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RoHS That European effort to reduce hazardous substances in products of the electronics industry.  No lead solder is one of the targeted substances.  A good solid enviornmentally sound idea, right?

Ok, now try to follow the obscure connections I suggest on Iran and this Stuxnet “virus”.  Europe is closer to Iran.  When I was in Europe it did appear that computing equipment took longer to become standard.  This may of course have changed but also consider the US “rollout” of DRM(digital rights management).  See where I am going?

Ok, how does one dispose of a whole bunch of Pentium motherboards which don’t have the secret NSA back door connection built into the processor support chip set.  Well, you can’t use those because they have lead solder.

Next question.  Does lead in electronic solder leach into the enviornment?  How many deaths are attributed to this particular problem.  I think it was England that first reported on fish being sterile from birth control in the wastewater stream.  Was it worth the effort to single out lead despite the electronic industry requirement to use the most toxic things we have ever created in the complex multi-step process from sand to I-Pad.  Let’s take Gallium arsenide for example.


Last thought.  RoHS in the industry is still a big deal.  You have to “certify” compliance to devices which might be going to the EU by cutting down a tree to make the multi colored RoHS compliant sticker on the plastic bag which goes to the stockroom down the hall.   That baggie will get thrown away in the States and it’s only one of thousands of steps.  Because it’

s the lawone must comply.  See next two links.




The 911 truth set is up in arms about youtube’s new beta and digital rights management.  Digital Rights Management means you have no rights and what you are allowed to see is managed.  Not “censored” mind you it’s managed.  C.R.A.P is an apt name for it.


They are advising people so inclined to archive 911 “news” footage for close analysis hoping we can beat the snot out of media with their own footage later.

“Controversial” stuff gets snuffed off the internet all the time.

In light of this primary I would suggest the same technique but I fear the inevitable.

Remember when AOL and myspace were “cool” new places on this new internet thing.  Note the vacuous plastic face they present today, ever trying to monopolize by institutionalizing their software around their site exclusive of all else.  Trying to make two-way communication back into one-way.

Smurf Control is what we call this.


It categorizes sites and puts them into the most Orwellian sounding classes.  It is really blatant and offensive as censorship goes.  Propagandamatrix is classified as “intolerance and hate”.  I stopped access at work during lunch when my faves started coming up as “weapons”,  yup that is correct, weapons.

Even Google is becoming non-descript.  Gone are the pages upon pages of rants about the Satan inside concepts of digital rights management.  Well it was several years ago, did bitching only delay it.

Vista, a bloated piece of crap only usable with ten gigabytes of memory wants the computer to totally personalize itself to me.  Ha, no thanks I can wait a little on the SWAT team and the black helicopters.


And what does one get?  Certainly not the page after page of YOU ORWELLIAN SATANISTS that appeared four years ago.  No instead Microshaft has once again applied predatory business practices by institutionalizing them across the entire IT spectrum.

Hey, maybe with all the breadlines internet access will soon be long gone anyway.  HR 1955 and S 1959, mine and my wife’s birth years….See ya’ll at the FEMA/Wackenhut/CCA “re-education” centers!

Say goodbye to youTube!

Google video and youTube are releasing a beta software package that “allows” copyright holders to block clips.

The 911 truth people are most upset as it means all those clips of original news footage of the day could be forever lost. Yes, we are backing up the good ones now.  Technicians will once again have to figure out a way to bypass this crap.

Today though those many websites I saw two years ago warning of the Orwellian dangers of DRM(digital rights management) and Windows Longhorn have disappeared and been replaced with the how wonderful Microshaft is.

Net neutrality was never a real issue, the real issue is will the net become just a cheap plastic shopping mall with streaming Faux News reports geared to a mental age of twelve.

Shit like this just sends me into my usual incoherent rage.