de-stressing after the election: working like a dog instead of a pootie

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Nothing against dogs; it’s actually admirable that they are more willing to exert themselves, though it may not be to their own benefit. Cats are more likely to stalk patiently, take things step by step, take a break when they need to, or even a long nap.


It may be my problem with meditation is not taking small enough steps; sleep is another story. For those who don’t want to go back and read my old Kos diaries, I identified stress and a shortage of sleep as factors in my belly fat hanging around ( I have the healthy diet and aerobic exercise down good), and I want to get rid of it. More below the fold.

The women’s circle I’m in actually has us progressing into meditation step by step. The first month we just grounded ourselves every morning. This month we sit for 5 min after that, and though there have been some days I was distracted by son’s needs after he had knee surgery, for the most part 5 min. of meditation goes pretty easily, I’ve even done an extra min. some days. The time we are supposed to allow for it will gradually increase.


I don’t know how much more time I can carve out on the morning though the time change has helped a little; I find I  wake up before the alarm now. However, since 7 hours of sleep is still an issue, getting up earlier does not look like a good option. I had some bodywork on Friday and my practitioner wondered if I was getting enough sleep. She is very intuitive, but did not need to use her intuition for that as I was snoring away on the table! I am still having trouble “stepping away from the Internets” even if most of the people in the Countdown diaries  I follow on weeknights have already gone to bed.

My bodyworker also said my legs were very tight though not in a strict muscular inflexibility sense. I do have a pretty good downward dog! I think it was more like holding tension there, and she also noted that I have been metaphorically holding my breath. That should improve more easily now that the election is over with mostly favorable results. Yet last night I was dreaming about Keith Olbermann traveling all over with the candidates and grilling them 🙂

I also wonder if my heavy cycling routine contributed to the leg tightness. Darkness has now gotten me to back off my cycling for the winter. I am now driving halfway, popping the bike out of the trunk, and pedaling to miss the worst of the traffic. It is kind of dark at 5 pm now, but the first part of the trail is well lit with streetlights and bridge lights, like our beautiful First Bridge on Hennepin Ave.

First Bridge

Pootie and woozle pics welcome, they are a proven de-stressor.

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    • nicolemm on November 9, 2008 at 7:41 pm

    do we do anything like tip jars?  

  1. cycling I am finding exercise of the aerobic kind especially riding bike and physical work to help my decompress. I feel like I have stiffened every muscle I own especially the neck ones from jaw tightening to hands that need to stop clenching. Sleeping hasn’t come yet as I awake with the running dialog of the last eight years racing through my mind. Your list was good and I will try implementing these remedies. I also need to let go of the TV, it’s lost it’s purpose and just spins wheels that need a break,  

  2. Sounds like we hail from the same parts. This last week is always one of the hardest for me. The coming of the darkness for the long hard winter. And then the first snow of the season on top of that.

    The promise I’ve made to myself is to start getting regular massages. I didn’t see that on your list. Someone just recommended a good one that’s not over-the-top expensive.

    Gotta remember to call and get started next week.

  3. We are pretty wide open here.

    And you can post two diaries a day if you like…

  4. some of us of German descent is:

    1.  Beer

    2.  Repeat step 1 as needed

    Welcome nicole!

  5. …and most gracious welcome to you, your pooties and other de-stressing recomendations.

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