain: (pinching the waitress’ ass) Can I call you My Friend, My Friend?

A Gentle Reminder

This will probably step on a lot of toes around here but believe me, that is not my intent.  I just want to point out, to remind you as it were, that much of the passion being expended on the Presidential campaign is wasted emotion.  I want to tell you that the horse race, in which so many of you have invested so much, is really a rat race after all.  For all their happy crap none of the establishment candidates will serve our interests.