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What I Want

I read my little “Care to Causes” articles this morning, as I usually do to sign lots of petitions, and came across this:


While worded to “support” the idea of public option, it served only to greatly piss me off.

I’ve read the conflicting opinions and analysis about Health Care, including Chris Dodd’s emails insisting single-payer still be an option.

I agree in theory with Gottlieb’s supposition that “public option” is akin to a last straw of broken promises. (I disagree that Obama is a ‘good’ man, though, at this point I think he is a brilliant man, a genius at manipulation. I doubt his will is good now.) Yes a foot in, but who would risk his employment, his child’s roof to protest for cheaper shit he couldn’t afford anyway?

You see, I get it, I will be wildly pissed if 72% (the newest #) of the people’s will gets summarily ignored in losing even Public Option. Worth a day trip to Lansing to protest on my day off. Yes. But:

But what REALLY cheeses me off is that we were promised single-payer, and it was never even OFFERED as a viable option for us.

Guess what? A private/public insurance that will supposedly lower the prices by “competition” is just another Capitalist venture by any other name. Dig it.

We cannot afford our fucking houses, Mr. Obama. How the FUCK do you think we can afford even a discounted policy for a family of three?

A 60 yr old with high blood pressure & cholesterol (oops, that raises the price) a 46 yr old with cancer history, and heart history (that raises the price) who smoke (that raises the price) and a ten year old????





Can anyone hear us now?

I worked all my life, and this is what I get? Poverty and illness? They are making us a 3rd World Nation: With Intent.  It is CRIMINAL.

There are reams written by insiders and players, who claim that the “boomers” will break us all, which is utter bullshit considering population has grown since then. Give every immigrant Citizenry and problem solved. (Of course they will never do that, the White Power Boyz Club, for the same reason the Zionazis won’t allow a one-state… fear of reprisal in being outnumbered… fear of attaining the “second class” status they imposed)

The propaganda is so fierce protecting the profiteers, that they even want to block making records electronic, because it would become public just how many DENIALS of service the profiteers impose on their “clients.”

What they are offering is Walmart insurance to a sweepingly destitute population. “Hey there’s a half-off sale on bypass! Woot, quick honey sell a kidney, I want one!

Fuck that. I will expound later, but DO NOT FOR A SECOND BELIEVE THIS COULD NOT BE DONE.

How about closing Halliburton & Blackwater’s contracts, getting completely out of the ME? There is always money for the War Machine and bailing out the rich. Trickle down looks like sewer run-off from where I sit.

Death is profit. Our lives are only profitable if we PAY not to die.

Put me out there to sell it. I could make every single person in America demand single-payer. One slogan.


With so many things bearing down on me, the former middle class (covered Monday) its hard NOT to go into Shock and fold, settling for crumbs.

My last straw broke long ago, now I’m just trying to stay alive, keep my baby (and yes, he is still a baby) alive.

So forgive me, readers, for my rage against all of them. I’m not safe by far, and still have everything to lose, and nothing left to lose.

Its about to get much worse here. Much, much worse.

Off to do work that usually only illegals will take, landscaping in 90 degree heat with my middle aged, bad heart, bad back self… and praying nothing happens today. Just one day at time, god, let me survive it, because if ANYTHING happens, I die.

Fuck this Country. Fuck President Obama. Fuck Congress and the Senate and their Corporate Overlords.

They won’t bring my job or benefits back. So.


Death to the Bourgeois

There are times I really want to go all S.L.A on the fucking rich and terminally clueless. Not just the AIG assholes and Banker types that are lighting the fires of even their own eventual demise, but the self-absorbed bitches like Madonna and Angelina Jolie-Miller-Shmizu-Thorton-Pitt who think plucking a child or 6 out of poverty and lavishing them with untold fortunes and nannies makes them humanitarian. At least Brangelina actually does some humanitarian work, but still. JOKE. Then there are the yacht club intellectuals and jet set Bonos of the media preaching it down to us, all while comparing the relative value of a French versus a Brazilian celebration of the Easter services. Yeah, that resonates with us poor slobs. NOT! Clueless fuck didn’t even get how that would sound.

I wanna grab a pitchfork and extend the Conneticut AIG Mansion Tour into a Tour of All of them. I wish I wasn’t the queen of non-violence.

I listen as even Congress critters whine about their diminishing 401’s and think to myself they need the Reverse Tour. Make every one of those Washington families live on MY income, with no outside help for a fucking year. You assholes could sell ONE of your fucking houses, boats, or luxury cars and pay my bills for a year.



