Someone whispered “Niagra” didn’t they?

Or was it “Poko Moko“?

“Slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch…”

Like a burlesque show’s post-hypnotic suggestion, the revenge has begun; they will not stop until they wring the last breath out of our scrawny necks.

Just as predictable as this well-worn skit, both the Republicans and the Democrats are treading the boards in their anticipated role, as type-cast as Shatner…. only, if it can be imagined, far less likable.

I mean, who would have thought that the Republican’s would be looking for any or all inane bullshit scandals to bring down people in an Obama administration? Are you shocked?

Are you shocked any less that President Obama stepped into his victim’s role like a brilliant second dying to fill the shoes of an aging Democratic Party who have long lost their chops?

“I made a mistake.”


Its time to get your game faces back on boys and girls.

Oh, would only he have stepped up and said:

“Tom Daschle has more than compensated for his oversight, and is the very picture of accountability. Accountability means stepping up, admitting your error, and correcting it. This is what he did.

I say to you, if we want to scrutinize every single member of Congress and the Senate for similar oversights, let the games begin.

But Tom is the best man for this job. He is the single most valuable tool we have in solving this Health Care crisis. I am just as sure that every tax paying American is glad he has repaid the taxes he owed for a “car and driver,” as I am absolutely CERTAIN that now that that tax oversight has been resolved, taxpayers are more concerned about being able to see their families able to have affordable health care.

We need Tom Daschle to make this happen!”

Of COURSE he didn’t say that. Does Reverend Wright ring a bell?

President Obama is not showing the fortitude it takes to rewrite the script. He follows the lead of generations of spineless democrats in throwing his allies under the bus in order to try and remain palatable to his enemies.

Rest assured, you will see nothing new or shocking in this term. Playing the underdog role when are in the majority, a Pavlovian Democratic tradition seems to be here to stay.

The Republicans will approve of any “bipartisan” (read “conservative”) appointment and dig just enough dirt on any single appointment that shows a compact spherical crystallization of binary hydrogens on oxygen’s chance in the bowels of the molten Earth of creating any movement against their agenda. They are pitbulls.

They have their game faces on, leashed on a short chain, and we still run from the yard like screeching schoolgirls.

“Crush, kill, destroy….”

We cannot and must not run from these bastards. We cannot and must not be type-cast into playing defense against these motherfuckers. We need to be looking into their accounts and bring THEM down one by one, starting with assholes like John Cornyn and Tom Coburn.

Dig our own dirt, take down everyone standing in OUR way. There is something on everyone, my friends, and by God, we have our paws on the Black Op files now. For every one of our progressive people they take down, we take out two of theirs.

Obama isn’t going to do it.

FUCK! Its up to US!

Another non-shocker sign? Obama is not standing up to, nor putting a gag order on his own Generals who are breaking the chain of command to undermine his Exit Strategy. Fire General Petraeus’ ass, I bet all those Generals that retired in protest of Bush’s ill-advised War strategy would be happy to come off the golf course, and step back in.

We the People have to back EVERY single potentially positive move toward the change we want, and take out every single Neo-con who stands in the way.

We have no leash on us now. Its not the time to chase our tails or hump legs. Its time to go all “fangy and grrr” and choke the shit out of them while we have them chained.

EVERY time someone says, “Conservatives today, blocked….” we need to hear “NIAGRA.”

EVERY time someone says, “Breaking scandal today on Democrat…” we need to hear “POKO MOKO.”

If we have to follow an OLD script, by God, that’s the one we should be following.





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    • Diane G on February 5, 2009 at 13:17

    Get pissed off!

  1. More like this! If all of the pressure is from the right, guess the direction the White House will take.

  2. didn’t freak me out they are all tax weasels. What freaked me out was the fact that he is so entwined with the health care industry, that and the fact he sucked as majority leader at the start of this mess. Heads Harry tails Daschle? No difference both are tools of the big money and their main trick is the roll over while pretending to be a Democrat. The car deal was typical, the glasses were too cute. My weasel Senator wears a bow tie which throughly pisses me off for some reason. Makes him look like the twit he probably is. Plus at a county meeting of the Democratic party his eyes never left any woman’s breasts as he shook your hand. character is important, but I guess in politics you can’t ask for a miracle.  

  3. …rhymes with viagra?

    Or is that just TOO obvious?

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