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Obama is Here, and O’Reilly is Shitting Himself

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Suuuuu-prizzzzzzzzzzze, suprise.

The wingers are going bat-shit crazy about a Ludacris song. A song I found entertaining and poignant at the same time.

Now, am I surprised that the Rich White Boyz Hater Club are pissing their depends and whipping eachother into an ibogene frenzy imagining monsters lurking in low riders waiting to rape their womens and see bling trails pulsing like photon ray guns that murder white babies in vitro?

Nah. I’m more surprised they don’t just wear their hoods on set.

I mean, the wingers have been emailing jokes behind the scenes about “Can we still call it The White House if Obama wins?” for months now.

But god forbid that a rapper turn that joke back on their cellulite-pocked white lard asses.

The video follows… as does rantage.