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Netroots Nation & My Birthday Wish List

Last year I swore I was never having a birthday again.  Then I got asked to co-chair the Netroots Nation Auction and suddenly it was worth it to have a birthday again

Free Spring Cleaning Help from Netroots Nation Auctions!

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Yep you heard it…we at your friendly neighborhood Netroots Nation Auction Headquarters are happy to announce our newest service:  FREE Spring Cleaning Help!  How can you take advantage of that you ask?  Well, let’s let the pooties tell you!

First thing you need to do is clean out your basement/attic/bedroom/bookshelves:

Then you go to THIS LINK and you donate things like:

And then you tell ALL of your friends to do the same!

See…free Spring Cleaning

Then on March 10 you go back to THIS LINK and you bid on the stuff everyone else cleaned out of THEIR homes.

Then you answer the door when the mail man arrives with a package just for you:

So don’t let this be you:

And just to tease you know I know of at least 3 awesome things we will be auctioning off that I KNOW you’re gonna want…but that’s for another diary, another day.

Happy Cleaning!