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My Link Spilleth Over

Checking various boards I saw a familiar link about MIT students documenting the effectiveness of hats made from tin foil.…

The link ponders the question, does a hat made of tin foil shield or amplify the radio signals secret government agencies use to track and or control citizens.  Not exactly mainstream popular theory but let’s look at some other technology which has come into public view.  

I think it’s more entertaining in the sci-fi genre than 24 and Faux network.

No I Don’t ACCEPT the license agreement

Four hours.  Piece of crap, 2nd attempt to install software.  Crashed halfway through on the first attempt.  FT4KL-TQC2-PZ48B-QM666-SEIG-HEIL-666.

“You may now activate your software via the internet”.

I think not, last time I did that it wiped out three highly useful engineering progams and I spent three days on the phone trying to restore.  Even the techno-geeks didn’t have an answer.  Felt like an idiot trying to run something in the lab that ran just fine last week.  NPI,negative productivity intitative.

This company gives you “upgrades” four times a year.  It was a good thing though as the email saying not to install the latest “upgrade” actually preceeded receipt of the “upgrade”.…

No, I actually don’t care if it comes from a “hatter site”, I fully take every word as Gospel.  Am I smarter than Huckabee?

Lucky I’m not in charge, these people, far from Boy Scouts would get anti-trusted into oblivion.  IMHO no other “industry” does more in supporting the subliminal aspects of citizens non-participation in bettering their community life.…………

What is real?  Well HR 1955 and S 1959, our permanently, positively,prepetually, post 911 world.

More real is an Apocalyptic horse in a lope on 14 inches of new snow.

Did I Steal Myself?

Well now that technology “allows” me to whip out a cell phone to pay my cell phone bill while waiting in the dentist’s office this “convienience comes at a price.  It is apparently so convienient most of the internet connected world has their hand in your pocketbook.  For a price these two companies will ask the question for you, “Did I Steal Myself”.…

Now the added bonus in all this is secondary.  They are getting you to pay to advance the science of data mining.………

And you thought FISA was bad?

Anyway I think it just illustrates the principle of how some retarded ideas come to be institutionalized.  People are trusting their most intimate details by loading them into a toy, a toy which has to “update” itself every five minutes because there is a “security alert”.  And no, I don’t know anyone in Nigeria so I do not believe their government owes me 10 million dollars, Oh, and I don’t have an account with Bank of America.

OK, so you might say big deal, I’m not doing anything illegal so I don’t have a care right?  Required homework assignment.  Study fully this site.  Click on it associated links, peruse the content and absorb the true evil.

The Apocalyptic horses are in great spirits today!

Refusal to Ship

It may sound innocent enough but the recent company stance in regards to it’s employees gives me no choice but to say request denied.  The company has asked all of it’s employees to take a course on the best methods of shipping packages here in the States and internationally.  Shipping, the simple act of moving a package from here to there in this era of Homeboy Security, hazardous substances, customs is really becoming quite involved.  Here is the clincher.

By enrolling in the course the company wants to give me my very own personal “shipping number”.  Mind you I, personally am not shipping a package, I am asking the company to do so.  They are paying for it, they are the cause of the reason for shipping it and by all reasonable assumptions would be liable legally for it.  Let me quote from a most recent official company publication.

“Employees may also be held liable for damages suffered by the company”.

Now you may say I’m being an alarmist or perhaps taking the entire thing out of context but really I am not.  This particular publication deals with US and international business regulations, things which are ever evolving and lawyers specialize in.  We are all up on that stuff are we not?  The publication offers “amnesty” to whistleblowers who have information about “irregularities” in company business dealings.  It also specifically states your “options” should you choose to do so.  Very Catch 22 and specifically states the company will not stand behind the individual employee.

So, how was your day honey?

Trade Show

The Materials Research Society fall meeting at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston has come and gone.…

This materials convention features the most advanced research in the creation of tomorrows industrial materials.  Seminars have titles such as”Atomic Layer Depsition-Fundamentals and Applications in Nanotechnology and 3D structures” or how about “Interfacing Quantum Dots, Metallic and Magnetic Nanoparticles with Biology” plus scientific equipment vendors show their wares.  Our lab deals with industrial materials so at the suggestion of my boss several of us went. This particular society and convention was new to me even though in 20 years I have attended many other similar events.

This convention had all of the interests and benefits of any other large scientific show.  Talks with familiar salesmen, scoping out new capabilities and technology used in other industries and in general it was a very good take.


The most eery of all feeling hit me before we called it quits.  