Someone whispered “Niagra” didn’t they?

Or was it “Poko Moko“?

“Slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch…”

Like a burlesque show’s post-hypnotic suggestion, the revenge has begun; they will not stop until they wring the last breath out of our scrawny necks.

Just as predictable as this well-worn skit, both the Republicans and the Democrats are treading the boards in their anticipated role, as type-cast as Shatner…. only, if it can be imagined, far less likable.

I mean, who would have thought that the Republican’s would be looking for any or all inane bullshit scandals to bring down people in an Obama administration? Are you shocked?

Are you shocked any less that President Obama stepped into his victim’s role like a brilliant second dying to fill the shoes of an aging Democratic Party who have long lost their chops?

“I made a mistake.”


Not ready to “Make Nice”

The music is easy music but the underlying motivation for having posted it is one of great unease.

JeffLieber opined on DD that it is our own fault we have no influence on government.

THEY are avoiding us because they simply do not think that we — the FAR LEFT — can be reasoned with.

THEY believe, and somewhat rightly so, that we are much more interested in clinging to our self-righteous fury then in being able to manage our disappointments and seeking compromise so they show up when its time for the cash or the grass-roots jolt of energy and then disappear when it comes time to legislate.

THEY believe we are the extremists, no more “reality based” than those at Little Green Footfungus because every slight seems to wipe away YEARS of good governance on issues we care about.

I will counter below, as OPOL did brilliantly in his own counter-essay. I’ll let his delineation of the crimes stand. He said it perfectly, and spoke for me on that account.

We have to deal with these guys…and not by making nice with them.  These people are dangerous.  Our laws are meant to protect us from people like this, and we need to see that they do.  This is no time to look the other way.

Do I want truth and reconciliation?  No sir!  I want trials and convictions.  We can talk about reconciliation after we’ve settled a few accountability issues.  How about someone taking responsibility for a change?

The video will tell you I’m not ready to make nice either.

9/11: of Use and Abuse

Cross posted from The Wild Wild Left as yesterday’s Open Thread. My husband opined it was “crass” of me to post this yesterday, but perfectly acceptable today. Hence, the delay.

I have a problem not unlike the one that got KO fired. 9/11 gets dragged out and almost celebrated by the fear-mongering right. It is a tragedy that gets relived over and over by a populace that had rarely know large-scale tragedies on its soil. I find the way they use it is abusive, true abuse in both the misuse fashion and the masochistic type.

2,974 dead. I remember my horror, my tears as it occurred.

4,076 Americans dead due to their being sent to invade Iraq for a crime Iraq did not commit.

1,255,026 Iraqis dead. Where is the horror for their deaths, the remembrance ceremonies for those who had their lives taken in retribution for something they had no part in?

It brings to mind what John Trudell said (not just in Thunderheart, but in real life when Leonard Peltier was framed.) “Sometimes they just HAVE to kill us. They have to make someone pay.”

Iraq is the biggest patsy ever created, created mostly for profit.

KO: Heroes and Speeches

Uggghhh. It is a sad day when people on the Left turn against Keith Olbermann for any reason.

KO is one of the sole voices pissing into the hurricane/tsunami of disinformation and neo-con propaganda from the Murdoch Empire and all Minions Fox and elsewhere… and people ask him to stop his Editorials.

Let Kieth be Kieth.

These are the same People who attacked Reverend Wright for speaking Truths in this country.

If Obama stayed Obama, a man who admired Rev. Wright, he would not be losing ground via handlers and media-whores.

Why is it that people are uncomfortable with Truths? Oh they claim to want Truth, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their TV pleasure viewing the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic games, the grandiose hoopla and the shiny young athletes.

America likes its Public Service Announcements snuggled in minute sound bytes during the breaks of their obsessive American Idol episodes… it makes their guilty pleasure of being brainless hedonists ease up a little to be able to yell “Right On” at a commercial that says “Green Power”.. all while turning up their Air Conditioning and keeping the volume on their TV’s cranked up to Prime Numbers.

But WATCH a whole documentary or turn off the TV and read a book about it?  Too depressing, man. They don’t want a bowl of whole-grain truths, when they can sprinkle a little fiber on their processed Sugar Puffs.

More about real heroes below.

Obama is Here, and O’Reilly is Shitting Himself

Crossposted from The Wild Wild Left and to One Wing Left, Never In Our Names, Docudharma, and Station Charon

Suuuuu-prizzzzzzzzzzze, suprise.

