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The Tin Foil Hat Report

How does one explain what goes on in this country. 
Humans are most illogical as Star Trek’s Mr Spock would say.


A response I used in response to comments on the net while 911 truthing.  No, it’s not me but my lab does have some of this equipment.


This one features a device for receiving and interpreting signals from the brain and driving a computer to act upon those requests.  The software package used to do this has amazing capacity plus does not require years of study to learn.  Now with this wonderful technology to aid people afflicted with neurological impairments what would you think this country would do with it.
Keep in mind these are students, the “kids” can do it.

Reversing the situation, if one can receive, can one transmit.  Links are definitely not CNN so many will be unmoved.  Then again in following scientific topics for 40 years some of the books I read as a kid you won’t see in any US library.


So if you can’t sell the concept of Demonic possesion in this day and age you can always blame it on those mind control cell phone towers.