Throwball Quarterfinals: Iggles at Aints

Well, I still hate the Iggles just as much as ever, maybe even more, while the Aints have my grudging respect because of Katrina.

You know that 5 Cops were convicted of gunning down 6 unarmed civilians (2 dead) on Danziger Bridge for crossing while Black, right? And they lied their asses off about it claiming there was an Officer down and they were under fire from at least 4 suspects. Cops are mostly professional assholes and liars, it’s what attracts them to the job.

Everyone tells me New Orleans is a fun town too. Wouldn’t know myself (though I have a small collection of Mardi Gras Beads re-gifted me by visitors), the attraction of any destination South of the Mason-Dixon is entirely measured by proximity to Waffle House Hash Browns (I like mine Country, Capped, Covered, and Smothered- $4.10 for a Large which is quite enough).

The Aints are easily my favorite team left in the Playoffs AND they are the top rated overall (take that Patsies). I sincerely hope they crush the Iggles and put me at 3 – 1 (at the moment the Patsies are dominating the Chargers, wait until you see the Chiefs) for the weekend.