Deerfield Fair

A welcome family fall tradition is a country fair.  Being 52 and having many country fairs in memory this year I noted two changes.

Approaching the free parking lot last year’s sign “Designated Protest Area” was not there.

The patriotic exhibit last year sponsored by Jeep was not there.  That and the Army recruiting station was mostly visited by fourteen year olds looking for “free stuff”.  The armament displays, a howitzer, Saw machine gun and the full camo bunker which were in place after 911 were not in evidence this year.

As suburbanites who are actually wannabe way back up in the woods on a secluded farm somewhere have this clash with the usual country redstate Bush is Christlike mentality.  Yes, we know people suck and wish to be far away from them yet we could never bring ourselves down to the mental level of redstaters.

People on political boards often comment on my “sources”.  This time I am going to link here only because the tazer event of Andrew was in fact commented on ad nausium by the likes of Faux News.


I do realize “infowars” as a tin foil hat keyword yet it quotes an ever rising number of “Diggs”, which of course may only be going to NSA HQ room 4099.
Do my slight observations of a country fair indicate a change in attitude in this country?  I would hope so.  I would hope people tire of six full years of terra, terra, terra marketing backed up by scant facts, outright lies and C-Span tesimony of how Halliburton bilked taxpayers with their billing practices in creating “recreation centers” for our beloved troops.

As it stands now, from my very brief survey the attack Iran date is October 15.  I’m thinking with my Boy Scout “Be Prepared” motto as to how.  Given my financial restrictions how can I prepare for things like food not coming to the supermarket because the gas is gone.

Oh, ya, the federal government can “handle” that, just like Katrina.


  1. People won’t put up with nearly as much crap now.

  2. I walloped my thumbnail years ago, learned the phenomenal force of trapping thumb between the heavy stone you are holding and any other.  I lost that thumbnail, and it grew back ugly.

    the lesson held, I have not made that mistake of hitting another rock while holding one again, but I kept trimming out the disfigured side pieces of the thumbnail as it grew out – for years now.  Finally it (my bassline guitar-picking right thumb, mind you) butterflied in shape, causing me to hit adjacent strings. 

    I recently figured out that if I stopped narrowing the nail, letting it grow in to its full width and never minding the homeliness of the sides, it would grow back normally instead of in ridges.  Sure enough I’ve been watching the shape of the thumbnail grow back in with normalcy now for about four months.

    I have had this weird little intuition as I’ve watched the nail grow back normally, that when the ridges were all grown out and my thumbnail should fully return to a normal shape, all hell would break loose concerning Iran, possibly Lebanon.  This is but my silly childhood tendency at personal unspoken superstitions.

    The thumbnail is quite normal now, except for the very tip, maybe 3/16 inch to go.  About two weeks’ worth of growth in this warm climate.

    You’ve really given me the willies…  the date matches.

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