A world renown scientist is escorted out the front door.  Why, well I did go to business school and as such could translate a proper “separation” statement.  Bottom line though is that a well educated man refused to put up with the Kafkaesqueness of the company he worked for.  When I get fired too it will make a good book.

Then I come home.  My wife is upset even incredulous.  A reputable company would put people through this shit?
Guido’s Health Care says she is not covered.


They play subliminal propaganda during the first half hour on hold, then oops, a “dropped call”.  After the second half hour and enduring the painful propaganda again they tell me they will “review it in 15 days”.  Trust me these people are not only trained in ambiguity with this company it is institutionalized.

Now if that’s no enough to raise your blood pressure here in mAssachusetts health insurance is now MANDATORY.  That simply means Kafka insurance, the model for this state will come to an insurance “provider” where you live.

Actually do I really want to go the doctor’s anyway?  Hmmm….the life insurance companies can know if I was tested and found to have genetic tendencies to…..

I said, Ok honey, tonight I’ll finish the wallpaper, tomorrow I’ll go see the horse.


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    • Tigana on October 11, 2007 at 05:26


    Good guy, great work. Check it out.

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