The wingers are going bat-shit crazy about a Ludacris song. A song I found entertaining and poignant at the same time.

Now, am I surprised that the Rich White Boyz Hater Club are pissing their depends and whipping eachother into an ibogene frenzy imagining monsters lurking in low riders waiting to rape their womens and see bling trails pulsing like photon ray guns that murder white babies in vitro?

Nah. I’m more surprised they don’t just wear their hoods on set.

I mean, the wingers have been emailing jokes behind the scenes about “Can we still call it The White House if Obama wins?” for months now.

But god forbid that a rapper turn that joke back on their cellulite-pocked white lard asses.

The video follows… as does rantage.

The Bill of Wrongs

Cross posted from my morning Open Thread on WWL this morning.

Finally had time to cross it! Have a grin. (kind of)

I am thinking about the slaughter of the Bill of Rights. Of course, when written it only inferred itself to rich white men anyway; now it blatantly applies to rich white men.

(Hat tip to Mentarch for sending me off on this tangent a couple times this week!!)

Being in a snarkilicious mood, lets examine these shall we? I’m dying to see what I come up with, and dying to see if you can find a better, more humorous way to re-define them in the comments.    

McCain denounces Hagee, filed under: Master of the Totally Obvious

This off-the-cuff rant cross posted from my little blog The Wild Wild Left! Come visit!

You douchebag, you just noticed what a fucksnot psycho this man is?


Hagee’s sermon was delivered in the late 1990s, and this, after saying Gays caused Katrina RECENTLY, is your tipping point?

Oh yeah, right, the gays don’t have as big a voting PAC or as many purse-strings as the Jews he offended. He has offended women, Catholics, he basically hates anyone but rich white born-again neo-cons; and THIS is what it takes to get your attention tuned to the fact he is a whack-job?

“Obviously, I find these remarks and others deeply offensive and indefensible, and I repudiate them,” McCain said. “I did not know of them before Reverend Hagee’s endorsement, and I feel I must reject his endorsement as well.”

The White House Whines over Lack of Editorial Control of NBC and MSNBC

Cross posted from my blog, The Wild Wild Left

Ed Gillespie, Counselor to the President wrote this letter to Steve Capus, President, NBC News.

Amazingly enough they have no problem with O’raly’s Fox-step right bias but lay these complaints at the feet of NBC:

I’m sure you don’t want people to conclude that there is really no distinction between the “news” as reported on NBC and the “opinion” as reported on MSNBC, despite the increasing blurring of those lines. I welcome your response to this letter, and hope it is one that reassures your broadcast network’s viewers that blatantly partisan talk show hosts like Christopher Matthews and Keith Olbermann at MSNBC don’t hold editorial sway over the NBC network news division.

Capus, bless his heart, replied (in part):

“Just as the White House does not participate in the editorial process at the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal or USA Today, NBC News, as part of a free press in a free society, makes its own editorial decisions,” NBC said in a statement.

More Bush Douchebaggery.

Cross-Ranted from The Wild Wild Left, my wild little blog!


I don’t know if you know or not, but the US and Canada have been fighting for quite a while about lumber. It appears that the U.S. has been import overtaxing the hell out of Canadian lumber for a while now and are about to lose another ruling at the World Court for a NAFTA violation about it.

In 2006 the US was supposed to

Parts of the deal include:

   * Import duties of $4 billion the U.S. charged Canadian companies since 2002 will be returned. But the U.S. keeps $1 billion.

   * A seven-year term, with a possible two-year extension.

   * A ban on the U.S. launching new trade actions.

   * Restrictions on Canadian exports will kick in if prices fall too far.

   * Neutral trade arbitrators will provide final and binding settlements of disputes.

Instead they gave it all back to Canada with a Billion Dollar return condition; a billion dollar congressional bypass play.

Guess what the Bushinistas did with that Billion Dollars?

That Post 9/11 Rush to Terrorism.

Crossposted from the Wild Wild Left and to Station Charon

Its okay they shredded the constitution, its more like they made safety provisions in a flawed document, you see. We don’t farm out our protection against attack and national security.

I mean do we want terrorists bombing buildings or burning our cars, burning down our houses and killing our children!

Thats what terrorists do.

We need to listen carefully to every phone call because people may be trying to get terrorist cells to incite other terrorists to be burning cars, protests, fires, literal riots, and all of that.

Hell the Feds are all over that shit. Anyone caught saying that kind of thing is probably an islamofascist trying to tear up the very fabric of America.

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