Throwball Playoffs Loser’s Bracket: Bolts at Texans

Time to get your hate on.

That’s right, it’s Throwball Playoff time and this is what some call “Wildcard” Weekend which I suppose is fair enough since half the teams are ones which didn’t win their Division. The Division “Winners” consigned to these games mark their Divisions as weak and worthless losers who’s bottom tier teams might be hard pressed to stand against the Tide or the Tigers on a good day, so there’s the potential for a lot of upsets.

As per usual, none of the teams I actually like (Packers, Giants, Saints) made the cut so I am left, as are most of you, with the choice of whom I hate the least.

I hate the Bolts with a passion. The way they jacked over Baltimore to extort a new Stadium (quick reminder, a multi-Billion building that only gets used 8 times a year paid for by Taxpayers because Teams make no money at all) was criminal, but accountability?

Pfui. That’s for Suckers and Proles.

Fortunately Baltimore now has a much better team, the Ravens.

The Texans? Remarkably inoffensive (in the anger sense, not the ability to score sense) but then again they’re a recent expansion so they’ve hardly had any time to do something remarkably stupid and bad.

Still, Texas.

I’m going to go with the Texans, warts (bad Offensive Line, lack of receiving options) and all. There is a reason the Bolts are playing at Houston, not Indianapolis, and that’s because the Texans (11 – 5) had a better Regular Season than the Bolts (10 – 6).


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  1. Bolts at their 25

  2. Mind you, I’m not totally committed to the liveblog thing. Just practicing.

  3. Bolts from their 35

  4. At Texans 46

  5. At Texans 7

  6. 7 – 0 Bolts

  7. Texans from their 25

  8. Punt. Bolts from their 25

  9. At Texans 41

  10. Bolts 14 – 0

  11. Texans from their 25.

  12. INT Bolts at the 50

  13. Q2 and I know what I need to know for now.

  14. INT Texans at their 15

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