9/11: of Use and Abuse

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Cross posted from The Wild Wild Left as yesterday’s Open Thread. My husband opined it was “crass” of me to post this yesterday, but perfectly acceptable today. Hence, the delay.

I have a problem not unlike the one that got KO fired. 9/11 gets dragged out and almost celebrated by the fear-mongering right. It is a tragedy that gets relived over and over by a populace that had rarely know large-scale tragedies on its soil. I find the way they use it is abusive, true abuse in both the misuse fashion and the masochistic type.

2,974 dead. I remember my horror, my tears as it occurred.

4,076 Americans dead due to their being sent to invade Iraq for a crime Iraq did not commit.

1,255,026 Iraqis dead. Where is the horror for their deaths, the remembrance ceremonies for those who had their lives taken in retribution for something they had no part in?

It brings to mind what John Trudell said (not just in Thunderheart, but in real life when Leonard Peltier was framed.) “Sometimes they just HAVE to kill us. They have to make someone pay.”

Iraq is the biggest patsy ever created, created mostly for profit.

Mostly I have been thinking about who has profited from the bloodshed of all the above victims.

The linked article details it nicely, if you can call anything about an article that explains how”Former high-ranking Bush officials enjoy war profitsnice.

It drips irony that in my search for a photo of this emblem of wealth and excess, I immediately found one by a broken plane! 911 Porsches!!!

Business Pundit has a list of the The 25 Most Vicious Iraq War Profiteers.

The last 8 years have brought us record profits for Oil, EVERY FUCKING QUARTER as well.

Hows that for a tribute?

Then I think about McCain using a prolonged clip of 9/11 Porn(TM!) horrific ground-level horror to fear monger people into thinking that they are still out to get us, and only THEY could keep us safe.

Keith did indeed nail it.

While this may seem a disrespectful essay in light of all the lives lost that day it is not.

9/11 was predicted, could have been prevented.

9/11 could have been stopped after the first plane left course had our military intervened. They did not.

9/11 workers died from being lied to about air quality and safety.

9/11 was more than one disaster.

Indeed, it should have been a quiet remembrance of an event that could have brought us together and strengthened our nation.

Now it is a even doubly horrific remembrance of the exploitation, the further deaths, the loss of freedom and privacy, the money wasted on an illegal war against innocent people, the lack of that money for infrastructure that allowed 1,836 dead from Katrina and possibly up to over 4,000 as a result of the aftermath.

Instead of a horror that ended horrors, reminded us of how hellish war is worldwide….

it became a horror that beget horror upon horror upon horror.

People elsewhere live this every day, every week, every month, every year. Instead of reminding us to end death horror and war, we created more.

While some use it as a CHEERLEADING CRY, it reminds me of our national failure, our national shame.

RIP, people lost, and peace to your families.

But is time for the words “9/11” to rest in peace as well.



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    • Diane G on September 12, 2008 at 15:29

    The PAT ACT (all versions) allow YOU to be the new patsy.

    Horror begets horrors evermore….

    • Diane G on September 13, 2008 at 01:35
  1. 9/11/73, when the US helped Pinochet overthrow Allende in Chile.  More people died because of Pinochet than died in the events of 9/11/01.

    The memorialists who say “never forget” need to be reminded of the sad day of September 11, 1973.

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