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Super Bowl LIII

Isn’t that the backside of a sail? Let’s get this out of the way first. There is

Throwball Conference Championships: Patsies at Chiefs

Have I mentioned recently that I hate the Patsies with the white hot intensity of a thousand Suns? Well, at least not since last week, I’ve been distracted. This is of course because Robert Kraft dicked over Hartford so he could extort a better Stadium in Foxboro, but also because Bill Belichick and Tom Brady …

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Throwball Conference Championships: Scams at Aints

Time to get your hate on. We are now at that part of the post-Season where the contestants start to match the “official” title hype. There is no doubt that the two teams that emerge from the Conference Championships will advance to the Super Bowl (LIII I think) and represent the NFC and the AFC. …

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Throwball Quarterfinals: Iggles at Aints

Well, I still hate the Iggles just as much as ever, maybe even more, while the Aints have my grudging respect because of Katrina. You know that 5 Cops were convicted of gunning down 6 unarmed civilians (2 dead) on Danziger Bridge for crossing while Black, right? And they lied their asses off about it …

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Throwball Quarterfinals: Chargers at Patsies

Have I mentioned that I hate the Patsies with the white hot passion of a thousand suns because of the way Robert Kraft dicked over Hartford to get his new Stadium? Oh, yeah, right. He’s also a huge supporter of Unidicted Co-conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio and Bibi, got a medal for it and everything. So are …

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Throwball Quarterfinals: ‘Boys at Scams

Whole lotta hate in this game. The Scams ditched LA for St.Louis (St.Louis?!) and only returned in 2016 (Remember 2016? I thought you might.) to the same Stadium (Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. What? Did the whole City die?) that was too crappy for them to play in when they left during 1994. Assholes. On the …

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Throwball Quarterfinals: Bolts at Chiefs

I don’t know what else to call them. It’d not like they’re contending for a Division Championship or that all the Division Champions are there. But it’s an easy pick (not that you should listen to me, I went 0 – 4 last weekend), the Chiefs are an explosive offensive team that can ring up …

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Throwball Playoffs Loser’s Bracket: Eagles at Bears

Goody! Animal teams! Let’s just face it, Da Bears haven’t been good since the late 40s or so when future Wrestling Hall of Famer Bill Perry, the man with the thickest fingers in Throwball, was doing their choreography. That they, and not my Packers, are in they Playoffs is a gross injustice. On the other …

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Throwball Playoffs Loser’s Bracket: Chargers at Ravens

I told you yesterday that Baltimore got a better team, the Ravens. The good news is they’re likely to win today. The bad news is they’re going to face the Patsies if they do. Not that it’s necessarily bad news, the Patsies have looked pretty vincible this year and there is no doubt Brady’s best …

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Throwball Playoffs Loser’s Bracket: Bolts at Texans

Time to get your hate on. That’s right, it’s Throwball Playoff time and this is what some call “Wildcard” Weekend which I suppose is fair enough since half the teams are ones which didn’t win their Division. The Division “Winners” consigned to these games mark their Divisions as weak and worthless losers who’s bottom tier …

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