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Dystopia: The Movie

I wouldn’t leave you with nothing. Long format Cody Johnston. You can watch it after you Vote! I don’t think I’ll be posting any results tonight, if it’s at all close we won’t know anything until tomorrow.


I never tell you who or ask either because it’s your own damn business. I do think its important to encourage you to, you know, democracy. Unless you let them know exactly how pissed off you are by firing a few of them they’ll never get the message that everybody pretty much hates them. There …

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Home Alone 2

Be the best.

What Happened?

Corona Other News


Of course I’m voting Gomez Aadams. We need a crazy Billionaire, not somebody who’s half a Billion in debt.

The Raven

Probability is a bitch. It must be indicative of something besides the redistribution of wealth. A weaker man might be moved to re-examine his faith, for nothing else at least in the law of probability. Consider. One, probability is a factor which operates within natural forces. Two, probability is not operating as a factor. Three, …

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No Sports?

2019 ICF Wildwater Canoeing Championship


What? You’re not holding a seance for Harry tonight? Well, I hope you have something else exciting planned. Happy Halloween (don’t forget to turn your clocks back).


A couple of things from Trevor’s shop. Roy Wood Jr. Jordan Klepper

I understand they’ve formed a Media Company.

Well, what did you expect? They’re Republicans, of course they want to cash in. Cruel Last Call Covey Spreader Don’t Mess With Texas Or Puerto Rico Crossroads

Ron Johnson strangles his neighbor’s dogs.

He’s Republican so it’s probably some weird kind of sex thing. Too strong? Let me tell about the Christian babies Hillary Clinton keeps in the basement of Comet Ping Pong for sex slaves and so other Democrats and Deep State types can eat the raw Adrenal Glands while she bathes in their blood for eternal …

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Not really the most important thing in the world but we’ve known for a long time that he cheats at Golf and there’s no reason to do it unless you’re playing for money. Most serious players once the realize you’re really, really bad at it will be happy to give you some Mulligans and anything …

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