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Let’s help Ria, Okay?

RiaD is a Kossack, and a friend of mine.  

She might be a friend of yours, too.

I know she’s a friend of Something the Dog Said, ’cause he cross-posts his Sunday Bread threads to Ria’s blog:

Pony Party

Embedding disabled by request…but oh, so funny:…

Pony Party: les chanteuses

Pony Party

Late tonight, b/c I went to see a local production of Noises Off.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the farce, here’s a great introduction:

Pony Party: Happy St. Pat’s Day!

And luck o’ the Irish to y’all!

I am going to attempt to make colcannon for dinner.  If anyone has any experience with that, or a good recipe to share, please post it here!  Otherwise, I’m winging it.

St. Patricks Day Pictures, Images and Photos

Pony Party

Some of you already know that I think the best piece of classical/jazz ever written is Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin.  Here are two versions: you decide.  I love them both.

Pony Party is an Open Thread.  Please bring your own thoughts, YTs, or whatever, and join the party.

Pony Party

Pony Party: Frittata

A drive-by pony party tonight, I’m afraid: I can get the “new” computer next week, but for now this thing is going to overheat in about half an hour.  So I’m reposting from elsewhere with apologies.

I went to my friend’s pub today…and thought about their food.

And decided to make my own.  

                            Florentijnse frittata Pictures, Images and Photos

Pony Party: Bell, Book & Murder

Bell, Book, and Murder is an omnibus edition of three mysteries by Rosemary Edghill (the nom de plume of Eluki Bes Shahar), all with the same narrator: Bast, the goddess-name of Karen Hightower, a witch in NYC who works for a book paste-up operation just off Houston Street.

I’ve been rereading it today, and while nobody would call it “literature” in the same category as Joyce’s Ulysses, the novels are very well-written and a lot of fun to read.

More below the fold; but: what do you read for fun?  Please answer in the comments.  And if I disappear, it’s b/c I’ve been having major computer problems lately.

Pony Party: Snowpocalypse II

Oy vey gevalt.

It’s been coming down for almost 24 hours now as I type this…and the wind has picked up, meaning drifts.

There’s a guy across the street with a snowblower, but from the way it looks right now, you’d have to shovel or snow-blow at least every hour to have any hope of maintaining a semi-clear sidewalk.

The road crews are out, but even the main streets aren’t that great b/c it just keeps coming down.

South-central PA, just above the Mason-Dixon Line, isn’t used to this.  Snow, yes, but not this volume of snow.

No SOTU speeches here! (pony party)

My TV is effectively dead, and my computer is dying: so no SOTU for me!

But I’m getting the definite impression that lots of others don’t want to watch it, either.

So, for pf8, let’s have a puppy!

Caption Me!
moar funny pictures

Ad ham & hominem pony party

No, I have no idea what that means.  But I do know about ham & hominy!  The problem with ham steaks where I am is that they tend to be too wide in diameter & not thick enough.  It’s still possible to work with them, though: sear on each side, remove from skillet, put a couple of cans of (drained) whole hominy into the skillet, stir while sauteing, put the ham steak on top, and pop it into a 350-degree oven until the ham is cooked through.

Serve with a side of spinach or a salad or something like that.

That’s comfort food chez Youff.  What do you enjoy?

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