Throwball Playoffs Loser’s Bracket: Chargers at Ravens

I told you yesterday that Baltimore got a better team, the Ravens. The good news is they’re likely to win today. The bad news is they’re going to face the Patsies if they do.

Not that it’s necessarily bad news, the Patsies have looked pretty vincible this year and there is no doubt Brady’s best days (not that he was ever as good as Rodgers really) are definitely behind him. It’s because of sentiments like that I rarely talk about Throwball in Stars Hollow which is rabid Patsies territory even though they dicked over Hartford to get a new Stadium in Foxboro (Billion dollar useless White Elephants again).

Thank goodness my Therapist is also a Packers fan.

But it’s hard to be offended by the Chargers, perennial also-rans. I don’t even blame them for ditching San Diego which, other than Tiajuana and a big ass military base, doesn’t actually have much going for it. Not that Los Angeles is a lot better, there are places I’d live in California but they’re all up North.

Both the Ravens and the Chargers have an annoying tendency to cough up the ball so this could be a fun game to watch. That’s really my problem with Throwball, it’s boring. Great to nap through though, if I’m having trouble sleeping it’ll zonk me out in about 10 Downs.


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  1. Chargers 12 – 0 at the Half.

    Yawn. What a stunning display of offensive prowess.

  2. Chargers Blocked.

  3. Chargers Fumble. FG. Chargers 12 – 3

  4. Chargers 19 – 3 (much confusion not worth commenting on).

  5. TD Ravens. Chargers 23 – 10 6:30 to Play. Game over dudes. Why no Flacco?

  6. TD Ravens. Chargers 23 – 17 1:59 to Play. Garbage points time.

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