Cindy Sheehan on Mythocracy

It does say it all.…

Fully in line with my complete contempt of mainstream media, politics, and the zombinal society in general.  Some really good quotes in there.

Queen of the Robber Class, Nancy Pelosi

Labor cares more about access to politicians than access to sane policies.

During my campaign, I experienced the myths that “Elections Matter” and that the U.S. has a “Free Press” as I struggled in a fierce campaign to even achieve ballot status as an independent and garner a few crumbs of media attention. Even the so-called “Liberal media” abandoned me and when I did get media attention-even from the papers that endorsed me-the punch line always was, “but she has no chance.”

Anyway is there much difference between Bush rule by decree vs Obama rule by decree.…

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  1. West Palm Beach Florida. Building implodes in it’s own footprint at free fall speed make the classic white dust clouds we saw on 911.

    Bite me. The government did it

    There is no such organization as Al quaida

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