Death to the Bourgeois

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There are times I really want to go all S.L.A on the fucking rich and terminally clueless. Not just the AIG assholes and Banker types that are lighting the fires of even their own eventual demise, but the self-absorbed bitches like Madonna and Angelina Jolie-Miller-Shmizu-Thorton-Pitt who think plucking a child or 6 out of poverty and lavishing them with untold fortunes and nannies makes them humanitarian. At least Brangelina actually does some humanitarian work, but still. JOKE. Then there are the yacht club intellectuals and jet set Bonos of the media preaching it down to us, all while comparing the relative value of a French versus a Brazilian celebration of the Easter services. Yeah, that resonates with us poor slobs. NOT! Clueless fuck didn’t even get how that would sound.

I wanna grab a pitchfork and extend the Conneticut AIG Mansion Tour into a Tour of All of them. I wish I wasn’t the queen of non-violence.

I listen as even Congress critters whine about their diminishing 401’s and think to myself they need the Reverse Tour. Make every one of those Washington families live on MY income, with no outside help for a fucking year. You assholes could sell ONE of your fucking houses, boats, or luxury cars and pay my bills for a year.


Even the Liberals amoung them.

How do they sleep at night, and not dream tortured dreams? Do they really think that a Charity Polo Event raising money for some Children’s Center assuages their guilty heads resting on 1000 count satin sheets ironed by their illegal hired help? Do they think because they have allowed her to break bread with them on occasion, or because they know her name, she does not realize that she is a slave to people who throw more away weekly than her family has in a month or two?

Do they not realize when they “hire a car” to take them from the Country Club to the Country House that the driver is genuinely pleased to take their “trickle down” tip and doesn’t secretly wish them dead? That smiling driver is probably fantasizing tearing the pearls off their wife’s lovely pale neck, and paying for the tooth extraction that has kept his own much darker wife awake in excruciating pain for 3 nights running.

Does it erase what they are, the reality of them BEING the takers in a class war?

They bear no more understanding of the common man than PG&E’s lawyers to Erin Brokovich.

We are only a concept, a tragic story to the Rich. Sure they can conceptualize, legislate, write songs or make movies about us. They can even give decent portrayals of us. But KNOW at all what it truly is like? Fuck no.

Even Barack Obama, with his private prep school background doesn’t get it. Sure he shook Chavez’ hand, and was greeted with “Eight years ago with this same hand I greeted Bush.  I want to be your friend,” but can an elitist ever truly understand and support a populist? Easier a camel through a needles eye. Do you think for a moment he will read “Open Vein” and be able to understand it?

He hasn’t seemed to understand his own people, his own country. Me the People.

I cannot fathom the morality of these people. Just. Can. Not.

I cannot wrap my head around the exploitation justification of “There have always been poor, what can we do?” when by living in their very gated communities they are treading white boards built on dark blood.

Do they think as they vacation at all the fine 3rd world resorts, surrounded by genteel people, intelligent people, clean and pressed people, acceptable people, all waited on by natives hand chosen for them for their ability to defer and not show resentment, that they are not exploiting the surrounding slums hidden from their view? People FROM there, who cannot even walk their own beaches? People who DESPISE them for their copious excesses?

No man ever gave up anything he accrued without a fight. They won’t give it up, and we cannot take it.

Somehow these ideals sound less and less bad to me every day.

Umoja (Unity), Kujichagulia (self-determination), Ujima (collective work and responsibility), Ujamaa (cooperative economics), Nia (purpose), Kuumba (creativity) and Imani (faith)

But I am a dirty, unrefined working woman. And I am 6 billion strong.

Some of these douchebag elitists need to step back down into the ditches with me, and LISTEN to us, or get the fuck out of the way. The rest of them?

We need a good caviar plague.

If your going to be a politician or a mouthpiece or a philanthropist; now is the time to do it right. No more posing, no more pretending. So far, all those in power are doing it wrong. The center cannot hold, and when we fall, so does your lofty towers, dickweeds. You had best start spreading the wealth, nationalizing and listening to the PEOPLE.

Because we Erin’s pull no punches when you corner us.

And we’re going to get your ear, one way or another.


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    • Diane G on April 20, 2009 at 00:26
  1. that I had written this.:)

    However, it’s a pleasure to Rec and say AMEN, especially to this:

    Some of these douchebag elitists need to step back down into the ditches with me, and LISTEN to us, or get the fuck out of the way.

    What I doubt……..and can say freely here……is that America has in any way ended the reign of douchebag elitism in the top levels of our government. With each passing day, I lose more hope for real change.

    Thank you, Diane, for this excellent diary.

    • Diane G on April 20, 2009 at 12:34

    I am honored, as always, budhy.

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