Assholianism 2007

I have not posted reports about the Bilderburg 2007 conference so even though it’s very late it will give you things to watch for.  The summation

$6 a gallon gas

UN control of everything in, and under the sea(oil)

A North American Union, just like the EU.

A green light has been given by Bilderburg to bomb Iran, no troops, just bombs.

Henry Kissinger says “Americans have to remain in Iraq”.

Global carbon trading remains top priority.

Now the quotes from the original article.

Among new climate related demands by Bilderberg is for the United State to increase gasoline taxes so the price will rise “significantly” to more than $6 a gallon. The argument is that this will reduce driving and thus emissions. They argued, with little or no dissent from Americans, that Europeans already pay that much or more. Unsaid was the fact that many more Americans have to drive long distances to work. Many Europeans live so close to their jobs they walk or ride bikes.

Not “supply and demand”, just because it has been ordered to be so.

The LOST, Law of The Sea Treaty.

Bush’s surrender came on two fronts: The environment and the sovereignty-surrendering Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). As recently as May 25, Bush administration officials reiterated his long-standing opposition to European demands on the environment, especially the Kyoto Treaty, which would impose heavy economic burdens on the United States while exempting Mexico and other smoke-belching nations. His reversal on LOST is now under the radar of the mainstream media but will eventually have to emerge.

President Ronald Reagan rejected LOST in 1982. President Bush the Elder let the issue lie fallow. Bilderberger Clinton signed the treaty and wanted to submit it to the Senate for ratification. He pulled back when a test vote showed a 95-0 opposition to the LOST.

I would have to add our popularity in the world is at an all time low so what does LOST involve?

This includes the ocean floors and all the wealth they contain: “solid, liquid, or gaseous mineral resources” and the power to regulate them. The ISA, headquartered in Jamaica, has an assembly, a council and numerous commissions in a typically bloated bureaucracy, all paid tax-free salaries. If ratified, the United States would have one in 154 votes, and with envy and hatred of our country so widespread, this nation would lose every appeal of every decision.

Now what is the general attitude of these assholians who attend the secret Bilderburg meeting no one has ever heard of?

Peter Sutherland, chairman of British Petroleum and Goldman Sachs International, among others, said it was a mistake for the Netherlands and France to kill the EU constitution by putting it to a popular vote so the public could reject it.

The term “nationalism” is an obscenity to Bilderberg, being equated with patriotism.

A German said a new draft of the treaty will be shorter and more easily understood.

“Tell your people you fixed the treaty to meet their complaints, and let your parliaments ratify without a popular vote,” he said.

Bilderberg is troubled about Iran’s nuclear ambitions but more concerned about its oil. Any U.S. military action must be limited to strategic airstrikes and no attacks by land, or “boots on the ground,” several Europeans said. But Americans must remain in Iraq, Kissinger said.

Bilderburg 2007 currently returns 1,020,000 Google hits, puppy chucking only 542,000.  The complete article comes from “American free press” but that of course must be discounted as being a “right wing” source.  You are supposed to be engrossed in the racist/sexist meme don’t you know!


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  1. I was wondering just yesterday (there we go again) what the results were

  2. I sold my car last year (too much hassle!) and late last week heard the bus driver say that rush hour buses are much more crowded than they used to be.  Gas here is only about $3.75/gallon but then again, blue collar wages suck, too.

    Environmentally and in terms of making obese people walk more, $6.00/gallon gas sounds good to me.  $10.00 would be even better.  Use the tax rate for infrastructure repair, and to buy even more buses or light rail, and tax the bejeebus out of gasoline!

  3. It does nothing to cap emissions. Companies are too addicted to profits to let a little old thing like a tariff stop them. They will just pass the buck on to the consumer.

    In fact, they will probably raise prices across the board at the first hint of being subjected to the limits. Once the cost is built in, it looks like a green light to just do it.

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