The Problem With Elena Kagan Is Your Belly Button. Om Nom Nom

(Written in response to meta at Daily Kos, and published here for your enjoyment ~ Cheers)

That’s right! Your belly button, whoever you are or think you may be

With all respect due to the many, many, many diarists who have already touched upon this subject, I felt the need to masturbate, and since my girlfriend is looking right at me (Sorry, Shiz), a meta diary is as close as I can get.

So here is what is wrong with Elena Kagan in a nutshell, your belly button.

More navel gazing below the fold.

    You see, no matter how hard this may be for you to accept, I agree with DailyKos diarist Troubador that the only person in America who is President of the United States is Barack Obama. Whether or not he’s “got this” on the matter of Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court is a matter we could debate in a sensible manner, if only we could debate in a sensible . . . oh, wait, I just saw something shiny!

   Ultimately, Obama’s nomination to the Supreme Court will pass or fail in the Senate. That’s it. Nothing more. There is nothing else you can do at this point. You can either hope she passes or hope she fails. That’s it. Option A or option B. Anything else is a form of staring at your belly button.

   You want to debate Elena Kagan’s merits or policy views? Fine. You want to debate her interpretation of the Constitution or Executive power? Go right ahead. I welcome it. But anything that drags a third party in, be it Barack Obama or Cenk Uygar or yourself is the political equivalent of picking your own butt and then sniffing it to see whether your shit really does stink or whether your nose is working or not. Of course, that is just my opinion, and I could be wrong.

   Of course, now that the 2008 election is over, you have three option in how to respond to Obama’s Supreme Court nominations. These are . . .

A.    Vote for the Republican candidate who will oppose President Obama in 2012

B.    Vote for a Democratic primary opponent who will oppose President Obama in 2012

3.    Locate your belly button on your body and look at it for as long as it takes until you see something you like! Then do a happy dance and hope you do not FAIL

   Now, we could be using our time effectively online because it is an election year, or we could be debating policy, or even promoting candidates and trying to elect MORE and BETTER Democrats (GASP!), but at this point there is NOTHING we can do about Elena Kagan. Obama is President, she is his nominee to the Supreme Court, either she will be confirmed by the Senate or not. That’s it.

   So, for Ceiling Cat’s sake, can we please, please dispense with the navel gazing? If you will unclench your fist, I will put away my bellybutton and focus on something more . . . oh wait, someone is jingling a set of keys in my face!


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Peace and love to all

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  1. who is pro-Unitary Executive and applies a litmus test to Free Speech in her own interpretation of “social costs”?

    For the most part she is okay, though it is sad to see a Democratic POTUS move the court the Right.

    It also proves my going theory that politics has become Pro-Wrestling. If Bush had nominated such a fan of the unitary executive it would have been doomsday over there.

    They are not cheering policy, they are cheering the cult of personalities.

    What else is new, as one would say.  

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