Where is everybody?  This is a major big city, big time convention and attendance seemed to be off.  As I thought back, recollecting recent years the nagging though intensified.  Yes, attendance has been off for quite some time now.

It was an emotional break.  Not so much escaping the lab for a day but escaping the anal retentive accountants and business policies they generate.  These are the things that are increasingly taking the joy out of something pure, the science.

Memo to all Employees

I am going to quote this verbatum.

“Employees may also be held liable for damages suffered by the company”.

Let’s see if I am really reading this right, yup, that’s what is says.

“Employees may also be held liable for damages suffered by the company”.

Well it’s real, it’s on the company website, all real and official looking.  I have a pdf of it on at least two computers now.  In addition to the obvious Satan inspired policy changes reading between the lines a trained analyst such as myself can easily extrapolate the proximity and severity of the imminent dystopian future.

I still work here though so providing other details over the world wide web might be a bit questionable.  Anyway if the wingers ask you what “rights” you have lost during this war of terra you may cite this example.

Who do you work for?

Are you just a mere “employee”?

You can laugh at me now but I get to publish it after they fire my ass!……

Political Officers

Do they know when I get up?  This morning my wife while watching WBZ TV morning “news” told me to wait for the story about the government wanting the reading habits of customers.…

They usually repeat the very same stories again by the time I actually leave for work.  It is after all mainstream media and in the interest of keeping my soul pure and uncontaminated I have refined a sophisticated in one ear and out the other technique.

Hon, methinks the censors woke up, a story about government intrusion into private lives, the political officers stifled it.

The local network has also chosen to ignore something like this also and favor the manufactured diversionary local issue of the state legislature taking up the question of outlawing corporal punishment for your kids.

I would put further media consolidation as a more pressing issue than spanking kids.…

And finally the last find of the day is yet another sieg heil related to “terra” bill.

A republic, if you can keep it.  Another day and another Apocalyptic horse practice ride.

Soylent Green is not far behind

The latest in the saga of aging parents and their questionable competence in maintaining their suburban household is thus.

A two day old installation of an energy efficient oil burner system failed.  The old oil pumped from the old oil tank clogged the oil burner nozzle causing it to misfire and clog the “efficient” boiler with black soot.  The fire department was called.  Being in the transition stage from friendly helpful concerned with people small town to big assholian city attitudes one fireman said ” Well he best have pulled a permit” and “We are shutting it down and you will need to find another place to stay”.  Yes this cretin is talking to a sevety-four year old woman and her eighty four year old husband.  Clearly a product of the six year “war on terra”.  Since when did the fire department become part of the code enforcement police.  Yes, I know in the big city this is completely accepted function but I was under the wholly mistaken impression that the fire department was there to help people, excuse me.  A simple why don’t you call XYZ oil burner service, I use them and they are very good.  But no, a visit by the fire department came with an apparent eviction notice.

Really I live only 5 minutes away yet I cannot protect my aging parents from the assholes of this world and this has to be the most damming indictment of government left or right federal state and local.

Jay Severin Lashes out

“Don’t tell the station who to put on the air”, either listen or don’t, he said.  I do believe he was foaming at the mouth and I don’t think I ever heard him loose it.  The topic was Don Imus and the “small minority of kooks” who want him back on the air.

Most maintain Don Imus was fired because of a nappy headed ho remark but my thinking goes a little further.  The remark that gave them an excuse.

Don before his departure made references to the autism-thimerosal connection.  Any anti-Illuminati watcher will tell you big pharma does not allow dissemination of information casting doubts upon the Godlike benevolence of western allopathic medicine.…

Don also promoted green cleaners.  Apparently the kids, loaded with cancer at the ranch tolerated it far better than the other toxic crap.  Again see above but fill in chemical industry.

Also some of Don’s shows seemed to show an irreverance toward mainstream thinking and were starting to break out of the boundaries of “accepted” American “journalism”.

Don was just not playing the prescribed ball.

Why just this week testimony before Congress was going on about associating this group

with Islamic “terrorist” websites.

Myself?  I think it would really suck and I will pull my internet plug the first day I notice the net becoming a vacuous airheaded shopping mall like AOL.

Comcast is approaching that venue already.

The Disease of Money

I attended a dinner at a fine Italian restaurant with a group of older mostly retired people who made their money by long term stock market investments.  They seemed totally upbeat and enthusiastic about “the market”.  Little do they know, I think.

