Throwball Quarterfinals: ‘Boys at Scams

Whole lotta hate in this game. The Scams ditched LA for St.Louis (St.Louis?!) and only returned in 2016 (Remember 2016? I thought you might.) to the same Stadium (Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. What? Did the whole City die?) that was too crappy for them to play in when they left during 1994.


On the other hand, ‘Boys. First of all, Texass (no, I didn’t misspell it). Second, repugnantly rude and racist Republican fans who think a MAGA hat matches their Roger Staubach jersey (unfortunately, it does).

Again the pick is easy, Henri Philippe Benoni Omer Joseph (Maréchal) Pétain was an idiot and a traitor (a French Quisling who’s only redeeming quality was that he allowed his troops in The Great War to exercise the rights they already had by law which previous commanders chose to ignore).

At least he has redeeming qualities, slight as they may be, much like the Scams.

The ‘Boys lack that and any day they lose is, if not a good day, a better one.


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  1. Scams recieve

  2. FG. Scams 3 – 0

  3. ‘Boys TD. ‘Boys 7 – 3

  4. Scams go for it

  5. FG Scams. ‘Boys 7 – 6

  6. TD Scams. Scams 13 – 7

  7. TD Scams. Scams 20 – 7 3:27 to Play in the Half

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