That Post 9/11 Rush to Terrorism.

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Its okay they shredded the constitution, its more like they made safety provisions in a flawed document, you see. We don’t farm out our protection against attack and national security.

I mean do we want terrorists bombing buildings or burning our cars, burning down our houses and killing our children!

Thats what terrorists do.

We need to listen carefully to every phone call because people may be trying to get terrorist cells to incite other terrorists to be burning cars, protests, fires, literal riots, and all of that.

Hell the Feds are all over that shit. Anyone caught saying that kind of thing is probably an islamofascist trying to tear up the very fabric of America.

Yep, I bet all those dark skinned motherfuckers, camel jockeys and shit are talking like that all the time. Thats why we have to take em to Gitmo. You never get any REAL information if they lawyer up, you know that. Terrorists don’t deserve rights.

They are all drugged up and crazy you know, rolling around in those heroine poppy fields. What do you think they do up in those caves. Opium, heroine, all that shit.

Its only right that we keep passing the Pat Act. All them drugged up, violence inciting people dreaming of riots in America as the best damn thing could happen for this country!

Waterboard those bastards. They don’t care about anything, they have no humanity, they just want to screw the world!

Did you notice the words in italics? Each and every one was uttered not by a terrorist in the usual sense, they were uttered by a popular Republican shill. Normally, they would be cause for suspicion in this post 9/11 world….

Unless they are Rush Limbaugh. He can say each of those things and run things Like Operation Chaos and be considered by some a patriot. Had anyone else said these things, they would be detained in the name of National Security.

Of course they would need a bigger waterboard for Rush.

Were his skin a wee bit darker, and were he not a paid operative for their side, that is…..

Inspired by Kestrel’s essay on why he legally gets away with it, and my response to that essay….


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    • Diane G on April 26, 2008 at 5:12 pm

    to purchase a really big waterboard, one that will fit a mouth that size, and an ego even bigger for Rush.

  1. Communism, the powers that be needed a new threat/social control mechanism and terrorism fits the bill nicely.

    I mean you can’t have people going around talking about peace and freedom and suggesting the western countries might not have the solution to every problem in the world can you?

    Silly rabbit. Terrorism is good for us. Keeps us from thinking, keeps the money rolling on in to the military industrial complex. Keeps the status quo.

    • Alma on April 26, 2008 at 6:16 pm

    There’s quite a few I would like to see get a dose of their own beliefs.

    I have a story to tell, doesn’t really fit here, but shows how ignorant people can really be.

    Last night my daughter and one of her coworkers were discussing what Bush might have known about 9-11 before hand.  Another coworker, a young pregnant woman was getting distressed and couldn’t believe a President would ever do anything to endanger, or not protect his country to the fullest.  Then she made a comment that all muslims were suicide bombers anyway.  She really believed this.  Her FIL is a Baptist minister.  Well my daughter told her there are extremists in every religion, but I don’t know if she got through to her or not.

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