the mind-body connection is working

more specifically, the mind stomach connection for me right now. I am continuing to notice that I am stopping eating something halfway and putting it away, or not taking seconds when I would have before, or just not snacking at all sometimes at what used to be a time of day I would feel hungry. Now there are results,too, I lost an inch off my waistline at last! Aero, however ,looks as round as ever though I am reducing her portions and treats.


In my last diary, I gave a lot of credit to Muse and Matt Bellamy for helping me realize I was trying to fill an empty place that wanted music with food. This is still true, and I am still feeling the difference of being more in my body  doing yoga with their music as well. It’s almost as if there’s an invisible teacher here correcting my alignment; I notice small adjustments I need to make in the poses that would escape me if I was less centered.

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I’ve also picked up my own guitar just often enough to be getting some calluses back on my left hand.

However, I think there have been some other factors that made this all click. I added another yoga routine to my choices in Sept.  that was designed to promote mind-body connections for weight loss, Suzanne Deason’s Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss, Amazon link here:…

It didn’t seem that different from other yoga routines I do at the time, but perhaps it laid a foundation. Also in Sept., I started with my women’s spirituality group, Cauldron Circle. While we do nothing targeted at diet or exercise, it gives me an ongoing focus on self-awareness and healing. It’s very difficult to summarize what we’re about, the teachers just published a huge handbook! but I’ll try one paragraph from that to give the flavor of it.

We have found that psycho-spiritual development for women must include the symbols,stories, issues and challenges particular to women. The approach must include the whole person–the body, heart, mind, soul and spirit–inclusive to the many ways we identify ourselves  as spiritual, soulful, and relational beings.  An integral model  must include both ego work and spiritual work, weaving in traditionally identified masculine and feminine practices, tasks, and accomplishments

The biggest change Cauldron Circle has made in my daily habits is that I now have a consistent meditation practice. It’s short, it doesn’t feel like anything profound is happening , but maybe it is. A couple diaries back I had figured out I was trying too hard to do it bigger and more perfectly. Now I’m seeing that 5 min. is worthwhile when done regularly.

Last but not least, is the accountability of posting diaries here and previously on the GOS where the series started. I feel like I know people at these blogs even if I don’t know what they look like, so this also functions as a support group. Thanks!

One last pootie pic, Sara doing her Sphinx imitation.



    • nicolemm on December 14, 2008 at 23:10

    for not even  eating a whole handful of Spritz cookies last night when they were fresh out of the oven.

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