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The New Lion Cubs at the Bronx Zoo

Sort of cross-posted at DKos as Friday Evening Photo Blogging: Lion Cubs Today!

I took a little trip to the African veldt today.

Oh okay, I never made it out of the Bronx. Today I went to see the three new lion cubs that were born on January 27th and made their public début this week. So give a roaring welcome to Nala, Adamma and Shani as they get used to their new digs. Their big sister Moxie is a very good baby sitter for these 25 pound kittens.  

The Problem With Elena Kagan Is Your Belly Button. Om Nom Nom

(Written in response to meta at Daily Kos, and published here for your enjoyment ~ Cheers)

That’s right! Your belly button, whoever you are or think you may be

With all respect due to the many, many, many diarists who have already touched upon this subject, I felt the need to masturbate, and since my girlfriend is looking right at me (Sorry, Shiz), a meta diary is as close as I can get.

So here is what is wrong with Elena Kagan in a nutshell, your belly button.

More navel gazing below the fold.

The Week in Editorial Cartoons – A Cry for Help

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This weekly diary takes a look at the past week’s important news stories from the perspective of our leading editorial cartoonists (including a few foreign ones) with analysis and commentary added in by me.

When evaluating a cartoon, ask yourself these questions:

1. Does a cartoon add to my existing knowledge base and help crystallize my thinking about the issue depicted?

2. Does the cartoonist have any obvious biases that distort reality?

3. Is the cartoonist reflecting prevailing public opinion or trying to shape it?

The answers will help determine the effectiveness of the cartoonist’s message.

:: ::

John Sherffius

John Sherffius, Comics.com (Boulder Daily Camera)

Netroots Nation & My Birthday Wish List

Last year I swore I was never having a birthday again.  Then I got asked to co-chair the Netroots Nation Auction and suddenly it was worth it to have a birthday again

Free Spring Cleaning Help from Netroots Nation Auctions!

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Yep you heard it…we at your friendly neighborhood Netroots Nation Auction Headquarters are happy to announce our newest service:  FREE Spring Cleaning Help!  How can you take advantage of that you ask?  Well, let’s let the pooties tell you!

First thing you need to do is clean out your basement/attic/bedroom/bookshelves:

Then you go to THIS LINK and you donate things like:

And then you tell ALL of your friends to do the same!

See…free Spring Cleaning

Then on March 10 you go back to THIS LINK and you bid on the stuff everyone else cleaned out of THEIR homes.

Then you answer the door when the mail man arrives with a package just for you:

So don’t let this be you:

And just to tease you know I know of at least 3 awesome things we will be auctioning off that I KNOW you’re gonna want…but that’s for another diary, another day.

Happy Cleaning!

Open Thread, with Pooties

Hai!  I need to ask some stupid questions — well, not stupid to me, because I don’t know the answers, but they will probably sound stupid to those of you who are more tech-savvy than I am: which is just about everyone here.

But first, some pooties:

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

All Ur Poneys Are Belong to Us!

Oh hai, mai name iz Cookie.

I haz successfully led a Revolushun at da blog affeckshunitly known as “Da grate Orange Satan.” Us pooties haz proven we can take over da Rec List at will.  

Bruiser Pony Party

Oh, Noez!  I haz a Bruiser!

He showed up at my fire escape window on Friday night, just after nightprowlkitty commented that the back alleys were busy.

I gave him some meatloaf.

Didn’t see him again until Sunday night, when I made corned beef & cabbage.

Last night, I didn’t cook.  Bruiser showed up anyway…and stayed all night.

Here’s what he looks like (OK, Bruiser is a gray tabbly, not a marmalade, but the attitude is the same:


This is an Open Thread.  Please not to Rec.

the mind-body connection is working

more specifically, the mind stomach connection for me right now. I am continuing to notice that I am stopping eating something halfway and putting it away, or not taking seconds when I would have before, or just not snacking at all sometimes at what used to be a time of day I would feel hungry. Now there are results,too, I lost an inch off my waistline at last! Aero, however ,looks as round as ever though I am reducing her portions and treats.


where do we feel empty?

Time for me and Aero to come clean. We have issues with portion control and nibbling. You can see she’s a big girl in this shot.Photobucket

The vet just verified she’s my 2nd biggest pootie ever at 14 pounds ( I once had a 16 pound female-very large frame but still too heavy) As for me, the waistline isn’t budging, though the rest of me seems to be maintaining a toned look better than last winter.

As noted in previous diaries, I have a healthy diet and good exercise habits. And I still think stress promoting the fat storage is a factor. However, the clue that I really still eat more than I need came in an unexpected way.

(crossposted at the GOS)

de-stressing after the election: working like a dog instead of a pootie

(crossposted at www.dailykos.com, this series started there, and a commenter suggested they might be more in sync over here)

Nothing against dogs; it’s actually admirable that they are more willing to exert themselves, though it may not be to their own benefit. Cats are more likely to stalk patiently, take things step by step, take a break when they need to, or even a long nap.


It may be my problem with meditation is not taking small enough steps; sleep is another story. For those who don’t want to go back and read my old Kos diaries, I identified stress and a shortage of sleep as factors in my belly fat hanging around ( I have the healthy diet and aerobic exercise down good), and I want to get rid of it. More below the fold.



Happy Season Of The Witch to all who celebrate it, in whatever manner you celebrate it!

I shall now go get a beer! Woohoo!


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