I was sort of an outsider,having zero money and only attending because of my parents. We took our assigned seats as I met “John”, a regional sales manager for an investment firm.  His mannerisms were, well, rehearsed but my first impression was so powerful I will remember it until I die.  The black emptyness of this man’s soul literally shook me.  (Mind you I have been on occasion getting these psychic like impressions from pictures of late.  Alberto Gonzales scared the crap our of me.)  God, this man needs more joy in his life.  Two young children he has, yet the mundane conventional conversation topics prevailed.  As dinner progressed I sensed he knew not what to make of me, an engineer eating pollo continental style but talking about horses.  I didn’t watch that “big football game”, I was with the horses.

Horses are prey animals so in learning about them one learns also the ways of the predator, that’s us, in their eyes.  After a solid year of untrained horse and untrained rider the joy of accomplished man horse communication far and away beats the black soul of a money manager.  

Since the dinner though the thoughts of money have even gone to my mother’s head.  You see in this country having money simply means you are married to it.  It is actually not yours.  It belongs to those you hire to manage it, the lawyers you pay to craft documents you have no chance of understanding to protect “assets” that will change next year due to new laws and tax implications.  It is literally an entire industry of bullshit.

The real deal though is that even with an entire lifetime of saving, not spending and even my father collecting cans for the deposit here in America, land of the free and home of the brave you get squat from government.  All of this lifetime of savings is for the possibility of nursing home care.  The land of the free and home of the brave is searching through seven years of detailed financial transactions of its’ senior citizens in order to enter the nursing home.

Now even if I croak, a penniless homeless person I intend petition the Lord himself one last return to earth to mount my Apocalyptic horse, snicker at all the soon to be smitten and say, “I told you so”.  

A Waste of Silicon

A salesman friend in the electronics industry says business of okay, and in fact is changing from the ups and downs common in the 1980s.  Trade magazines say there might be an improvement in the future in solar cells and Applied Materials is even getting into the business.


Silicon is one of the first things needed to make an electronic device.  It is made into wafers, 300mm is a common wafer disk size.  From there a complex expensive process carried out in ultraclean rooms turns silicon into everything from solar cells to mini NSA type spy cameras.  These “fabs” of course are moving increasingly to China.

Now I know we all wish the Bush years had actually been the Gore years but I do sense a fanaticism in the “carbon footprint” movement.  Yes, I’m going to cease calling it the global warming movement and opt for the true phrase “carbon footprint tax movement”.

For if the sky truely is falling and the oceans are going to rise every useless electronic device factory should be making solar cells today.  Every other use is simply a waste of silicon.  Do I really need a device which can track my location just so I can talk to other people and irradiate my brain in the process?

Now if you find that a little to far fetched try these.

How about putting the power of a V8 muscle car on your motocycle!

Or did the inventor of television discover a possible fusion energy reaction?
Or can energy be tapped from luminous bubbles in a liquid?

All of these things might be possible…………

Not.  Humans are involved don’t you see.
And politics.

As the lead painted childrens toys arrive from the communist totalitarian police state arrive, I have to say I have my doubts.

“Health” Fairs Past and Present

In those good old days open enrollment at work meant signing up for next years annual health care choices and optional benefits packages.  One year I think we had a choice between five different medical plan providers.  Tufts, Bay State, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Blue Cross, those wonderful names where presented to us in colorful books listing all the benefits and in the plan doctors and hospitals.

Today’s “health” fair consisted of a single copied page listing the “benefits” of our new health care provider, United Health Care. There was also a table where they would take your blood pressure.  I thought no, this subject pisses me off to make this particular reading totally bogus.

This studiously crafted document could only be the result of hours upon hours of debate by the highest paid attorneys money can buy.  What is “covered” is not you but them, and the killer keyphrase?
100% of Eligible Expenses
100% of Eligible Expenses
100% of Eligible Expenses
Ok, that doesn’t sound too bad does it?
Nah, think like a lawyer, notice the world, eligible.
But it says 100% covered right?
OK, now think like a lawyer, and his business agent who is employed by Satan himself.  Eligible, do you have a clear picture what eligible means?  Do you have in legalese type writing proof of your definition of “eligible”?

Eligible means you don’t get to decide, they do after you get the bill followed by a minimum half hour phone call to people who won’t resolve your dispute anyway.



But at least HIPPA makes my records private right?


In short whenever a politician opens his mouth on the subject of health care he is one of two things.
An employee of Satan.

This is a true testament from a resident of mAssachusetts, a state where this shit is not only unregulated, people are forced to buy it.  Let this NOT become a MODEL for a national plan.  If it does you might not want to call them on your cell phone either.


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