Bruiser Pony Party

Oh, Noez!  I haz a Bruiser!

He showed up at my fire escape window on Friday night, just after nightprowlkitty commented that the back alleys were busy.

I gave him some meatloaf.

Didn’t see him again until Sunday night, when I made corned beef & cabbage.

Last night, I didn’t cook.  Bruiser showed up anyway…and stayed all night.

Here’s what he looks like (OK, Bruiser is a gray tabbly, not a marmalade, but the attitude is the same:


This is an Open Thread.  Please not to Rec.

bruiser similarity

I live in a no-pet apartment.  Bruiser does not seem inclined to recognize the landlord’s ability  to enforce that restriction.

And I have a large, solid, apparently “fixed” and very friendly tabby who wants to sit in my lap & jump on my keyboard.  hmmmmmm…well, at least we know he’s a sane cat: have U ever met one that didn’t approach keyboard/newspaper/book/whatever distracts you from petting kitty forever & always?

Flame away, folks; but Bruiser has stolen my heart, and this is an unabashed pootie essay.  Please post pics of your own critters in the comments & I’ll be back as soon as I get home from work.

dog in kilt


favr't kitteh bed

pony 4 buhdy

Have fun, everybody…and beware the fire escape window…there just might be a big Bruiser waitin’ for you, too!


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  1. funny pictures

    My husband took the pics and wrote the caption.   The orange tabby is our bruiser.  He was neutered as a kitten but at some point he developed a testicular tumor that was producing testosterone and causing this mating behavior with our baby girl.  She would only put up with it for a few seconds and then she’d turn on him and give him a snarl and a whack.   The vet removed the tumor and he’s mellowed out considerably. But the world still revolves around him and I spoil him terribly.  I ♥ cats!  

  2. Giant cat terrorizes town…

    funny pictures of cats with captions

  3. Feral rescue. This was taken the day I found him.

    And this was taken last summer. Quite the difference eh?

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