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I read my little “Care to Causes” articles this morning, as I usually do to sign lots of petitions, and came across this:


While worded to “support” the idea of public option, it served only to greatly piss me off.

I’ve read the conflicting opinions and analysis about Health Care, including Chris Dodd’s emails insisting single-payer still be an option.

I agree in theory with Gottlieb’s supposition that “public option” is akin to a last straw of broken promises. (I disagree that Obama is a ‘good’ man, though, at this point I think he is a brilliant man, a genius at manipulation. I doubt his will is good now.) Yes a foot in, but who would risk his employment, his child’s roof to protest for cheaper shit he couldn’t afford anyway?

You see, I get it, I will be wildly pissed if 72% (the newest #) of the people’s will gets summarily ignored in losing even Public Option. Worth a day trip to Lansing to protest on my day off. Yes. But:

But what REALLY cheeses me off is that we were promised single-payer, and it was never even OFFERED as a viable option for us.

Guess what? A private/public insurance that will supposedly lower the prices by “competition” is just another Capitalist venture by any other name. Dig it.

We cannot afford our fucking houses, Mr. Obama. How the FUCK do you think we can afford even a discounted policy for a family of three?

A 60 yr old with high blood pressure & cholesterol (oops, that raises the price) a 46 yr old with cancer history, and heart history (that raises the price) who smoke (that raises the price) and a ten year old????





Can anyone hear us now?

I worked all my life, and this is what I get? Poverty and illness? They are making us a 3rd World Nation: With Intent.  It is CRIMINAL.

There are reams written by insiders and players, who claim that the “boomers” will break us all, which is utter bullshit considering population has grown since then. Give every immigrant Citizenry and problem solved. (Of course they will never do that, the White Power Boyz Club, for the same reason the Zionazis won’t allow a one-state… fear of reprisal in being outnumbered… fear of attaining the “second class” status they imposed)

The propaganda is so fierce protecting the profiteers, that they even want to block making records electronic, because it would become public just how many DENIALS of service the profiteers impose on their “clients.”

What they are offering is Walmart insurance to a sweepingly destitute population. “Hey there’s a half-off sale on bypass! Woot, quick honey sell a kidney, I want one!

Fuck that. I will expound later, but DO NOT FOR A SECOND BELIEVE THIS COULD NOT BE DONE.

How about closing Halliburton & Blackwater’s contracts, getting completely out of the ME? There is always money for the War Machine and bailing out the rich. Trickle down looks like sewer run-off from where I sit.

Death is profit. Our lives are only profitable if we PAY not to die.

Put me out there to sell it. I could make every single person in America demand single-payer. One slogan.


With so many things bearing down on me, the former middle class (covered Monday) its hard NOT to go into Shock and fold, settling for crumbs.

My last straw broke long ago, now I’m just trying to stay alive, keep my baby (and yes, he is still a baby) alive.

So forgive me, readers, for my rage against all of them. I’m not safe by far, and still have everything to lose, and nothing left to lose.

Its about to get much worse here. Much, much worse.

Off to do work that usually only illegals will take, landscaping in 90 degree heat with my middle aged, bad heart, bad back self… and praying nothing happens today. Just one day at time, god, let me survive it, because if ANYTHING happens, I die.

Fuck this Country. Fuck President Obama. Fuck Congress and the Senate and their Corporate Overlords.

They won’t bring my job or benefits back. So.



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    • Diane G on June 24, 2009 at 14:08
  1. If…

    …one is trying to create a system to confiscate the last drop of wealth,created and accumulated over a lifetime of toil and struggle,from the working class and distribute it upward to an ever more wealthy and powerful corporate oligarchy.

    If the government were to design an actual death tax that was half as efficient and regressive there would be riots in the streets.

    Oh,and just to put icing on the cake,let’s make higher education for the children of those workers unaffordable so that they have few options but to ride that same treadmill to nowhere.


    • Diane G on June 24, 2009 at 19:04

    Support single payer: Call Obama’s office @ White House direct 202-456-1111. EVERY DAY!

    Obama Lied, We Die!



    • Diane G on June 24, 2009 at 19:25

    (x posted clarification comment… didn;t have time pre-work to expound)

    This was written totally from gutteral reaction at being sold NOTHING this morning by fellow “liberals” and supposing to be grateful for it.

    I don’t know if you have “decent” coverage like some, great coverage or no coverage…. I can’t speak to what any of this happening would do to or for you, in your circumstances, my firends, I can only speak to what it feels like to me in mine.

    This is not “a little” vs “nothing” for me.

    This is “NOTHING” or “NOTHING” because even if it passes it does not one FUCKING thing for me.

    I actually, daily, worry about dropping dead because I never afforded the needed stress test and heart evaluation from last years heart attack. I bargain with God and the Devil every day on the way to work to get ONE MORE DAY out of it.

    There are other choices than me & mine being “over armed couch potaotes”:

    One being PROPAGANDA and repeated phone calls to the White House, Congress, and the SENATE that we want single payer on the table.

    This public option bone will do not one thing for me.

    I am just venting my pissededness at the system.

    And I plan to do it often and repeatedly and hope it catches like wildfire.

    If I’m going to FIGHT, I need to get something back for it. Public option gets me NOTHING. Nothing.

    We all fought for Obama, the one we thought we could get, as opposed to who we really WANTED, and how has that worked for us so far????????

    I want to push that Overton Window off a fucking cliff on this one.

    Obama lied, now people die. US. Me. Is HE going to raise my son when I’m worm bait? Is HE going to love him, when I could have had another 50 productive years with just a little tune-up?

    WHO, then WILL? My psycho neo-con relatives in Arizona I haven’t talked to in 4 years?

    I am all he has left. Our parents are dead or dying. Mike has no siblings.

    I have to push for the only option that gives me a remote fucking chance, dig??  

    • Inky99 on June 24, 2009 at 20:08

    We were all duped.

    We will all be much happier if we quit expecting him to give us what he promised.  It will be much less stressful and heartbreaking to just accept this.

    In the meantime, we need to start a new party that will actually represent the people of this country, and not the powers that have their hands up our collective asses.

    • Diane G on June 24, 2009 at 22:05

    he and Kennedy are the only ones trying to keep single-payer on the table. They want our stories and opinions.


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