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The Secrets Inside The Egg

No, not the egg that was laid by a hen. The one laid by the Easter Bunny, the Cadbury Creme Egg. Hidden inside are mysteries you never realized, at least according to John Oliver, host of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight.” Even though his show is off for the Christian holiday, he left this little gem …

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It’s The End Of The Internet As We Know It (And Orrin Hatch Feels Fine)

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If you follow my website (CandyBullets) you’re probably well aware of the threat posed by the “IP PROTECT ACT” known more commonly as the Internet Blacklist bill. You’re may also be aware that this bill was recently halted in the Senate by the true Democrat Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) who prevented the bill from coming up for a vote in the Senate (where it would doubtless pass) however a House version will be introduced this week with help of Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) — probably tomorrow. If you’re not familiar with this bill then I suggest you become acquainted (the full text of the bill may be found here.)

The Masterminds Behind The IP Protect Act Bring You The “Ten Strikes Bill”; YouTube Will Be Illegal

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Isn’t YouTube great? Better enjoy it while you can folks, because if this bill passes it won’t exist in any recognizable form. The same big business lobbyists who masterminded the Internet Blacklist Bill are back. To be exact this bill (S. 978) will make it a felony crime to stream copyrighted content, like music in the background of a YouTube video, or a news clip, TechDirt points out you could even go to jail for posting a video of your friends singing Karaoke:

The entertainment industry is freaking out about sites that embed and stream infringing content, and want law enforcement to put people in jail over it, rather than filing civil lawsuits…. We already pointed to one possibility: that people embedding YouTube videos could face five years in jail. Now, others are pointing out that it could also put kids who lip sync to popular songs, and post the resulting videos on YouTube, in jail as well.

And here’s the kicker, this new felony would hold criminal penalties worse than the crime of child molestation: 5-10 years in prison.

About Posting Youtubes – You Need To Know This

Youtube has recently changed it’s default embed format.

The older format had a default video embed width of, in most cases, 425 pixels.

The new format, which you now get when you grab “embed” code from a youtube page, has a default width of in most cases 640 pixels, and in some cases even wider, up to about 960 pixels.

If you just copy and paste video embed code from the youtube site to DD, you WILL break the page here.

Youtubes wider than 500 pixels are too wide for the essay column on the pages at DD, and it breaks the sidebars by ‘pushing’ them out to the right to accommodate a youtube wider than the banner at the top which is the width of the essay column.

When you embed a youtube it will be a lot easier on this site, and on your eyes and everyone elses, if you resize it to a something like 500 pixels wide. (see example below)

The DD banner at the top is 580 pixels wide, so you can easily see what will happen to the pages here if you post a youtube wider than that.

Now THAT’S what I’M talking about!

This guy simply shames CNBC.  

I honestly don’t know what else to add!  You just have to watch it.

Pony Party w/Pics & Caption This!

Totally stolen:

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Pony Party is an open thread.  Please do not rec the party. But please follow it down to the bottom, where there’s a li’l tribute to Buenos Aires & by extension, Mark Sanford.


Pony Party – Annoying videos

This Pony Party may be treated as an open thread.  Please do not rec the Pony Party.

Updated (3x) Over 200,000 Dead In Burma: Vloggers Respond

First, breaking news this morning. There has been a 7.8 earthquake in China that has left four schoolchildren and one adult dead:

Chinese President Hu Jintao has called for “all-out” efforts to rescue victims of an earthquake measuring 7.8 that has hit south-western China.

The quake struck 92km (57 miles) north-west of Sichuan’s provincial capital, Chengdu, at 1428 (0628 GMT).

The children were killed, and more than 100 others injured, when primary school buildings collapsed in the Chongqing area, a large municipality near Sichuan province, Xinhua added.

Another person is reported to have died when a water tower collapsed in the city of Mianyang, in Santai County.

link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asi…

The Bangkok Post gives further details of the magnitude of the quake:

Government and local officials said the quake struck at 2:28pm local time (1:28pm in Thailand) in Wenchuan county, Sichuan province. It was felt in cities hundreds of kilometres away, including Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, in addition to Bangkok.

“Major tremors” were felt by residents of cities closer to the epicentre, including Sichuan’s capital, Chengdu, and nearby Chongqing, the official news agency Xinhua said.

link: http://www.bangkokpost.com/top…

(Meanwhile in Myanmar below.- ek)

Boston Legal goes to the Supreme Court

On prime time… on prime time. Actors representing the real justices and these people and their decisions being bashed ON PRIME TIME. It’s too good. And guess who showed this to me??????????? My republican brother-in-law.


Tears in my eyes… couldn’t help myself… this is on prime-fucking-time:::

UPDATED (3x): Police Conduct House-by-House Searches In Tibet As Protest Spreads

From today’s Wapo – I’ve highlighted a chilling part of their report:

Vowing a harsh crackdown, Chinese police conducted house-to-house searches in central Lhasa Monday and rounded up hundreds of Tibetans suspected of participating in a deadly outburst of anti-Chinese violence, exile groups and residents reported.

The large-scale arrests and official promises of tough reprisals suggested the Chinese government has decided to move decisively to crush the protests despite calls for restraint from abroad and warnings that heavy-handed repression could taint next summer’s Olympic Games in Beijing.

The Tibetan regional governor, Champa Phuntsok, said detainees who show remorse and inform on others who were part of the week-long unrest would be rewarded with better treatment. But Buddhist monks and other Tibetans who participated in Friday’s torching of Chinese-owned shops and widespread attacks on Han Chinese businessmen would be “dealt with harshly,” he told a news conference in Beijing.

link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/…

YouTube Gallery

This is the place to post YouTubes about war.  

  • One video per comment please.
  • Indicate the title of the video in the subject line and the artist in the text.
  • Include a statement of why you chose the video if you wish.    

Police Officer Fired in Shreveport Due to Violence Caught on Video

Is this police abuse? You tell me.

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