From Russia with Love

Like a near death experience my life changed last Friday when I witnessed my Russian boss experience a mental melt down as a consequence of having lived his life in two totalitarian states.  I now know I’m right as I say “we” (America) won’t last through the winter.

I place this Russian in the higher spiritual realms.  He is honest, intelligent, will go to bat for others and carries a special passion that advances and benefits all who come in contact with him.  Very cosmopolitan yet practical when confronted with no-win situations.  His value to humanity is far greater than the waste of oxygen Americans of Faux News, the entertainment channel or even CNN.  I am talking about a man who is definitely not impressed with the “advantages” of having cable, internet and phone “all on one bill”.

I have lived now in two socialist countries, he said, and he made that statement years ago. I value this man more highly than 100,000 average Americans.

I sat there in a meeting on Friday and his anger came forth.  Years upon years of mistakes, misunderstandings, political business decisions and mostly Orwellian crap overtook him and he lost control and left the room. The remaining five meeting members stared at each other in astonishment. I sat there as a senior member with maybe a 60% understanding of the whole affair coupled with an understanding of the pressures this man has had recently in life.

I realized my life is about to come crashing to an end too.  It’s one of those Rudyard Kipling “can you keep your head when all others about you are loosing theirs” cases.  It bashes you in the face like a large flat shovel.  I have not the answers, just the Apocalyptic horse.

It is going to be a 30 pack weekend.


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    • Tigana on October 14, 2007 at 02:11

    Maybe this will help.

    • pico on October 14, 2007 at 03:29

    he said he was despondent over having lived “in two socialist countries”, but your essay seems more directed at Fox news and (I assume by extension) conservatives.  But the more socialist leanings of the country are Democratic: universal healthcare, for example – if anything Fox is anti-socialist.  Maybe I’m just misunderstanding something in here.

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